Friday, March 30, 2012


I spent the majority of the day saying goodbye to a close family friend.

I worked out early and stayed within my calorie range. I'll post more tomorrow.

Good night!


Get Your Head in the Game!

** I wrote this a couple weeks ago but accidentally saved it as a draft. Ooooops!!

I know I've mentioned it before but I was thinking about mental health (occupational hazard) and thought I'd write about it again.

I've posted about change and readiness, and even included a link to the stages of change in a previous post (9/16/11).  I cannot stress enough how much you have to truly want it in order to do it. Some changes in life are easy for us. Others are harder. We don't often choose to change things that are significant like our lifestyle.  Something simple like "I want a boyfriend" or "I want to wear size..." usually aren't motivators for lasting change. You. Must. Change. Your. Way. Of. Living.

This goes for ANY major life change that causes you to change your own behavior and way of thinking. 

Weight loss is, at times, as much mental as it is physical.

Some of you may not feel you have a mental barrier holding you back.  You're probably in denial. Or you just haven't taken the time to think about it and discover it. Why? Discovering it might uncover something you don't want to think about. It may hurt. But out of the hurt can come something so much more wonderful; a healthy perspective, a new outlook, a new sense of strength...Many things.

Most people are not significantly overweight because they just "are." I'm sure someone in the world has no regard for eating uncontrollably and not working out.  Some people do have medical causes but I also feel that in those cases they may use it as an excuse or because of a condition they mentally place limits on themselves. 

People get there by eating unhealthy, and WOW!, disordered eating patterns (not anorexia and bulimia) are more present than people realize. However, if you are diagnosed as being a binge/emotional/compulsive eater, don't take that and use it as an excuse. Use it as motivation to become a healthy person. Use it to help yourself change mentally. And sometimes that requires therapy.

STOP judging. Right now.  Therapy is not a dirty word. Therapy is not something that only weak people do. My personal belief is that if you seek out therapy on your own, you are seeking out guidance in changing. You don't have to be totally messed up, go through a trauma, or have a bad childhood to seek therapy. Therapy doesn't mean you're depressed, you belong in a psychiatric care unit, or that you need a ton of medication. Did you know that therapy can be an alternative to medication?

People with no "issues" seek therapy too. Maybe it's for guidance, stress relief, to figure something out, or even just to get an opinion on a major decision, or to discuss an insecurity....You do not have to be a "nut case" if you seek therapy. Maybe you have issues...So what!? Most people don't care if you have issues. That's not me...I would care but I think that's part of who I am and again, occupational hazard. I am NOT going to put myself in another person's business but if it's requested, then I'll be there. Or if it directly effects me, I have no problem calling you out. But that doesn't apply to the general public.

I detest the stigma attached with the word "therapy" when used in a psychosocial context. Most people have no problem when the words physical or occupational are before it...But therapy in a mental health setting is almost as bad as saying you have some horrible contagious disease.

Judgey-pants, get over it.  Why so judgemental? Are you afraid it will make you look weak? Are you afraid that if you were to seek therapy you wouldn't like what you were told? Yup...That's really being strong. 

Avoiders, seek it!!! If you need it or even just want to see what it's all about, GO.

Okay...Back to mental health and weight loss.

To recap: you must desire change from deep within. If you've tried and failed at weight loss, there's a reason. Why can't you stick to it? Why so quick to say "oh it's not working" and give up? It's likely that you haven't reached the point yet where the little switch changes from "I'm fine" to "I NEED TO CHANGE!"

I also blame horrible methods of weight loss like... fad diets, pills, weird plans, and unrealistic expectations that are projected with those.  Look at the fine print..."Results not typical" or something similar is found in many places (to avoid the thousands, or millions! of law suits that people would face).  Little words like "lose up to" are another key. Some people just see "lose" followed by a number. Up to means that's the max that maybe only ONE individual has lost (*that's a guess). Others may lose zero, or even gain. One little product isn't going to give you the change you need to change your life. 

Changing your lifestyle is mental.  You have to be diligent. You have to be ready to stick with the changes. You have to be ready to do the work that's required.

But still, people spend billions of dollars every year on gimmicks and such.

Here's a hint...healthy eating and exercise. BANG! There you have it, the secret to life (well, weight loss anyway).

Once you have successfully initiated changes, you need to beware of little things that impact your mental health and possibly your physical health.

Watch out for those who may sabotage you (intentional or unintentional).  These sometimes well-meaning people may say "oh it's's just ONE meal....ONE cookie...ONE piece of cake" whatever.  And yes just one thing in moderation, infrequently is acceptable. However if someone does this frequently, watch out! There are also those who may say "you look good now" or "you should stop losing weight now."  If there's a TRUE concern about an eating disorder that's one thing. If you are still honestly overweight and unhealthy, that's another. Maybe these people don't want you to lose anymore. Last time I checked it's not their business/place to say. Unless of course someone is seriously unhealthy and in danger, then someone should speak up.  There is a difference. Learn what it is.

I guess "haters" goes along with sabotage, expect these people probably have intent to sabotage you. Maybe you're a threat now that you're losing weight. Maybe they don't want you to be smaller than they are. Maybe they're afraid that showing your strength will make you "GASP!" better than they are (in their eyes). Your weight loss is not about anyone else. Don't let 'em get to you. Keep moving and know inside that they have insecurity and a problem with you. You're doing this for you. Keep moving.

Stress...that's a biggie.  The more you worry and stress about things, the more difficult to lose weight. Blame hormones. Blame stress eating. Learn stress management to help combat it. We all have stress, but if it's significant or you can't handle it, get some help. Talk to someone (no, it doesn't HAVE to be a therapist). Managing your stress is part of being a happy, healthy individual.

Please know that stressful events and concerns do not have to be related to weight loss.

Let's say for example someone wanted you to do something, so they were super nice and sweet to you. You had no issues with them before but suddenly they adore you and think you're the cat's pajamas (that IS the expression, correct?).  Then you decide that the situation isn't what you anticipated/were lead to believe it was/something that you don't want or don't feel is a good fit for you/whatever. To some people you have just taken the cat's pajamas, shredded them, and you threw the damn cat out in the street without shelter, food, and his clothes! Meaning... You're not  good person. That's right, you are no longer (in their eyes) a good person because you didn't do what they wanted you to. Yes, you made a choice in your life and someone didn't like it.

FYI... Sometimes people get angry about things and take it out on people who have no control over it. Say you got a job over them. You probably didn't hire yourself. But now? You're terrible. Sometimes these people act as though you're dead to them. Okay, well looking away and pretending I don't exist doesn't really kill me so sorry...I'm alive and well, even if you have committed murder in your mind and erased my existence from this earth. You might as well just say "YOU'RE DEAD TO ME" than pretend. Of course that could be taken as a threat and you might find yourself in a bit of trouble.

CLEARLY the person holding the grudge and having these anger issues has some issues of their own. They should probably get that checked out.  If it's someone close to you, it can hurt. For example, the silent treatment from you significant other (hello, endangered and unhealthy relationship) can really hurt. It's usually intentional. It's more complicated in something like a relationship. But what about that job situation? Other than thinking "reaaaalllllly?" your best bet is to not worry about it. It's kinda like rejection from the opposite sex, especially when without explanation... Accept it and move on. Don't stress about what is "wrong" with you. Know that for whatever reason that person wasn't RIGHT FOR YOU. The same goes for those of the same sex and in different situations. Don't let it get in your head and stress you out.

Also? In some situations you may even be able to find that kind of thing funny.  Let it roll off your back because when you really think about how hostile and angry people can be over things that may not even directly impact on them (hi, were you IN the situation?)....It really is funny!!! And, it's probably no skin off your back if they don't want anything to do with you. Seriously, who what's Debbie Downer or Negative Ned in their life anyway? Not I.  I prefer not to be drug down. I laugh at immaturity like that.

What I'm saying is that if people are dragging you down, for whatever reason, you're better off without them. Is that passive-aggressive friend who finds fault in all you do really a friend? Probably not; not a good one anyway. So, either fight back and treat them the same (this can be entertaining, I'm sure), walk away, or be more direct and tell them what an asshat they are. Not worrying will relieve some stress for you. They've burned the bridge, not you.

If you're in a bad relationship (any), work on it or leave it. You'll be happier and mentally healthier in the end, even if there's a little pain now.

If you're being abused, come up with a smart and safe plan, and run the other direction as fast as you can...Don't look back.

If you are the person holding a grudge, being angry, or being negative all the time...Go figure out what the frack (I love that word, it's an obvious sub for a "bad" word but not as harsh as some others...I think the a softens it) your problem is and deal with it.  You could be causing your own stress, which in the end is probably just hurting you and just isn't healthy.

So...To lose weight...
1. Find your motivation for change. Evaluate why you've failed at weight loss before. What's holding you back? Do what you need to (including therapy; suck it up!) in order to figure it out. You can't be taken seriously about changing if you're saying "I should really lose some weight," while eating chips, chowing down on a fast food meal, mindlessly eating candy, or chugging some beers.
2. Change your way of thinking because that will help you change your way of living.
3. Initiate those changes in your life...Purge the kitchen of unhealthy foods, trigger foods, etc. Buh-bye to craptastic stuff. This should include alcohol.  Personally, I quit drinking for a long time. I slowly initiated drinks back into my social life, but I'm very controlled about it. I don't over do it. And it's not a frequent occurrence.  You might be thinking "is she serious?" If so, please go back to number one and start again. This is about changing how you life. Being healthy doesn't include partying and eating fast food.
4. Figure out a healthy eating plan and start!!
5. Initiate some exercise when you're ready....Better right away for the sake of your health but some people do lose weight just by changing eating habits. I'm a big advocate for exercise because it's good for you and well...I love it!
6. Mange your stress. Don't become obsessive about things like your weight, your calories, your exercise... Just keep it healthy - and track it!!
7. Throughout it all...BE HONEST.  Honestly with yourself is what's important. What you put into your mouth or what you burn doesn't really matter to anyone else. But, if you're not changing you shouldn't expect results. If you do well for a while and start to slip away, go back to number one.
8. Live healthy!! That's it...Just be healthy.

