Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Body Lines

I have lines on my body. Some are rippled skin. Some are bones under the skin. Some are (big sigh) wrinkles (laugh lines, expression lines, whatever...they're freaking wrinkles). Some are muscle definition. I've known my legs, arms, and back have had these defining lines for a while now.

This morning I noticed...I have lines on my stomach. Obviously due to skin it's most noticeable in my upper ab region.

HOLY COW!!! Are these what I think they are? Do I have lines that are defining my ABS?! Could it be?! Really!?

I think that they are, but naturally I refuse to believe this as fact until I have confirmation. I'll for sure be asking the surgeon at my consult!

Even if they aren't abs, I'm excited at the possibility that I have lines that could be mistaken as ab definition. I'll be much more excited if they really are ab lines, but the fact that it's even a possiblity makes me so happy. I've never had this experience. Given where I started, this is a very exciting event.

Sometimes you may need confirmation that what you're doing is working...Even if it turns out to be a mistake. This morning was one of those moments. All I've wanted to do all morning is come home and workout.

I honestly believe that BR is helping me to see a difference in my body.


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