Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Daylight Savings Time: NOT My Friend

It is absolutely amazing to me how much one hour of time can make such a big difference in my life. My body has definitely adjusted to my typical routine. Any little variance from that can be quite the disruption.

Let me remind you  how important it is to get enough (at least six hours, but seven or eight is better) of sleep per night...For health in general as well as for weight loss. Not getting enough sleep can really wreak havoc on your efforts.  Being tired makes it easier to not workout or not cook something and eat whatever is quick and easy... You're not as alert. Sleep is just so, so important.

I have had a hard time falling asleep the last couple nights. My body wants to be up at least an hour later than I'd like to be.  I suppose that being up late on Saturday night may also have had something to do with it. I think that it's because I generally try to go to bed between 10 and 10:30, which is 11 or 11:30 now.  My body hasn't quite registered the change yet and probably thinks I'm trying to put it to bed early, and it is resisting. 

I was going to get up to workout yesterday morning.  That didn't happen... I was way too tired to get up early so I used that time for sleep. This meant that I did not workout yesterday at all.  I wasn't thinking as in-depth as I should have when developing my monthly fitness plan.  On days when I have an appointment I don't get home as early. Then I eat later than normal. In order to workout on those evenings, I'd be working out late. This would then cause me to not be able to fall asleep as early as I usually do (it's happened, more than once)...And then a cycle is born!

I think that I will use those (appointment) days as a "day off" despite being a higher calorie day. I'll then workout on one of my other days that I have scheduled as a "day off."  I'll also more than likely workout longer than 45 minutes at least once or twice during the week. So, all in all, I will more than make-up for my lost time and should still end the month with at least 1000 fitness minutes. I am well on my way.

I was going to get up to workout this morning. I thought it'd be good to put some time in early, then I'd have less time that I needed to finish tonight.  That didn't happen since I was up late again.  I've also learned my lesson about not getting enough sleep and then getting up early to workout. I'm tired later in the day, especially in the evening. I did that on Friday and was SO sleepy Friday night. I was even tired at dinner!

I also tend to be more of a "night owl."  I'm not as much as I used to be (it's hard to hit 1:00 AM these days), but still I'm more suited for going to bed later than earlier.  My body seems to start to slow down around 10 or after. I tend to be really sleepy (especially if I'm just relaxing) around midnight, and the ideal bedtime for me could be 12:30.  Then I'd very easily sleep until 8, possibly allowing myself to drift back off for an hour! Of course, too much sleep is bad for me too. If I get too much, I tend to be tired all day.

Sleep is important. Not only do I LOVE my sleep. My body needs it. Some people skip sleep to fit other things into their schedules. I am not one of those people.  If I have to workout for an hour tonight rather than only 30 minutes, then I will. Getting enough sleep will likely make it so that my workout performance is better this evening than if I had gotten up to workout and ended up with too little sleep. 

Have I mentioned how important it is to get your sleep...?

I KNOW I have. I'm just reinforcing my point that sleep is critical. 


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