I'm sure I could add a lot more things to the list but I think those are the basics.

The mental part of weight loss is about change, being healthy, and honest. Initiate a healthy lifestyle and work toward weight loss.

THAT is all I did. It's a simple idea but I'll admit that at times it's hard. You won't accomplish it until you are completely ready. But don't stop trying and keep believing in yourself.

Changing my lifestyle to become healthy is probably the greatest thing I have ever done for myself. I finally took the time to care about me (some haters call this selfish at times...Forget you!) and changed.

Find your reason and find your strength!




Just 20 minutes of a BR with abs and arms bonus but that's better than no workout! Goodbye 177 calories!

Happy Friday!!!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Workouts and Eating.

First, the great news - I did two BR workouts and a short light jog today. I love BR because it has both a cardio and ST element. I like the mixture. They're short and for 12 minutes, I typically burn at least 110 calories. I wanted to do a little jog too, and needed to burn a few more calories so that was a good way to do it.  Between the two BR workouts I burned 223.  I needed to burn about 250 based on my intake.  I needed 27 burned and ended up burning 144. 

Eating. That went really well today. I've really been trying to eat more because based on what I burn I'm not eating enough. I figured I might as well give this plan a try. I won't gain a whole bunch of weight from it, as I'm only adding a couple hundred calories a day; not enough to add up to one pound of fat. After my workout I still needed to eat 124 more calories.

Did I? No.  I managed a small bite of something sweet but not 124 calories worth.  UGH!! It is so hard! I've eaten a ton of foods today (healthy means more!), but still needed to eat more to end my day with a net caloric intake of 1200.  1084 is a bit too low, but not as low as I've been on other days.  I took it easy with the workouts today so that I wouldn't burn too many!! Typically on a 1400 calorie day (based on my recent calorie cycling), I'd burn 400-600+ calories. Burning that much, I should have been eating 1600-2000 calories. Yikes! Or I should've burned only 200.  WOW!!! I was making my higher calorie days (1400 and 1500) my workout days, but I was still not eating enough.

I really hope that this new plan is just what I need to get my body back on track.

My workout today bumped me up to a goal of 1567. In addition to the 124 calories, I can also eat more of other things.... 39 more carbs, 13 grams of fat. However, I'm supposedly over my protein goal. I really don't see how that is THAT harmful.  I'm within the range that SP had calculated for me. I'll have to do some research on how much protein is too much.  My goal according to MFP was 58 today. I ate 97.  SP says I should have between 60 and.... 120 I think...100-and something anyone. I'm usually in the low 100s, right within that range. I find it odd that as with other things, SP and MFP have such a different protein recommendation. Interesting.

Other than not eating enough calories, the day was a great success!! I felt full most of the day and had a great workout session. I'm sore and loving it! I always feel smaller after a good ST workout. I know that BR is toning me up and I also know that it doesn't do it over night. But after a couple days? I feel tighter. I'm happy with that feeling, whether it is visible or not!!

On another note...

I tried on some older clothes tonight because I really need to get rid of some. I have SO many!!! And I have so many bagged up or hanging in the closet that I don't wear. So, I'm going to start trying to sell some.  I tried on a lot of them because some are fitted and I can still make them work (they're not that old; and are size larges...currently depending on the dress I can wear a small but typically a medium).  Certain fitted ones will still work. Some won't work at all because they won't stay up. And others were too big to even try on. I was happy to be able to keep some of them...For a little while anyway. I hope that soon I'll be able to sell them too. BUT I want to hang on to them just in case I get to wear them one last time. 

As I was trying on dresses, I noticed something different about my body. Something that I either didn't notice or pay attention to before. Something that makes me feel even more sure that what I think is loose skin really is loose skin. My lower tummy. It hangs down...Like it droops downward.  When that area was full of fat, it didn't do that.  It didn't move at all, really.  So now...It droops down and I can move it. I'm more and more convinced every single time I find something new. We will see a week from tomorrow whether or not I'm on target or not! So excited!!!

I'm off to bed...Long, busy day tomorrow. I'm going to try to get up early to workout, as that's the only time I will be able to. If I can't manage to get out of bed, then it'll be a rest day. But...I should be able to at least get up and do a BR workout. I really want to work my arms, so I'll probably repeat one that's arm heavy.

I have to work, but only half a day (unfortunately)....Then it's off to a very sad afternoon....A visitation, luncheon, and funeral. The last events should last until around 8 PM, at least, so I know that by the time I get home I'll be exhausted. Plus that's too late to workout anyway.

Hopefully I can make myself get up!! If not, it will have to be a very, very clean eating day, as I will only have 1200 calories to consume. Maybe that's easier when you're not burning as much...?

Have a great Friday!!


Dinner 3/29

The complete version (second picture) is only 178 calories!

Don't mind the Smart Balance on the green beans. It hadn't melted yet. Although it looks the same, that's not Smart Balance on my salad; it's a chunked up wedge of Laughing Cow cheese.

I also included the version without the condiments... Only 100 calories.

All of this for 178 calories....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Calorie Formula....?

I'm thinking I've blogged about this before. In fact, I'm almost sure I have. 

Calories.  We all worry about cutting them (well, if we want to lose weight).  We track them. We make sure to stay within our given ranges. We lose weight. Life is grand.

I use SP to do my tracking.  I stay within their suggested calorie range.  I've plateaued.  I know I've said before that it could be different things, probably a combination of some.  It could be extra skin. It could be muscle. It could even be stubborn fat that is terrified to leave my body.  It seems that no matter how hard I push, I cannot lose weight. I've accepted that. I do, however, wonder if I have the potential to lose more but I'm setting myself up for failure.

I looked back to when I was losing and I'm really not doing anything different in terms of eating. I still workout frequently (more days than not). I've included ST workouts and think I've been better at my consistency with those than in the past.

Yet I stick around the same couple pounds.

I've looked online at different BMR formulas and calculators. Every. Single. One. tells me that I should be eating more than my SP suggested range.  With my 500 calories subtracted from what I need for maintenance, I'm still a little higher than the top of my SP range. I don't get it. What's the difference in how SP is calculating and how these other sites are?

I feel like I should probably be eating a little more than I do. I see all of these other sites telling me "eat more calories" yet I've been sticking to the SP range because I'm afraid if I start eating more I'll gain rather than lose. I think that's a common fear that seems logical. No?

I logged into my fitness pal this evening and found it interesting that their calorie calculator is different than SP's. They don't just give you a range to stick within each day.  Instead they show what you need to eat for weight loss, however they present it as NET calories for the day. So, say I need to eat 1200 to lose weight. Great. But then I workout and burn 400....This means I should be eating 1600 calories in a day. SP doesn't include this, so I've been just sticking within that range. For a while I'd stay in the 1200-1300 range. Subtract what I'm burning and I'm too low...That just might be why I can't lose.

As frightened as I am to eat more, especially right before my surgical consult, I want to try it.  I'm just trying to decide if I do it now or wait until that consult.  I think I'll see what my weight is like on Saturday and then decide if I will start now or wait a week. I wish I could start now and then weigh-in part way through to see if there's any obvious damage being done. I can't though. I gave up weighing too often for Lent. I only weigh on Saturday mornings....So....I'm at a bit of a loss.

What IS the calorie formula? The REAL one? The one that works? Is SP right? Or is MFP? Or the other sites I've come across?

I think I'm going to start tracking on my fitness pal and check it out a bit more. That might help give me some direction. I'm also thinking of talking to a dietitian again. I saw one a few times maybe five or six years ago. It'd be nice to get her input and see what she has to say about what I'm doing.  I want to trust what I read on the internet and what I hear from others, but it's so scary to do that... It's like I want to hear the correct, factual answer from a professional. I guess I worry about that stuff because I don't want to mess it up! :)

In other news...

I did one heck of a BR workout today. WOW! I am SO sore!! I was shaking while I was doing this workout. My shoulders, legs, and abs were burning. It was great!!!

Speaking of BR...I've been behind in updating my page. I suppose I should go do that!



Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tonight I Write With a Heavy Heart

I'm tired. Almost exhausted feeling. It is amazing how much your emotions can drain leave me feeling so drained.

My Dad called me this morning and said "I've got some bad news." My immediate reaction was that something happened to one of my grandparents. I quickly dismissed that because he'd know better than to call. That's an in person kind of thing. So then I thought "oh crap, I made a mistake and have an overdraft on my checking account. Or I paid a bill out of his bank account instead of mine."

I can only wish that it had been something like that. I can accept making mistakes, even if doing that would have made me furious with myself.

He called to tell me that a very close family friend, my Godfather, died last night. I believe my reaction was "oh my God!" Then it sunk in and I cried a little. Then my Dad called later to tell me he is going to be speaking and wanted my input. Then he talked about his friend, that he's known him for 42 years; nearly a life-long friend (Dad was 14 when they first met). And then he cried a little. So I cried again. A little more that time. I hate hearing or seeing my Dad cry. It's not often and when it happens it's for a significant reason. He's my rock and it's hard to see someone I view as being strong feel sad. I'm kind of a daddy's girl. I think that's part of what makes it so hard to see him cry.

Then I thought of other friends who've lost a parent. We are too young for this; we are barely in our 30s. Some lost parents in their 20s.

When something like this happens I think a lot about sad things and good things. It refreshes my perspective on living. And not that this is related to the deaths I think of (some were victims of that beast called cancer) but it makes me so happy that my Dad started taking better care of himself. He lost about 50 pounds, exercises and eats healthier. He once told me I inspired him to do it.

