Saturday, February 25, 2012

STRONGER Challenge Update

First, I didn't post last night because...I was just too tired to get around to it. I spent time doing some crafty stuff instead. I was in a creative mood, but not a writing mood. I guess sitting down and trying to figure out what I wanted to say without babbling didn't seem like it was possible last night. Anyway, this is a blog so I suppose I'm not REQUIRED to post all the time, I just like to...

Anyway... Weekly progress....

I have to say that I'm not disappointed at what is basically a standstill. I figured after that first week of measuring things would taper off a bit. I'm not doing bodyrock as much as I had been (it's just too much on days that I run; my runs suffer). I'm sure my body is adjusting to the change in routine. And this week? Ohhhh what a week! I'm actually pleased with my progress and I thought all had been lost.

This week has been one of insane water retention and an insanely increased appetite. I haven't had cravings, but I have been hungry. I've been honestly,seriously, really hungry too, not just mindlessly eating. I have tried to avoid eating even when I've felt hungry...It's not that I wanted to eat more or that I was trying to find a reason to eat more. No, my body really wanted more.  I've read that it is better to eat when you're feeling hungry to avoid disaster later on. I've also read that at times, hormones really do cause an actual increase in hunger. I've also read, but not found anything conclusive, that at those times the body may require an extra 200-300 calories to function. I've seen info both supporting and refuting this, so I'm not saying it's true. However, I can see how it could be true because my stomach could not be content this week! I've consistently eaten more than normal (but in my range more days than not) this week.


Weight -  up 1.6 pounds, for a total up being up 2.4 since the beginning of the challenge. Um...This is actually a pleasant surprise today. I was fearing the worst!!! This must mean that my retention is going down, although I do feel some in my fingers this morning so I know it's not totally gone. I'm also certain I'm retaining in another area, which I will get to when I get into measurements. 

Body Fat - No change.

As for measurements...Nothing changed much except for two areas. I'm sure I measured in the wrong spot on one though...But I'm not sure if that was last week or today!

My right arm was half an inch less today than last week. I honestly doubt I lost half an inch on an arm in a week, so I'm thinking one week or another I measured in a different spot...Probably a lower spot today than last week.

The part that makes me sure I'm still retaining water (other than my puffy feeling hands)... My boobs! My bust was three-quarters of an inch bigger this week than last week. There is no other reason my chest would have grown...I'm not pregnant. I did not get breast implants, and if I had, the change would be much different than that! Throughout this journey, those measurements have only gotten smaller and smaller. Thanks, retention, for making me feel like I have a chest again. I anticipate being smaller next week. 

Overall, despite an increased appetite and fluid retention, I stayed pretty much the same. I'm guessing that without that extra fluid I'm still carrying, my weight probably hadn't changed from last week, or may have been a little lower/back to where it was at first. I'm not really that worried about it though. I'm healthy, working out, and getting stronger, which is what this challenge is about!

Oh! I reached/surpassed my goal of 1000 monthly fitness minutes on Thursday! Despite not working out on Sunday or Monday and for about 30 minutes on Thursday, I should reach my goal of 2300 weekly calories burned (through exercise) today.

Today is a run day but I kinda want to do BR again. I love it, and look forward to it! I'm undecided but will figure it out later I guess. I can always do BR then run at a slower pace than normal. Weekends are probably a good time to do the two together because I shouldn't be as tired as I am during the week.

I just realized that I only did yoga once this week, so I didn't meet that goal. I'm not surprised. It was hard to get up in the morning because I had a hard time sleeping this week (goes right along with those issues of retention and hunger). I'd either lay there and not be able to fall asleep or I'd wake up several times. It's hard to get up early (or even at the usual time!) when you haven't slept well. I'm too angry about that. I'm still working, still getting my time in and feeling good!

Today I'm going to look at the calorie situation a little closer. I'm going to try to figure out what it is that I truly need. Then I'm going to look for some different recipes, menu plan, and get a list together for grocery shopping (probably tomorrow). I need to remember to keep my recipes/plans together because sometimes when I shop I forget what I buy things for!

Enough multi-tasking, I'm off to give the rest of this basketball game (GO CATS!!! ) my full attention, then it's time to clean, and then probably do a workout. My mom and I talked about maybe going to church this evening with my grandparents but I think I'll see if they're interested in waiting until tomorrow morning. Mom and I have plans for the afternoon anyway, so it'd be easier (especially with the fur babies) to do it all tomorrow. And maybe tomorrow will become a ....Day of rest?


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