Sunday, February 19, 2012

STRONGER Challenge: Update

As expected I did not lose as much this week as I did the previous week. I actually expected a weight gain of a few pounds due to fluid retention but suprisingly that didn't happen.  I can feel it building though so I expect to see that gain next week instead.

Weight:  Gain...About half of a pound, which is much better than anticipated!
Body Fat: No change.

No changes in most areas.
Thigh - I may have lost 1/4 on my thigh but for some reason that just didn't seem right. Of course if I went below where I measured it was a lot less.  I'm not quite sure where I had measured last time. Oops! So, to be safe I'm saying no change even though it is likely that it did change... Oh well. I'd rather play it safe and rule it as no change than be off, I guess.
Hip - 1/4

Anticipated water weight gain aside, I'm not going to worry about what my measurements show next week. I'm going to keep on eating healthy and pushing hard.  Just because I know I'll probably show a gain and will likely be "puffy" and my measurements might be scary, I'm not going to let it throw me off. I guess in terms of my weight and measurements next week, I'm not having any expectations or worries.  As long as I'm healthy and work hard, I know I'm good!!

I'm still feeling good about the challenge. It's difficult to show progress when you're starting to hold onto water. I was going to post this last night but had a slight incident that wiped me out. I celebrated my adopted birthday with my family and some friends and honestly...I can't tell you what most of our dinner conversation was about. I think I was in a state of shock. I ate dinner but I didn't feel hungry. I could have skipped it but ate anyway... Probably more out of habit than anything. I felt like I was just doing the motions. I participated in conversation and laughed a little but I don't remember it.

Geez..So many things are such a blur, it's like I hit my head! I didn't though...I don't think.  I'm sure that it would hurt if I had. I'm sure that when, during this incident, I hit the ground it was on my right side. That's what's sore anyway. Funny how when you're in shock you feel no pain but as it wears off, you feel it. I took some Ibuprofen when I got home,so then I got kinda sleep and didn't post then either.

Sigh....Life sure is unpredictable at times!


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