By losing weight and getting healthy he gave himself a better quality of life. He may have given himself more days; time to see me get married, to know his future grandchildren and maybe great-grandchildren (I hope but let's face it, I'm not getting any younger!).

I came home at lunch and wanted comfort food. I had a PBJ (natural PB and light, whole grain bread). It fit the comfort need and didn't blast though the calorie roof. You CAN have comfort food that isn't detrimental to your healthy diet.

When I got home from work I felt exhausted. I wanted to put on my pajamas and relax. I put on workout clothes, did a BR workout, and spent some time on the treadmill. I had a healthy dinner. I've relaxed too.

I've cried over random things.... Biggest Loser has made me cry like five or six times already. Part is emotion if having been where I was. Part is residual emotion from earlier. Part is that I am tired. I tend to be more emotional when I'm tired.... As if I really need the extra emotion tonight.

On a different note, the treadmill was horrible. Suddenly the girl who hated working out outside now has a problem with her beloved treadmill. It was such a struggle to even get on it. Of course I did BR first so that might be why it felt even worse.

My legs ached. I feel like I run differently on the treadmill than outside. I uses to feel like running outside was harder. My body would be sore after, usually just when I'd adjust to being outside again. I felt like I worked harder outside. Today that was reversed. Not only did my legs feel sore and different, it kind of pained me to get through it. It just seemed harder all around.

Strange. I always thought that running outside was harder.

Today was a little too windy to get out and walk/run. It wasn't as cold as yesterday but the wind was bone chilling. It's hard for me to workout if my body is THAT cold.

In the end I had a good workout. I was away from BR for a few days and missed it. I feel so weak when I don't have that strength training element in my workout. I love feeling like my muscles worked.

I'm off to relax... Early bed-time tonight. I'm wiped out.

By the way...I cried three more times before BL was over.



I haven't posted any food photos in a while so....

Trader Joe's whole wheat couscous, a Jennie-O sweet Italian sausage, and steamed veggies. I put a little I Can't Believe it's not Butter with olive oil spray and a little reduced fat Parmesan cheese on the couscous and then mixed the sausage with it. Yumtastic!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

March Fitness Minutes Recap...Already?

It is nearing the end of the month. I set out to meet a monthly fitness minutes goal of 1000. Had I tracked my fitness on Saturday (totally forgot, so I did it a few minutes ago), I would have seen that I had hit my goal then. Not bad...24 days into the month and I just hit 1000; 1001 after Saturday's workout time. Today I realized that I hit the 1000 mark when I tracked my minutes for today. I went back to see how many I did on Saturday and realized I never filled it in. I know I walked; and took the dogs. I looked in my HRM data and I'm pretty sure I found info for the correct day. It was 46 minutes which is pretty average for me lately. Anyway, so after today I'm at 1058 for the month. I know that with five more days to workout, I'll be well over that goal.

It's nice to know that I met my goal a week early! No worries, I won't quit working out or anything crazy just because I hit my minutes. I will continue to work hard for the rest of the week. I haven't done BR since Thursday so starting tomorrow, I'll finish the week with a BR daily.  I was going to BR on Saturday but did some Spring cleaning which honestly made me a little sore...I suppose all of the bending, crouching, moving furniture and such made for a small workout. I didn't count that or anything, but it was a little extra movement, which is a good thing.

A week from Friday I go for my cosmetic surgery consult..Wow! It seemed so far away when I first scheduled it, and now it's almost here. I'm definitely going to bust out the BR workouts this week so that those muscles will be their best for that consult.  I'm not trying to do anything crazy to lose a few extra pounds or whatever. I just want my body to be the best it can be at that time.  Plus, it's a good goal point...Short-term, but a goal point nonetheless.  I like having things to work toward so that will be good for me. It's a tiny new challenge I guess....Something new to strive for.

I think that the next couple months are going to be the source of some good changes in my life. I can feel awesome things on the horizon...Excited for the future!!!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Big Rich... You Made Me Wanna Punch My TV

As I was enjoying some downtime last night I decided to watch some reality TV. I'm not ashamed to admit that I watch some reality shows from time to time. I'm not currently watching any of them consistently. I am anticipating the premier of Giuliana and Bill.... That one will be watched consistently, as usual. Reality TV is one of my guilty pleasures.

Anyway... I was catching up on Jerseylicious and when The last episode was over, Big Rich Texas came on. I've caught the show a couple times. I get the concept. Women plus money equals drama. It's a similar concept to other shows about housewives but focuses on mothers and daughters.

One of the mothers, Leslie, is a Godmother raising her Goddaughter. She happens to run a beauty pageant business. Kayln (the Goddaughter) is a pageant girl.

Yes I have a point that's related to health and wellness.

If you know anything about pageants you know that there's a lot of pressure on girls who decide to compete. They're based on things like beauty, grace, and poise. Let's be honest, you have to be pretty. As much as they are about anything else they are about beauty.

In the episode I saw, which was from last week, Leslie was putting immense pressure on Kayln... To compete and to lose some weight.

First about the weight... She tells Kalyn she needs to lose four pounds. Later when talking to the camera, she says that five to ten pounds would be good. I read a post on Leslie's blog in which she discussed last week's episode. One of the things she talked about is Kalyn's image. In the post she said she only wanted her to lose two pounds.

So... Two, four, five to ten! Quite the difference.

She even purchased Kayln some "natural" diet pills. Diet pills for two pounds? Please. One little dietary change could help with that. Two pounds doesn't generally make that big of a difference in appearance.

For her own marketing needs Leslie makes a cardboard cutout of Kalyn. Well, sort of. It was Kayln's head on a smaller, more fit body. She also put her picture on the cover of one of her brochures. That was a pageant picture and did look authentic.

So. We have a role model in a parenting role who has encouraged weight loss in a negative way. She almost picks on Kayln about her weight. The use of diet pills is encouraged.

I've left out the best part (sarcasm).

Leslie took Kayln to a consult with a surgeon. They put her in a bikini and took pictures. Her "love handles" is her "problem area."

The doctor's first recommendation was dietary changes and exercises with some vitamins thrown into the mix. Healthy options. Logical options. Smart options.

The other option was called lipodissolve. The doctor posted that he felt that liposuction, as Leslie wanted, was not a recommendation for Kayln. He also noted thatch had difficulty with the evaluation because of the unhealthy pressure Leslie was putting on Kayln. And because Kayln was upset (crying, angry, hurt).

This is such huge problem for me. Kayln is 18 years-old. She was not struggling with her self-image. She told Leslie that she's happy with herself. But Leslie kept pushing.

I noticed in this episode that another mother was being very pushy, in a negative and embarrassing way, with her daughter (she wasn't focused on appearance).

Mothers! Stop the negativity. I know this is reality TV and I hope that these parts were staged and that all parties were acting. It doesn't seem like it based on what I've read, but who knows. Acting or not it's a horrible message to send.

This kind of behavior is not acceptable. Parents (you too dads) should encourage their children no matter what. I understand that pageants are beauty based and that a body is on display but damaging a girl's self-esteem is never okay.

Encourage healthy habits. Don't push over-exercise. Don't give your children diet pills. Don't try to motivate them by showing them what you feel is a better version of them. Don't take them to see a cosmetic surgeon if they don't want to go.

Kayln was able to voice her concerns and feelings. She had a hard time with it. She was afraid that Leslie would see her back to California; home. Her mother sent her to live with Leslie based on her interest in pageants. Because of that fear she took a lot of badgering from Leslie before she reached her breaking point.

Kayln also made a comment about her own mother sending her away. Why would Leslie want her to stay if she wasn't going to do pageants? She is probably struggling with some feelings of being unwanted or like she's easily sent away.

So... Criticize her for her body and that it's not good enough.

I was enraged with Leslie's actions. I felt so angry watching her and watching the way it impacted Kayln. I felt so bad for her when she was being broken down.

I know this is a TV show (reality or not) but this type if thing really happens. Mothers make their their daughters feel as though they're not good enough. They pick at them about their weight or their appearance. They don't know the damage that they can cause.


That's the way to lose weight. That's the way to be healthy. Diet pills, even those that are called natural, are not healthy.

Eat healthy foods. Be accountable. Be responsible. Exercise. This will help you to lose weight as well as live a healthy life.

I should workout today; it's not a day off... But I really want to watch this next game. UNC and Kansas? Should be a great one! Hmmm.... I guess this means I will workout on one of my days off this week instead...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh My Puppies

Walking my dogs is not always conducive to a good workout. Yes, I got out, did something and burned some calories but the amount of work I did with them was significantly less than what I do on my own.

We walked for 50 minutes. I burned 205 calories. 

When I did an hour long walk/run combo the day before, I burned just over 500 calories.

Today was quite the walk. It seemed cool out but I think maybe it was too hot for them.  The temp was in the 80s, but there was a nice breeze so it didn't feel like it. Apparently dogs do not feel things similar to how we do. The poor things were tired before we even got to our usual turning around point. Buddy actually stopped walking. I knew they were getting worn out because at one point I was walking and they were lagging behind, so much so that the leash was dragging on the ground. I guess he had enough because then he just stopped. Belle wasn't in disagreement, as she stopped too.  They did pick up the pace a bit when I said "let's go home."  Then they slowed down again, so I'd keep saying "go home" to get them to move a bit faster. They seemed to know when we were almost home because then they wanted to run...For about a block.

When I walk the dogs it's going to have to be in cooler temps, or later in the evening. I can do my walk/run after work, and then later, once it cools down a bit, I can take them out for a little stroll. A little extra walking is a good thing, even if it is just a short walk to please the dog-children. I definitely cannot count on them for calorie burning exercise.

