Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Fitness Minutes: Mission Accomplished.

My goal has been to reach 1000 fitness minutes each month.  I reached that goal in both January and February! Actually...I surpassed it! I worked for an addition 200 minutes in February compared to January.

I ended February with 1215 fitness minutes! The number was 1214 but I did a minute of squats (actually more like two minutes) so that I could reach a "nice" number.  I like things to be "clean" and "even" and I suppose having that next five minute interval was on my mind yesterday. I don't think that one minute made a huge difference, but if I add up the extra minutes over time, it would. I do not usually count those extra minutes when I log my fitness. I guess I will just think of it as an added bonus. 

I'm at 2230 fitness minutes for the year, so far. Not bad!

I'm a little concerned about my change in how many calories depending on how many I eat... I'm afraid this will effect my fitness minutes, which would not be good...

Naturally I just went into geek mode and did some number crunching.  Taking into account the one Saturday I won't workout, I'll be fine. Now this is in a perfect world where I'm feeling great and have nothing else going on.  I just started thinking that I have plans this Sunday and may not workout. Perhaps I'll do a light workout on Friday instead.

Yes...This IS the insanity that goes into this. I could sit here and calculate every possible combination of which days I might take off and how I'll need to change my minutes and days around, but THAT is slightly obsessive, I think.

What I will do is look at the month as it goes on. I think that maybe checking weekly to see where I'm at would be good. When it gets closer to the end of the month, I'll figure out how many minutes I need to do on which days to reach my 1000.

Fitness can be just like counting your nutritional values.  Sometimes you HAVE to put time into it....At least if you're trying to reach specific goals or follow a specific plan, like I am. You can exercise as much or as little as you want if you're not striving to meet certain goals. 

My current plan, with days off included (for appointments and fun things) puts me JUST at 1000 for this month.  Of course this is considering I will be home two weekends in a row, with no social obligations that will interfere....In a perfect world, I have a perfect plan. 

I wonder how much this will change as the month goes on!!

I have written up the plan and will change it as needed. It's really just a matter of simple math and a little time. I have plans this Sunday so instead of working out for an hour, I'm planning it as a day off instead of Friday....But if I end up working out, that will obviously be extra minutes.  Things sometimes change for the good, not just because you don't feel like working out on a certain day or something comes up that takes up most of your day.  I've pretty much taken yoga out of my current plan, just because I like BR better, but maybe some morning I'll get up and do yoga...Maybe it'll be on one of my light calorie burning days, or a day off...It really just depends on how things change as the month go.

BUT...For now... I have a plan. I'm flexible. Things change. I know this...And I'm willing to put in the few minutes of time to change my plan as needed so that I can reach my monthly fitness goal.

When you have goals, you need to put in the time to plan so that you have an idea of what your month, or week looks like. Then you can plan around your schedule as needed. Yes, in real life things change. Things that really do impact on your ability to workout. Just make sure EXCUSES aren't being used to change your plan.  If you're changing any part of your plan (your diet or exercise), do it for a good reason, not because of an excuse you make up in order to avoid it.  If you feel like that, try to remind yourself that you're only going to have to make it up later in order to reach your goal.


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