Friday, February 10, 2012

Thursday Night Randomness

This blog may have no specific direction. It's late Thursday evening and I'm up past my bedtime. This might also be a fairly short post (ha!)

I worked a little late today, had to stop by the grocery store, and got home late. I had lots of things to do to prepare for the weekend, most of which included baking unhealthy things! Hey, it's almost Valentine's Day, I've gotta share my love of baking (share meaning it all goes away, out of my house).  I just love baking; it's one of my stress relievers.  I'm not going to stop doing one of the things I love just because I can't eat it. I do bake with less dangerous ingredients at times, but even then a dozen of something is too much for one person!

I didn't get any workouts in because I was so busy, which annoys me.  I haven't had a rest day since sometime last week, but last week Friday was just a bodyrock workout, so it's hard for me to count something so short in duration. However, I have put in at least an hour every day this week, so I guess I shouldn't be too bummed about missing one day.  We all need a rest day now and then, but that doesn't mean we have to like them. I've been on a roll of doing some kind of workout every day this week. It's a little sad to break that streak.

I'm definitely ready to get a good hour in tomorrow!! I will most likely do yoga and week six, day three of C25K... 25 minute run. This will be the longest block of straight running time in a while. I'm sure I'll go at a slower pace for at least part of it. I'm excited for it! Earlier today I wasn't as excited, thinking about it. Maybe it's good that I got too busy to workout today. I might be refreshed and ready for tomorrow. 

I'm bummed about the upcoming KC concert. I was online (I'm a member of her "Kellebrities" fan club) daily, racking up "points" to be redeemed online. My focus was a meet and greet reward for the concert I'm attending. Sure enough, I stayed up late on a week night...And did not get one. They only give out five per concert and the site was moving super slow. I've found that it moves slowly anyway, but that last night was much worse than normal. They do rewards for several shows at once, so I'm sure it was full of people trying to get them. I had a meet and greet in my bad...It was right there, within my reach. When the page FINALLY loaded, after it had been added and I went to "check out," it was gone. It was out of my bag, purchased by someone else. That person must have had super-fast internet or something. Apparently my normal cable connection wasn't quite up to supersonic speed. GRRR! I was so bummed!

You might be wondering why I'm so bummed. First, I happen to adore Kelly. She's a great role model for younger girls; she seems very kind and very real. She also appears humble. We haven't seen her in and out of rehab, arrested for something, or any other horrible things. She's just a normal woman who happens to have an amazing talent that she is able to use in her career.

I think she's one of the few AI winners who actually has a true talent. I actually watched the show when she was on. I continued to watch for a few seasons, and then it got kind of boring to me. I think the last season I watched was the year Carrie Underwood (another amazing talent discovered by that show) won.  After that I started losing interest, watching here and there and finally not at all. Kelly and Carrie seem to be the best talent to come out of that show (in my opinion). They also seem to have had the most staying-power.

 Being that I love creativity and am a creative person, music is one of the things that I adore. I like that Kelly has input on her songs.  Some artists just sign what they're given, but she believes in her lyrics and contributes. So many of her songs are personal, and easy to relate to. I rely on music a lot when I workout, and also emotionally. I have really connected with many of her songs. I've done the same with other artists. There are some songs that just hit me and I'm like "oh my gosh that's how I feel."  It's nice to be reminded that, whatever you're going through, you're not alone. Whether the artist went through a similar situation or they're just sharing something that many people go through, it's a comfort. I think a lot of us listen to a song and are reminded of a person, a place, or a different time in our lives.

Anyway, back to Kelly... Her songs have stuck with me in some rough times. I still say that "Since U Been Gone" was a song that I listened to during a couple different break-ups. It was a song that helped empower me to stand on my own and that I was strong; that no matter what happened I would get through it. On flipside, "Miss Independent" also described me at times; very protective of my own heart, not going to let just anyone in....There were walls to be broken. Not only am I a creative person, I'm an emotional person. I'm one of those people that song lyrics seem to "speak" to.  Maybe it's because of my own love of writing and creativity. I honestly am okay with the fact that admitting to that makes me sound a bit like an adolescent girl. 

From her newest album, which I love by the way, I'd say that "Stronger" has been the song I've listened to most often. It powers me through the end of my workouts.  It has a similar effect on me that Suglarland's "Settlin'" had on me when I started this journey - and still does.  Those are two songs that I know I can rely on to help me power through the end of a rough workout. Last time I had a longer run, I am pretty sure I listened to "Stronger" three times, twice in a row at the end. There are songs that I like to listen to when I run. Then there are songs that I almost feel like I have to listen to in order to keep pushing myself when it seems to be getting hard. "Stronger" is one of those songs.  Why?  Throughout this journey I've gained physical and mental strength. It helps me to remember not to give up, to keep pushing no matter what, that I CAN do this. It reminds me of how far I've come and how I want to continue to grow. It just keeps me going when I want to give up.

Have you ever wanted to share with someone the impact that something they've done has made on your life? It's much easier to share these things when you know someone, or see them now and then. It's easy to thank family and friends. 

What about the people you don't know? How do you share with them? I know that people post on social media sites and some may even write fan letters (still?). Some hold up signs at concerts. How often are you truly able to share your story with these people? And how much can you say via a social networking site? How much can you fit on a sign? I could send a ten page letter, but would it be read - the whole thing? I'm not sure. Granted during a short meet and greet you can't tell your whole story, but you can share a part of it and then maybe hand-deliver a letter. Maybe then, knowing that there is a huge impact and a story behind it, someone will be more likely to read it. Also, talking tends to go a bit quicker than reading. In person they can see the genuine feelings behind what you're saying; the thought about how much impact their music (or book, or blog, etc.) has had on you. 

I didn't want to meet Kelly just to have a picture taken with her. I didn't want to meet her just to say I met her, someone famous, and brag about it. I wanted to meet her to share with her the impact that her music really does have on people. She might hear it every day from some fan or another, but everyone has a different story to tell. I think that it's good for people to hear how much of a positive impact they have.

That's why I'm disappointed that I didn't get a meet and greet. Maybe someday I'll have another chance. I just hope that the people who were lucky enough to get the meet and greets truly appreciate the opportunity for what it is. Yes, they can get pictures with someone they admire and post it all over the internet. I hope that they realize the thought that goes into music, and all of the work that everyone puts into her shows. I hope that they can be inspired or that they have a story to tell.

I suppose, it's about bedtime for this girl....I'm definitely up late!

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