In addition to getting tired they were nothing less than a pain throughout the entire walk. First, they started that pulling behavior. So obnoxious. Then I got them straightened out and the real fun started. Buddy and to stop and smell every pole, stop sign, tree, fence...Anything we passed that he could attempt to pee on. He proceeded to pee (or attempt) on everything. Walk. Stop. Walk. Stop....And so on.

Then there's Belle, the wild little thing that she is. She'd randomly start running then abruptly run behind me (while Buddy was on the other side  - probably peeing on something), nearly tripping me. I have one leash with a coupler so that I don't have to deal with two leashes. Usually good. This time; bad. She also enjoys running and then diving toward the ground with her head and eating grass, or at least biting at it.

The highlight had to be when we were walking down the paved bike/running trail and she decided, while walking to start pooping...On the paved pathway. Okay...TMI is coming...  Not only did she poop in about five difference places, it wasn't regular, formed poop. It was soft and almost diarrhea like. Lovely. I cleaned it up as best as I could, but I, unfortunately, do not run or walk with a portable hose or squirt gun. Maybe I should start. My clean up job resulted in a smear job.  Lovely.  Later during the walk, when they were going slow, Buddy decided it was his turn to poop. Luckily his wasn't as soft and it was easier to pick up, and we were almost home. You can imagine the immense joy I felt carrying near-diarrhea home in plastic puppy poop bags. Really. Generally my dogs have regular, formed poops. Yesterday was the day they decided that it'd be fun to knock down the baby gate and get into the trash.  I'm pretty sure that whatever they got into resulted in the aforementioned nastiness. Thanks, dogs.

I got out of work late so by the time I got home from that adventure, it was getting too late to do even a short BR, so I didn't BR yesterday (boo!).  I'm glad it was only a 1200 calorie day, because I sure didn't burn much. I suppose something burned is better than nothing though. 

So that was my Wild Wednesday Workout.  Tomorrow? The dogs will not be joining me. I'm having dinner out with a friend (unless plans change) so I think that I will go home do my walk/run, BR, then get ready for dinner.  Depending on how late I am, the dogs may or may not get a walk this evening. I'm thinking not. They need a day off anyway...Maybe tomorrow!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Body Lines

I have lines on my body. Some are rippled skin. Some are bones under the skin. Some are (big sigh) wrinkles (laugh lines, expression lines, whatever...they're freaking wrinkles). Some are muscle definition. I've known my legs, arms, and back have had these defining lines for a while now.

This morning I noticed...I have lines on my stomach. Obviously due to skin it's most noticeable in my upper ab region.

HOLY COW!!! Are these what I think they are? Do I have lines that are defining my ABS?! Could it be?! Really!?

I think that they are, but naturally I refuse to believe this as fact until I have confirmation. I'll for sure be asking the surgeon at my consult!

Even if they aren't abs, I'm excited at the possibility that I have lines that could be mistaken as ab definition. I'll be much more excited if they really are ab lines, but the fact that it's even a possiblity makes me so happy. I've never had this experience. Given where I started, this is a very exciting event.

Sometimes you may need confirmation that what you're doing is working...Even if it turns out to be a mistake. This morning was one of those moments. All I've wanted to do all morning is come home and workout.

I honestly believe that BR is helping me to see a difference in my body.


40 Billion Plus...

In 2008 Americans spent about 40 billion dollars on the diet industry. This includes things like diet pills, programs, books, meal replacements... Pretty much anything to help you lose weight. I couldn't find an updated statistic, but read in another place that it's 40-50 billion dollars a year.  If this was in 2008, my guess is that it has grown and was even more in 2011.

I find it fascinating that we're so quick to spend money on things that in many ways do us more harm than good.  There are some programs, such as WW, that I feel are pretty good. They promote healthy habits, and provide educational tools. However, I do not like that they basically (this is last time I did WW, a few years ago) said "eat whatever you want, just stay in your points."  To me that's not a healthy way of thinking. Being healthy isn't just about losing weight and staying within your ranges, despite what you eat. Healthy eating is eating healthy foods... It's not conserving your flex points (if they still have those) for one big splurge. Sure, for weight loss this might be effective. However, I hold the opinion that health is important. If you're eating healthy and exercising, you're doing good for your body. If you change your eating habits and start eating healthy, you'll more than likely see weight loss. 

By the way, you don't need to do a paid weight loss program to track what you eat and what you burn. There are FREE options available on-line (like SP, which I use).

I've spent money on WW...Twice. I don't recall the price but I believe there was a sign-up fee and I got the "discounted" monthly plan because of my health insurance. I think that was 135-150 a month. The meetings I went to weren't good. I hated them, actually.  Because it was monthly I probably only wasted part of a month each time.  I also did WW online for a while, a couple different times. I think there was a sign-up fee of about 30 dollars plus a monthly fee of maybe 20. I know that once I paid for three months at a time, got a savings, and used it for only part of the time.

The idea of replacing a meal with a shake is unappealing to me. I think this sets a lot of people up for failure. After a while people are going to get bored with eating a bar or drinking a shake as a meal. Also, many of these do not contain enough calories to help sustain your body over the course of the day. When I used a meal replacement shake, there were 220 calories per can. For two meals that's 440.... Add in a couple 100 calorie snacks and you're at 640. Using this idea, someone would have to eat a dinner of 460 calories (to eat a minimum of 1200 calories for the day). That may not sound like much to some, but to me, that's a big dinner.

I used shakes and bars. I spent some money on them...I didn't use them for long though (probably because I missed food!). I'd say in total I spent under 100 dollars on that stuff.

Here's an example of all of the foods that I can eat (before dinner, which will be less than 460 calories) to equal about 100 calories less than the above mentioned shakes and snacks.

Kashi Go Lean Crunch; .75 cup
Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk, .5 cup
Regular coffee 1.5 cups
Apple slices, with some caramel dip (pre-packaged, but I'd guess a tablespoon)
Strawberries; 1 cup whole
Pineapple rings; canned; 2 rings
Chobani yogurt
Blueberries, .75 cup
Baby carrots; 3 oz

All of that is 601 calories.... That is breakfast, two snacks/small meals, and part of lunch (carrots). I would likely add about another 150 calories to lunch (today a light English muffin and some chocolate PB2 sounds good; and is 145 calories).  So... 746 calories before dinner. That's only about 100 more than the two shakes and two 100 calorie snack plan.  Today is a 1300 calorie day for me, so I actually have to eat quite a bit more (554 calories), which is a big dinner for me!! In this case, I generally have a protein shake, which consists of 100% whey protein powder and half a cup of Silk Light Vanilla (soy milk). This is a great 170 calorie post-workout snack.  This leaves me with 384 calories for dinner, which is a pretty good dinner... If I had a plain chicken breast (seriously can have good flavor with just some spices or herbs), that's about 100 calories for a four ounce portion. I could add a salad with no cheese and light dressing (just greens and veggies; like in the bag) for less than 50, plus some steamed veggies for around 30 (depending on which veggies). That's a pretty decent dinner for under 200 calories.  If it were a 1200 calorie day, that's all I'd need to eat and I'd still be under the 1200 calorie mark.

Given the choice between two shakes, two snacks, and a large dinner (for example; a meat, veggie, potato or rice, and maybe even some bread) and...

Cereal, almond milk, coffee, apples with caramel dip, strawberries, pineapple, yogurt, blueberries, carrots, an English muffin, PB2, protein powder, soy milk, a lean meat, salad, and steamed veggies...with the need for a few more calories (so I could indulge in some fat-free, sugar-free pudding for dessert!)...Or I could add cheese or a hard boiled egg to that salad! Heck, I could even have a square of CHOCOLATE!

I'd take option two. Every. Single. Time.

The problem with meal replacements is that they're not desirable. At least not to me. They may be packed with vitamins and such, but they're really not that healthy. After a little while, most people are going to get frustrated with them and want more food.  Personally, eating more foods that are healthy sounds like a better option to me!

I have no problem with these shakes and bars as supplements. Even replacing one meal a day with one isn't a bad idea. If you're not a breakfast eater, it's probably a lot easier to drink something like that than it is to eat a breakfast.

I've discussed pills, patches, and the like before so I'm not going to go into much detail about the evils that are packed into such things. Or the nasty results (Alli, I'm looking at you) that they can have. I know that these pills (when I bought them) ranged from 20-25 dollars a bottle. I used... Dexatrim (the red box, before it got pulled from shelves), Dexatrim Natural, Metabolife, Hydroxycut, and a prescription med called Xenical (similar to Alli). I also purchased the Pink Patch.  This was a weight loss patch that is changed daily. I think they were 50 dollars for a month worth of patches. I remember that I got some discount when I signed up so I saved a little bit. I've spent more than 200 dollars on pills and such.

When I spent this money, I lost some weight, but generally gained it all back...And eventually more. The times that I did lose weight and managed to not gain it back was when I did WW. I lost 25 pounds before quitting the first time and then 30 the second time. Then I quit again.

Other costs? Books. Exercise DVDs. Workout equipment. Gym memberships.

Some of these costs I'd lump into the health industry rather than the diet industry. I agree with obtaining these things IF you are really going to use them. Many people waste money on gym memberships, workout equipment, and the like.  My advice would be, do not buy these things until you know that you will use them. I'm always amused by the number of cars outside the gym in January (resolutions!) and how that number seriously dwindles by March. People buy memberships thinking that they're going to get healthy. Then they don't use them. They don't get healthy.  If you make a change, give it some time before you splurge on expensive things.  You'll save yourself a few dollars if you don't follow through with a change.
In my case, I'd estimate that over the years I've spent in the low 1000s on random weight loss things that didn't help me or I didn't use enough.  Why? I wasn't ready to change. I kept thinking I needed to lose weight, but never did anything healthy and stuck with it.

