Monday, February 13, 2012

STRONGER Challenge: Measurement Update

I started my challenge almost two weeks ago, however I didn't take my measurements until a few days into the challenge. I waited so that I'd have a set day for tracking this type of progress. Weekday mornings don't work well for me to do this type of thing. I often get distracted or just forget.  It also takes a bit of time to measure and weigh, and I don't usually think of adding time into my schedule for that. I'm a creature of habit at times, and mornings are one of those times. Anyway, so weekends make the best days for me to do such things. I have more time and don't have to worry about forgetting something.

Saturday marked a week since I first did my measurements. I weighed first and wasn't pleased with what the scale showed me. BUT after I took my measurements I realized that it was okay, and was happy with my first week results.

Here's the breakdown...

Weight - A loss of 0.2 pounds.  Basically, I stayed the same.
Body Fat - A loss of 0.3 percent. Not much, but when it comes to body fat, I think that even a little bit is good. Right? It takes a lot to burn fat and I didn't expect a huge change in only a week. Just like weight, losing body fat (which is the weight I WANT to lose) gets harder when you get closer to your goal.

Measurements are what made me okay with the above info...

Bust - A loss of 1/4 inch.  Okay, this measurement kind of annoyed me. I'm tired of losing from that area!!
Waist - A loss of 1/2 inch. Wow!! 1/2 inch in a week? Awesome! I honestly didn't expect to see a loss from my waistline. That's the most narrow point on my body. I thought my loss from there would have slowed. It makes sense though, because it was noticed on my tummy. I suppose when you're already small in an area, a loss would be noticeable.
Hip - A loss of 1/4 inch. I felt like I was the same, or bounced around on hip measurements for a while, which was obnoxious. I think this is the smallest my hips have been so far.
Thigh - A loss of 1/4 inch. I feel the same about my thighs as my hips.
Arm - A loss of 1/4 inch. I'm good with this! My arm muscles are probably the weakest/smallest, so a loss of inches combined with my work means I'm tightening up, which means my muscle just might be growing. It sure FEELS like it!
Calf: No change, which is just fine with me because my calves are noticeably muscular. You can see the muscle and feel it.
     **For these I just measured one arm and one leg. I'm not sure why I did that... Had I measured both, I'd probably have a larger loss of inches! I do know that my left arm and thigh are smaller than the right, by 1/4 inch - 1/2 inch.
Note to self: Try to remember to measure both for the rest of the challenge.

I am a person who has relied too much on the scale for too long.  I don't remember doing this at first. In fact, I'm not sure I even had a scale when I first started. While it was about weight, at the same time it wasn't. I just started being healthy, knowing that by changing habits I'd lose weight.  After I bought a scale, I still wasn't hooked, weighing weekly or sometimes a couple times a week. I don't think I got into the habit of weighing at least once a  day until after I got under 200. It seemed that once I was in the 100s, my goal was that much closer, that much more realistic, and I became obsessed with reaching it. That's where I went wrong. So, I've had this attachment to my scale for a while now.  I got attached when it got harder to lose. This ended up causing more stress, more panic, more insanity in general. I've tried, and failed, to stay away from the scale. Multiple times.

I will admit that out of habit, I weighed in on the second day (Sunday) and "cheated" once during the week. I don't remember what day it was, but I do remember it was in the evening, after a workout. Maybe even after dinner. This is not my usual weighing time and I'm not even sure why I thought I should weigh. But I did. After that, I managed to stay off of it until Saturday.

Oddly, I was okay with basically not having lost... At first I was disappointed but not in the same way I used to be. I think it's because I KNOW I've been working hard and I feel the changes in my body....The soreness in my muscle anyway! Those measurements helped too. This post might have an entirely different tone had I not seen some positive results after working so hard! Also? I can feel it in the way my pants fit, even after a weekend of more than one indulgence. Those partial-inches really do add up!

For anyone who has trouble staying off the scale, take your measurements.  I thought weekly was a bit much for measuring, especially for where I am in my loss. I did not expect to see the loss I saw this week. I know that I probably will not lose inches every week, but that's okay. Hopefully those weeks the scale or the body fat calculator will show results. I think that as long as I see results somewhere, it will help me stay positive and focused.  There's nothing worse than putting in time and effort and not seeing change.


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