I once paid over 300 dollars for a gym membership. I think I went to that gym twice.  I paid for a cheaper gym for a while, and actually got my use of it until I stopped going and then didn't cancel my membership for a couple years. I think that was either 20 or 30 dollars a month (a cheaper gym!). I had access to a free athletic center when I was in college. I think I went a handful of times. I went to Curves for a while. I think that was 30 a month and I had the amount taken directly out of my bank account. I'm pretty sure I paid that a few times more than I used it.

I've purchased books based on diet (South Beach, Atkins, The Zone Diet) and different eating habits (some for research on different ways of living/eating). The books ranged from 16 dollars to 25 each. I'm not including health cookbooks, like HG's, that I actually use.

I've purchased numerous videos over the years. The ones I bought but didn't use much were a step aerobics VHS that came with a step, tae-bo, pilates, aerobics... They weren't used.  Most of the taps were probably between 10 and 20 dollars. The step/tape combo was...I don't know...Maybe 50? I can't remember the cost when those were the popular thing to have.

I continue to purchase videos, but the difference is that now I USE them. NOW the cost is worth it; not wasted.

I spent 20 bucks on a yoga mat that I didn't use. I spent some money on hand weights, a few different times, that I didn't use.

For the record I use the yoga mat now. And while that one was "lost" bought a second one...An extra 20 dollars (but the second one is cuter).  I've also bought more weights, in various pounds. I use these. I wonder what happened to the hand weights I purchased when didn't use them. They ran away, perhaps?

I bought (okay, I didn't buy it; it was bought for me) a cheap tready. It was only 150 dollars...Very basic. I've since upgraded.  I used it for a while. Then it sat, in the basement, unused until I decided to change my life. Then I basically wore it out. I'm glad I hung onto it. I'm glad I FINALLY started using it consistently.

My point is that until you're ready to change and stick with it - DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!

Seriously, try it on your own first. Especially with gym memberships. Get out and walk, bike, or use your old rollerblades. The only athletic equipment you really need if you're just starting out is a good pair of shoes and some comfortable clothing. Eventually you will want to include some weight training...Did you know, though, that when you start, you can use things like large cans of soup or bottles of water? Why not use those household items for a while, until you know you're going to stick with it and the cost is going to be worth it.

If you want to start tracking what you eat, and counting calories and such you really just need a notebook and a pen. Yes, that's all you need for a food journal. Maybe a calculator if you don't want to do the math. Read your labels, figure out the portions/servings/etc., and write it down. That's how I started. 

If you have internet access, I'd recommend a FREE online program, like SP. There's no cost and it's a lot easier!! You can even track your fitness on there and it'll figure out what you burn in terms of calories (you will need access to a scale though so that your ranges can be calculated correctly). Many times your doctor's office will allow you to come in and just use the scale to be weighed. Just check with them on a good time/day to do so.

My feelings on things like diet pills and patches have been aired more than once in my posts. My personal opinion/recommendation is to leave those things alone. You do not need them to lose weight. They are BAD. Avoid them.

What you need to do is change your lifestyle. Be healthy.

You do not NEED to throw your money into the diet industry. Now the fitness/health industry is a different story, but don't do it until you NEED to.  Take it from someone who has purchased equipment and memberships... Unless you know you've changed and you'll be consistent, it's a waste of money.

Maybe you're independently wealthy and don't care. That's fine; have fun with it if that's what you choose to do. However, if you're throwing your money away, maybe you should consider donating it to a charity instead. At least then it will be used for good rather than just wasted.

Did wasting this money cause me to become bankrupt? No. Did it mean I couldn't pay my bills? No.  I was in the situation where I could afford to waste it, I guess.  Looking back though it makes me kind of sick knowing that I could have saved it, or better spent it (like on things I'd). I'm just one of those people who's become concerned with not being wasteful, I guess. Honestly if I had millions of dollars I think I'd still be wise with it. Thanks, Dad for teaching me to be conscious, whether I have it or not.

We get too hasty to lose weight and don't stop to think about the money we're putting into various products, programs, and the like. People want the quick, easy fix...But don't want to make the changes and put in the effort that's needed to do it the natural, healthy way. Pills and shakes aren't going to change your habits. They're not going to change your mind. That's up to you. You need to find the inner strength to do it. No product or program will do it for you.

It may not be a large amount of money. It may not matter at the time you're spending it. Stop and think back over the years about what you've spent (or even what someone else has spent for you) and what you really got out of it. If it was a wasted expense, don't make the same mistakes again. Initiate lifestyle changes and healthy living. When you know you can stick to those changes and that your money will not be wasted, then make larger purchases on things like gym memberships or athletic equipment.

The diet industry is making billions of dollars off of us every year.... How much are you getting out of the money you're spending?


Monday, March 19, 2012

I had a blog idea all set for tonight. Unfortunately I'm not feeling well so I'll save that idea for tomorrow night.

Instead I'm going to go lay down. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow (I'm pretty sure I will).

Until tomorrow...


Weekend Wrap-Up

Another Sunday evening... Where do these weekends go?! It seems like they (sometimes) take a while to get here and they fly by. Although, for me, even the week days have been going by fairly quickly recently.  Sometimes I wish time would slow down a bit (how 'bout during those weekends?!).  I was listening to the radio on Saturday and Tim McGraw's "My Next 30 Years"  came on. I realized that the song applies to my life now. Yikes! Where did the time go? I'm already 31.25. It's insane how fast the first 30 went by. Sometimes I feel like it was just yesterday that I was in high school. Wow...!

Anyway, the weekend...Right. It was another great weekend; beautiful outside too! 

I worked out early Saturday morning. It was nice to get it done and out of the way early, to have the rest of the day to goof off. I was planning to get at least a walk in today but there just wasn't enough time, and other things took priority. I suppose that's okay. It was the first since last week Monday, so I guess I can accept it....Even if I did want to workout.

I really do not enjoy missing workouts. I almost feel lost not having done one.  Maybe the fact that I worked out early yesterday has something to do with it. It feels a bit like I took two days off. I really miss working out on days that I don't...Did I say that yet?  Even if it's just something light like a walk (okay, know that includes at least a little running), I love it. I love being outside. I love the sunshine and the fresh air. I also love my BR workouts. I haven't done one of those since Thursday. I feel like I've been away for ages. I don't feel sore anymore. I miss that. When I feel sore I know I've worked my muscles. When I don't feel sore I feel like a gelatinous blob. In my mind I even look different when I've missed a good BR day. I know that's not true; I haven't changed that much that fast. I know muscle doesn't deteriorate over a couple days, but I like knowing I worked mine.  I need some ab, thigh, arm, and shoulder burn in order to feel like I'm working my body.

Yes, Monday's routine will most definitely include a BR workout. So excited!! Bring on the buuuurn!

Eating wasn't too bad this weekend. I indluged on Saturday night and a bit today, but I didn't eat out of my ranges so that was good. I ate different quality (unhealthy) foods which resulted in less quantity, which I don't like. I'd prefer to eat healthier things more often. I hold the belief that this keeps my body running better.

The things that I ate weren't great, but I didn't over-eat, so I'll deal with it. I enjoyed sharing some appetizers while watching basketball on Friday night. I even had a couple light beers, which doesn't happen often. I didn't drink to the "drunk point" (or even "buzzed")  because, well, I just don't do that anymore. I also had to drive, which I don't like doing even after a couple beers over a period of time. Even if they don't seem to effect me, I just don't like doing it. Plus I see drinking more than a casual drink or two now and then, as a big waste of calories. Plus, it's not a healthy practice and I prefer to be healthy.

Indulgence...This happens every now and then. It's allowed. I eat healthy most of the time, so I can handle a splurge now and then. I can definitely feel the effects of sodium though, which I don't like. I can't wait to get that out of my body.

I'm ready to start a new, healthy week! I'm excited to get this sodium flushed out of my system, to eat healthy, and to workout!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

This Morning...

...Not only did I do a morning workout, I did an outdoor workout. These are two things that I used to dread. Today? They weren't so bad. Actually, they were not bad at all. Other than my legs being really sore (skipped BR today because of that), it felt good to get out. Things were still pretty quiet since it was early, the trail was empty, and I met a snail (luckily I looked down, or I would have lead the snail to his/her demise via my foot). Good way to start a Saturday.

I did workout a little later than I originally planned, but that's okay. It won't kill me to be a little behind today. I'm glad I waited. I got a little more sleep (always a nice thing; especially on Saturday).  Had I gotten up earlier to workout, I wouldn't have been able to go outside for a workout, and I was dreading having to run/walk on the treadmill this morning.

Running in the morning? Better than coffee.
(But I will probably have a little of that anyway).


Fitness Minutes Update

As you may or may not have read, I have a goal of 1000 fitness minutes every month.  I surpassed that goal in both January and February.  I think that 1000 seems like a big number when you look at it, but if you really think about it that's less than 17 hours for the month. That's less than an hour a day, on average. I realize that there are days when you can't workout, and you should take rest days - your muscles need them. 17 hours isn't even a day. I think that if you think of it that way, it helps put things into perspective. And it makes it seem like a much easier goal.  You could reach that if you just do 30 minutes of activity every day. I don't mean running for miles or lifting heavy weights every day. There's no harm in working hard one day, and taking a walk (at a nice, brisk pace - I'm not talking about a leisurely stroll) the next. 

For those of you who are not fitness fans and who dread working out....Isn't your life worth a day every month? If you set a goal of 1000 monthly fitness minutes, that's not even one day. When you look at it that way, it really doesn't seem like much. Does it? I think that your body would be very happy with you if you gave it just 17 hours a month. I don't think that's asking a lot.

Now, go get it!!!

Here is a quick recap of my month minutes:
Week one (which was only three days): 123 minutes
    ***I think I posted 133 in a previous blog; obviously I couldn't do addition that day
Week two: 247 minutes
Week three: 316 minutes

It is just over halfway through the month and I'm at 686 fitness minutes.  I have no no doubt that I will reach my 1000 minutes this month. In fact, I'll probably surpass it again.

Have a great weekend! If the weather is nice where you are, get out and enjoy it!!! It's a great time to spend time with family and friends, out in the beautiful weather.


Friday, March 16, 2012

I LOVE Outdoor Workouts

I really don't know what happened to me over the winter. I was not a bug outdoor workout type of girl. I did a little last Spring when training for a 5K. I did a couple times during the summer but my allergies didn't agree.

I have done a walk/run outside three days in a row. Due to plans and timing I probably won't be able to tomorrow, but plan to on Sunday. I'm actually dreading having to use the treadmill tomorrow morning.

I have become more confident running outside. I am not nearly as concerned about people seeing me. In fact I feel kinda like a cool runner girl now. Even though I don't run the entire time (so hard with dogs!), I have been trying to do about half. Yesterday was rough. Today was just going to be a walk with my Mom and the dogs but we noticed that Buddy was limping. We checked out his paw and he has a little sore, which was bleeding a bit so we came home. I went back out after my Mom left and did a walk/jog mix. A couple times I noticed I was in a full-on, good run.

I have loved every moment of these outdoor workouts.

I feel so good when I finish. They also really seem to tire me out and I've slept very well the last couple nights. I really think that the fresh air has had an awesome impact on me!

I think it's interesting that I used to dread going outside for a run no didn't mind walking so much but hated running outside. Now it's opposite. Maybe it's just the nice weather that's making me feel this way. Whatever it is, I'm happy with it.

I'm feeling so positive and so good lately; so happy. I love my workouts. I feel feel healthy and relaxed. I'm proud of myself for not weighing obsessively and for working out outside.

Speaking of weighing....

Tomorrow is my weigh-in day. I'm not really feeling any stress about it. I'm curious. I'd say that I am slightly nervous (especially because l am weighing even earlier than normal, and earlier than last week). Naturally I don't want to see a gain. With the work I've been doing I am really hoping to see a loss. I will probably be disappointed if the scale doesn't show me what I want to see. I won't let it discourage me though. I know that the difference in time might impact on it. I will continue to work hard and be healthy because... That's life; my life!

Have a happy, healthy weekend!!!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fresh Air and Basketball

The last two days have been gorgeous outside (although a bit chilly for me today). I decided that the dog children needed to get out for some exercise. I gave up the treadmill for two outdoor days. It felt so nice to get outside for a change!

Yesterday we did about a 35 minute walk/jog. The dogs were panting like crazy when we got home but they made it through pretty well. Today they had a bit more difficulty. We were gone for about an hour and I'd say that they for really tired around the 45 minute mark. The poor things were going slow and I was trying to get them to run. I actually had to encourage my big guy. I felt like I was encouraging another person! "Come on, Bud!" "You can do I had to jog at a slower pace for a while but made them speed up when we were in the home stretch. Before you think I'm a horrible dog mom, we didn't even run half of the time.

Belle kept up better than my big guy but she got distracted and silly. I knew it was time to head home when shed run and then dive toward the ground and start biting the grass. Between that, Buddy coming to a standstill and me almost dragging him (outbid his collar - twice!), I knew they were done.

I didn't burn as many calories as I would have had I been on the treadmill. In an hour on that I'd burn at least 600 (assuming I'd keep a good pace). My walk/jog today burned 457. Not bad considering the dogs were all over the place, distracted, sniffing everything, a little boy stopped us to chat and pet the dogs (SO cute, BTW), and they got tired. Actually given all of those factors, I'm really happy with that burn!!

I came home and did some BR (last might too). My body is fermi fit again tonight. It's still kind of amazing to me that even a few days off can make such a major difference. I've been sore since I started the week's workouts on Tuesday. BR had something to do with that , I am sure. I also think that running and walking outside played role. I've noticed that my muscles work differently when I run on the street rather than on the treadmill. The feet hit the pavement differently and the body just works differently.

I used to detest running outside, or even waking for fitness. Suddenly I really like it. Maybe it's because it's finally nice enough and warm enough outside for me. Maybe it's the appreciation that Winter seems to be gone and I have the choice.

I've always liked walking the dogs but never did it as consistently as I "should." Until it gets too hot for them or my allergies are raging, I think we will be taking walks a little more often.

I've felt tired the last two nights - finally! Tonight I'm definitely feeling it. I think we all will sleep well tonight. Fresh air has that effect on me and on the dogs too.

After BR and the typical things (shower, dinner) I've spent my evening relaxing with some March Madness. My team played, and won tonight (as anticipated). I would live to watch mire games but I think it will be an early bedtime for me tonight.

I am ready for some rest, and excited to get out and walk with the dogs again tomorrow (provided it is warm and dry). Now that I am comfortable exercising in public (running, biking), having to workout inside sounds like a drag. I think I would greet it with a bit if dread.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Case of Over-Exercising

I've been guilty of over-exercising. I think it went hand-in-hand with my obsession with the numbers on the scale. I'd actually feel guilty at times if I didn't feel like I burned enough calories during a workout. Why? Because calories burned add up to equal weight loss. I became focused on working out for no less than an hour every day. That really isn't much...Unless you are doing an hour of straight cardio, pushing as hard as you can and burning too many calories for what you're eating.

Now if I workout for an hour a day it's generally on days when I eat more calories. It's not all cardio. I've mixed in strength training on a more frequent basis. I think it helps that I know how hard I need to work on which days, and that I've finally found a ST program that I am enjoying (BR). I do enjoy my JM DVDs but they can be repetitive so every now and then I take a break from her for a while.

I think that many times people forget that they burn calories all day long. The best thing to do is figure out what you need to eat every day, how much you burn through regular activity, then add in what you burn from exercise. There are simple formulas that allow you to plug in your info to determine this. Just google "BMR formula" or something similar and you will find several sites that calculate it for you, or show you the formula to figure it out on your own. The only semi-difficult part is determining your activity level. I have a job that's primarily a desk job...I get up and walk some, but the majority of my day is spent in my chair. But I workout several days a week and at, at least, a moderate level. So...How do I determine what I need? That's the tricky part because most calculators just have you choose a vaule and there's no option for "lightly active" for work and "moderately active" or "highly active" for working's one or the other. You can't choose both. That annoys me. Probably because I"m a perfectionist and like to know all of the details, all necessary information, and I like things to be exact (this is in anything really, not just working out).

Hmmm...Perhaps my perfectionistic tendencies are what lead me to over-exercising.

Anyway... Over-exercising is a problem. Believe it or not by making your body work too hard, too often, or at a level that is too much, you're only harming yourself. Working out and burning 1000 calories a day and only eating 1200 is horrible. If you're burning a great deal of calories, you need to eat more. People don't realize that over-exercising can actually hinder their weight loss efforts. Be sure you're eating a lot of healthy foods on days that you burn high amounts of calories.

Exercise is great. I love it. However, I know that too much of a good thing can be bad for me. So...I try my best to stay in a healthy range of activity. I'm not longer as concerned as I once was about how many calories I'm burning. I don't push myself insanely hard, past my limits to burn a certain amount. I watch my heart rate and make sure that's at a good rate. This will depend on your fitness level and how much you're able to do. Don't expect to start at 85% and sustain that if you're new to fitness. You may want to start lower (but stay above 40% so it's aerobic).

This formula is easy 220 minus your age, then multiply by .85
Mine is:
220-31=189; 189*.85= 160.65

I watch my HRM to make sure that I'm at that level so that I know I'm working. Sometimes I exceed it and sometimes it's lower, depending on the activity.

Did you know that over-exercising can be a problem on its own or a sign of a larger problem? While over-exercising is damaging to the body it is also damanging to the mind. I feel both the physical and psychological are huge factors in how people feel. Just trying being at the mercy of the scale, obsessing over numbers, and driven to burn enough calories so that the numbers go down...It will, most likely, cause you frustration, stress, and maybe even mess with your self-esteem a little. It's not a fun thing.

Over-exercising one of the signs of both anorexia and bulimia. Over-exercising is basically just like self-induced vomiting. You're trying to purge your body of calories, fat, and other things that your brain has decided are horrible and to be feared.

If you increase your exercise to try to erase something bad that you ate, you're doing more damage than whatever it was that you ate. Let's say you ate a cookie. You decide that to burn the calories in that cookie you need to exercise, and it's likely that you want those calories burned off as soon as possible. So... You run straight to the cardio equipment or hit the open road to run. It is highly likely that you won't stop burning when you get to a certain point (like the number of calories in that cookie). You may keep going, keep pushing...Just to the next group of calories burned, you say you'll burn ten more - and then that because twenty, which then becomes 120, you decide to push for that extra mile, you go faster because you want to beat your last run time and burn even more calories. You keep going for "just this much longer..."

This? Is a bad thing. Just like numbers on the scale, your exercise shouldn't be focused on how many calories you're burning and altering what you're doing in order to burn more. Your desire for exercise should come from a positive place... You like to do it. It keeps you healthy. It gives you time to clear your mind and escape the stress of the day. Whatever it is, you do it because it makes you happy (I'll say that in the beginning when trying to lose weight that's not always the case; it can feel like torture some days, but after you're done...You feel happy becuase you accomplished it; you finished!).

In my opinion we could all use some exercise. A healthy amount. An amount that keeps our hearts bumping, helps our brains stay alert, helps us to breathe... Exercise is good. Exercise helps to keep us strong and healthy. It can help us to lose weight. However, too much of it can harm our bodies, later in life we can be weaker because of over-exercising when we are young, it can hinder weight loss, it can cause too much stress on our organs.

When it comes to exercise, too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

Be mindful of your healthy habits. Yes, focus on what you need to do in order to lose weight; what you eat, what you burn....Just don't take it too far. If you are able to cut out 500 calories a day through diet alone, you'll see weight loss results (assuming you're just starting and you have room to cut that many - or more). Weight does impact your health, but cutting calories alone isn't enough for your overall health. The body was designed to move, so move it!! It takes time, a little bit of simple math, and some adjusting but you can find the right path for your own weight loss. You can find the right balance for the sake of your health.

If you're over-exercising, please STOP. You don't have to cease all exercise, but cut it down a little (or a lot depending on what you're doing). Work at a healthy rate. Do the math and figure out what's right for your body. If you're trying to lose weight, be patient. Losing smaller amounts of weight consistently is better for you - it's healthier than losing a whole lot at once. Don't become so focused on numbers and dropping pounds that you end up sacrificing your health.

I have been there....I have heard and read this numerous times. It took me a long time before I accepted it. It was easier to delete messages, comments, or even entire blog posts on SP. It was easy to say "you're an extremist" or "you're not a professional, you don't know anything." These are signs that you're likely in denial about over-exercising. Most of us don't want to be called out on things. We don't want others to point out our flaws. We don't even like constructive criticism, because someone has taught us that criticism is a bad thing...It points out our weaknesses. We can't be WEAK now can we? Weak is bad, right? Apparently, according to our thought processes. When we hear these things we get angry. We get defensive...Probably because we're insecure about those things, we don't like them, and we are already highly aware that we're flawed without someone else pointing it out. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, but it's necessary.

If you're having trouble losing weight, don't just increase the workouts and burn 1000 calories a day just through exercise. That's not a good thing!! Bad! BAD! Talk to your physician. Talk to a nutritionist or a registered dietitian. They are professionals who can help you look at what you're doing and recommend healthy changes that you can make. Just remember, this all relies on your honesty. You must be truthful about everything you eat and drink. In the end, not owning up to everything is just hurting you; no one else. I guess go ahead and lie, lie, lie if you're that concerned with how your behaviors appear. Just remember that your body will show the truth.

If you think you have a problem with over-exercising, talk to someone. I'd suggest starting with your physician. The roots of why you are over-exercising might be something that you're not aware of. Maybe it's an addiction. Maybe it's an eating disorder. Maybe it's how you cope. Whatever it is, it's good to see your physician for some recommendations. I'd also strongly suggest a therapist.

Why are you so focused on numbers and reaching a certain weight? Why are you terrified of gaining weight? I really think that many times something else is going on that we don't see. Instead we cope by turning to exercise.

I think that if you've previously had a weight problem, you might be replacing one addiction with another. It happens. Think about it... You used to rely on food to be happy. Now you rely on exercise. If you have a bad day, you exercise even harder rather than eating a bag of chips and a package of cookies. You substituted one addiction, or way of coping with life circumstances, with another. I think that this is why people are so fearful to quit smoking; because they know they'll gain weight. This doesn't have to be true. Are they replacing cigarettes with something like an unhealthy food? Or more food than they need? Highly. Possible. I mean...It makes sense, right? RIGHT!? Yes.

If you have gotten defensive just reading this, go see your physician. You don't have to agree with my opinions but there are facts out there to back up what I have said. Some is my interpretation, I'm sure. Some is opinion. Some has a little dramatic flare added for illustration. But the bottom line is that over-exercise is a problem. It's bad for your body. It's often a sign of a larger problem. And that? Is not healthy.

If you're worried someone you know may have a problem, talk to someone. If you're a teen (or younger), talk to a parent, a teacher, a guidance counselor....An adult who can intervene. If you're an adult, talk to the person directly. Or the person's significant other, parents, siblings, anyone who can reach them. Stage an intervention if you need to (however, please see professional assitance, as an intervention should never be done on your own!). There's help out there. You may make someone angry initially, but if you care for someone, isn't their health, possibly their LIFE, worth the risk? I think it is. They probably won't listen at first. So keep trying. Don't give up on them. Chances are that in some way, if this is a serious problem, they may have, in some way, already given up on themselves.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. You're worth the effort to do things the healthy way.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I like to read the blogs of others (especially those who write health/wellness/fitness type blogs).  Sometimes I feel a bit stalkerish. Then I remember that they're writing public blogs for a reason, so I feel less like a creeper. I hope that anyone reading mine doesn't feel like a stalkerazzi creeper. That's what it's here for...To read; hopefully to be inspired and maybe find some motivation.

Yeah, that was totally random.


Daylight Savings Time: NOT My Friend

It is absolutely amazing to me how much one hour of time can make such a big difference in my life. My body has definitely adjusted to my typical routine. Any little variance from that can be quite the disruption.

Let me remind you  how important it is to get enough (at least six hours, but seven or eight is better) of sleep per night...For health in general as well as for weight loss. Not getting enough sleep can really wreak havoc on your efforts.  Being tired makes it easier to not workout or not cook something and eat whatever is quick and easy... You're not as alert. Sleep is just so, so important.

I have had a hard time falling asleep the last couple nights. My body wants to be up at least an hour later than I'd like to be.  I suppose that being up late on Saturday night may also have had something to do with it. I think that it's because I generally try to go to bed between 10 and 10:30, which is 11 or 11:30 now.  My body hasn't quite registered the change yet and probably thinks I'm trying to put it to bed early, and it is resisting. 

I was going to get up to workout yesterday morning.  That didn't happen... I was way too tired to get up early so I used that time for sleep. This meant that I did not workout yesterday at all.  I wasn't thinking as in-depth as I should have when developing my monthly fitness plan.  On days when I have an appointment I don't get home as early. Then I eat later than normal. In order to workout on those evenings, I'd be working out late. This would then cause me to not be able to fall asleep as early as I usually do (it's happened, more than once)...And then a cycle is born!

I think that I will use those (appointment) days as a "day off" despite being a higher calorie day. I'll then workout on one of my other days that I have scheduled as a "day off."  I'll also more than likely workout longer than 45 minutes at least once or twice during the week. So, all in all, I will more than make-up for my lost time and should still end the month with at least 1000 fitness minutes. I am well on my way.

I was going to get up to workout this morning. I thought it'd be good to put some time in early, then I'd have less time that I needed to finish tonight.  That didn't happen since I was up late again.  I've also learned my lesson about not getting enough sleep and then getting up early to workout. I'm tired later in the day, especially in the evening. I did that on Friday and was SO sleepy Friday night. I was even tired at dinner!

I also tend to be more of a "night owl."  I'm not as much as I used to be (it's hard to hit 1:00 AM these days), but still I'm more suited for going to bed later than earlier.  My body seems to start to slow down around 10 or after. I tend to be really sleepy (especially if I'm just relaxing) around midnight, and the ideal bedtime for me could be 12:30.  Then I'd very easily sleep until 8, possibly allowing myself to drift back off for an hour! Of course, too much sleep is bad for me too. If I get too much, I tend to be tired all day.

Sleep is important. Not only do I LOVE my sleep. My body needs it. Some people skip sleep to fit other things into their schedules. I am not one of those people.  If I have to workout for an hour tonight rather than only 30 minutes, then I will. Getting enough sleep will likely make it so that my workout performance is better this evening than if I had gotten up to workout and ended up with too little sleep. 

Have I mentioned how important it is to get your sleep...?

I KNOW I have. I'm just reinforcing my point that sleep is critical. 


Monday, March 12, 2012

STRONGER Challenge

**I thought I posted this yesterday, but managed to post it to my other blog (about my dogs: instead. OOPS!! 

Well... This is easy. No changes to post for my final week!

Despite no changes in measurements or anything, I feel different; stronger in fact. My muscles were so sore yesterday. BR is definitely an amazing thing. I love my workouts! I also feel that I look a little different, but it is hard to tell.

After this challenge I know that it is more than time for that surgical consultation. 26 more days! I'm goon to continue to work hard so that I can be my best that day. Of course this is a way of life and it's just part of my routine so nothing will stop me anyway! This is just a good thing to focus on I guess! I'm nervously excited for that day and to see what the surgeon has to say. From what I can tell and the observations of others, I'm ready.

Hmm... Healed and in a bikini before the end of summer? I sure hope so! Talk about motivation to keep pushing hard!!! I want those muscles to be fully present. I would be unable to workout for a couple weeks (at least) during healing but I will work has hard as possible until then!!

Oh!!! The reason for my challenge.... The concert! It was awesome! Great performances by both Kelly and Matt Nathanson. I got such an awesome feeling during so many of the songs, especially "Stronger." I definitely recommend checking out one of the stops on this tour if you can!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Morning Workouts

I will be the first to point out that I stink at doing morning workouts.  I've read, many places, that working out in the morning is the best time to workout. It helps get your body going and apparently helps you burn more throughout the day.  Don't quote me on that; that's just what I've read.

If I do morning workouts they're typically on the weekends, after sleeping in which means that I've had a full night's sleep and I am well rested.  Sometimes I go in streaks where I will get up and do something a few mornings a week. I did that back in October/November and did pretty well. That's when I was doing the JM Yoga DVD (which is why I think I got tired of it before my challenge was doing...doing it got "old").  I've  had other times when I've gotten up and done other JM DVDs. I am not consistent about morning workouts.

I've never been much of a "morning person."  I prefer to sleep a little later (9:00 sometimes on the weekend - usually after I make myself go back to bed!). I tend to have trouble falling asleep some nights. Other nights I'm exhausted and I drop. I'm much more of a night owl, although not as much as I was ten years ago. A good bedtime for me would be between 11 and midnight. On nights that it gets to be around midnight or a little later, I get sleepy. I tend to doze off watching TV around that time.  Now...This is when I'm home or I'm just hanging out and relaxing with friends (like if I stay at a friend's house out of town).  This is generally not a problem because the majority of my friends have kids so they go to bed earlier anyway. If I'm out and about I can usually find that drive to stay up a little longer. I think having a drink or two, some good music, and a fun occasion helps perk me up...Especially if I am dancing.  Also, this is best on a Saturday night or if I have a day off or something, on a night where I haven't worked that day.  Friday nights are horrible for me. By the end of the week I'm tired. I just want to stay in and relax.  Anyway....

I prefer to do my workouts after work, which is usually better for me. Unless I didn't sleep well the night before and am feeling super exhausted, my best time seems to be between 5 and 7.  I get out of work around 4, so I get home and have a few minutes to play with my dogs and relax before a workout.  I usually start around 5 most weekdays. Sometimes on a Friday I might not start until 7 or so.  There have been nights I've started as late as 8 because I hadn't planned on working out, but then I got a sudden fire to at least run for half an hour. On weekends I try to do them in the morning. Sometimes I do things around the house first and end up working out in the afternoon, or sometimes on Sundays even in the evening around my usual time. It really just depends on what's going on.

This morning I got up early to workout.  I don't think I slept very well last night. I had a hard time falling asleep and I know it was after 11 and I was still laying there.  Then I was up three times during the night. Funny, one of these times I was dreaming that I was in a mall, trying on a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress or something like that (I had an appointment) and I had to pee so bad I ran across the floor of this mall, in the gown, barefoot, through some fat-food place (yes I wrote fat instead of fast on purpose) to pee. At that time I woke up and had to pee for real - really bad! Funny how dreams sometimes mix with what's actually happening. I also woke up shortly before my alarm...Well, around 5:30 I think. I tried to go back to bed until 6, but I think I just dozed a little. So...I'd say I had about six hours of sleep; interrupted three times. NOT ENOUGH.  But I felt energized (odd) and got up to workout anyway. I did the same BR workout I did yesterday (FYI, my arms are SO sore) then ran a mile and walked for a cool down (although after only a mile, a cool down really isn't needed, but I needed the minutes).  I did 18 minutes of BR and 12 of the treadmill so I could get 30.  I really wanted 60 minutes today, but I knew that wasn't happening.

I felt great after I worked out; ready to tackle the day.  I flew through some paperwork at work...Got a lot done in the time I was there. Then I left early, a little after 1:00 to run home and grab some lunch, gather a few things including the dogs, and drive to my parents' town, about half an hour away. My cousin, who just moved back to the area, had a job interview. My Dad was babysitting her daughter, who is 1 1/2, at his business (a shop).  I decided to help him out. She is a busy little thing!! She's at a very curious age; into everything she can find, tell her no or not to get into something and she does it anyway... I think I washed her hands like six times! She had them in dog water, in the toilet, tried to get into some metal shavings, chased the dogs around, played with some toys but they weren't as interesting as all of the other things, drug brooms and mops around, etc... That is what I mean by "busy."  She was all over and checking out all she could. Naturally for her safety I had to be with her constantly so that she didn't get into something she shouldn't.  I should haveworn my HRM!! Haha! We weren't moving that fast, but I was on my feet more than I would have been had I been at work! When she wasn't into something and running, she wanted to be picked up. She's not heavy but carrying around a few extra pounds was nice. I think that any extra movement is a good thing! Those aren't things I normally do,  but even so I'm not counting them as fitness minutes (although I'd have over my hour in just that alone). A few extra calories burned is a few extra calories burned! Right? Right!

This evening I am exhausted. I'm tired, like the kind of tired when your eyes hurt. I don't think it's because of chasing around the toddler (seriously, it was fun even if we were in a danger zone - at a house would've been a lot easier). I think it's because I didn't get enough sleep and got up to workout. I'm running out of steam.  I am meeting my cousin and some other family and a friend for dinner, then to hear my Uncle's (cousin's dad) band play for a while. I'm not staying out late. I'm already thinking I'll be heading home around 8 or 9. I have a few things to do at home, but I have a feeling I'll be giving myself an early bedtime this evening....Earlier than on a regular Friday anyway; hopefully by 11.

That early bed time idea is a good thing...Maybe I will get up early enough to get a workout done before I have to go out and about, which will be earlier than usual (hopefully out the door by 9; 10 at the latest). I was planning on both tomorrow and Sunday being days off due to busy plans but maybe not tomorrow; maybe just Sunday. Hmmm...

I can't believe my STRONGER challenge is done tomorrow. Crazy!! However, the end of the challenge means that tomorrow is the Kelly Clarkson concert!! I'm so excited; can't wait! It should be a fun evening out...We are having an early dinner at a great Mexican place, the concert which is at a casino, and even though I'm not a gambler maybe some time will be spent in the casino after the show. Sometimes doing something different like that can be fun. I prefer to spend my money when the outcome is that I have something in return for the money spent....Clothes, shoes, concert tickets, sporting event tickets, food, etc..  To me gambling is like throwing money away. I certainly wouldn't drive down the street and just throw money out the window of my car. I realize that people gamble on the chance that they'll get something in return but that's too risky for this girl.  I went to Vegas with a friend a few years ago and didn't gamble any of my own money. I gambled a little of a guy's (lol) but that was it! I don't hesitate to spend my money on a cute dress though! I know we all "waste" money or spend it when we don't need it, but those are little rewards. Some people prefer to have a "sure thing" to show for what they spend; others aren't as concerned.  At any rate, it will be a fun night out! I haven't been out on the town for very long since my NYE adventure, which was a late night but so fun and so worth it!

I will try to do a challenge update sometime tomorrow; either in the morning before I start running around or later in the day. Otherwise....Stayed tuned for a Sunday evening challenge update/wrap-up.

By the way my team won today so...GO CATS!!

I couldn't leave that out. Happy Weekend!!!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Scale.

I was on SP tonight and read a lot about weights....People struggling, people wanting to get to certain weights within certain periods of time, etc. It seemed like today was a day about the weights.

As I've mentioned, for Lent, I gave up weighing obsessively and am only allowing myself to weigh once a week. This has been a real challenge for me because I was weighing at least once in the morning and once at night. Despite knowing all that I know about why weighing too frequently is bad and why the scale sucks, I continued to do it. 

I was thinking tonight that I weigh-in on Saturday. I started to become a little obsessive in my thinking. Or anxious, rather.  I realized that on Saturday I will, most likely, have to weigh-in earlier than normal because I have to be up earlier.  Weight fluctuates throughout the day. I'm worried that if I weigh-in at an earlier time, my weight may not be accurate compared to previous weeks. So...What if I don't show the loss I'm anticipating? What if my loss is actually bigger than what shows up? Worse yet, what if I am the same weight but because of weighing earlier, I weigh-in at a higher weight?

What if? What if? What if?

What if I just relax and quit worrying about it?

That's a nice thought, but not likely to happen. I've been so proud of the hard work I've been doing and despite the knowledge that I have, I'd really like to see a two pound loss this week. I'm terrified that it won't happen because I have to weigh-in earlier. Kinda silly, huh?

I thought about weighing-in on Sunday but that's not a great idea. I'm going out for dinner on Saturday. I plan to stay within my calories, but I might also enjoy a drink. Or three. Or seven? Just kidding. I'd be passed out with my head on my plate after seven drinks.... Quite possibly after three! And a fun night out is not an excuse to go over the edge. Plus, I don't need (or want) to do that. Anyway, I may have a couple drinks though. So....Here we have alcohol  and sodium. This is often a bad combo. Why? Because often....

Alcohol + Sodium = Fluid retention.

That's just what I want to do before I jump on the scale. Yes, that's sarcasm because I, of course, do NOT want that to happen. Therefore, even if I can weigh-in later, weighing on Sunday is probably a much worse idea than weighing on Saturday.

I was highly tempted to jump on the scale tonight to take a "peek" at where I am.  I guess because I weigh on Saturday I want to know where I stand.  I don't know why. One day (tomorrow) is NOT going to make a difference in weight; at least not THAT much. 3500 calories... I will neither consume or burn that tomorrow. So why worry today about what I'll weigh on Saturday, thinking that tomorrow could be what possibly saves me?

Silly, right?

Hi, I'm an obsessive weigher. You have no idea how long it took me to learn that it really is OKAY to not weigh constantly; that it is actually BETTER not to.  I heard it over and over. I read it over and over. I ignored it over and over.  I clung to some excuse like..."It helps me keep an eye on where I am so I keep my focus better."  At the end of the day that excuse and others were just that...Excuses.  It was like I was in denial of my obsessive weighing.

No matter what the scale does on Saturday (even if it's up thanks to weighing early), I'm going to try like crazy not to let it get to me. THAT is super hard for me. I do well and work hard all week and expect to see a loss....To not see one is hard. I know what I know and it is STILL hard.

II am going to try to focus on the positives...

1. I am pretty sure I'm seeing more changes in my body.  I'm certain that I saw a some more extra skin on my hips tonight. I don't remember seeing those lines before tonight.
2. My muscles feel sore. That makes me feel amazing because I know I'm working.
3. I've worked my tail off this week... My goal was to reach 180 fitness minutes.  As of today I'm at 217.  I'm hoping to get up early enough to workout in the morning, and if I succeed I'm hoping for an hour. But, I'll happily take 30 minutes. Even a 30 minute workout will put me over my weekly goal by 67 minutes. FYI, last week I was over my goal of 122 minutes by 11 minutes (but remember the month started on Thursday!).
4. I feel good. I feel healthy. I've been good to myself this week.

Why should the numbers on the scale erase those positive feelings? That sense of confidence? The feeling of pride in myself? The sense of accomplishment in not only reaching my fitness minutes goal, but surpassing it?

It shouldn't.  It doesn't determine my worth. It shouldn't determine how I feel about myself.  At this point, I'm living healthy and that's what's important. The only reason that the scale makes us feel how we do about ourselves is because we allow it. 

It took me a long time to learn to stay away from that beast; that weekly visits are more than enough. I read posts like this one; people giving advice, sharing experiences, whatever...About the scale and how weighing too often is bad.  I chose not to listen to any of it until now.  I'm glad I did.

Now, slowly back away from the scale.... :)