Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fresh Air and Basketball

The last two days have been gorgeous outside (although a bit chilly for me today). I decided that the dog children needed to get out for some exercise. I gave up the treadmill for two outdoor days. It felt so nice to get outside for a change!

Yesterday we did about a 35 minute walk/jog. The dogs were panting like crazy when we got home but they made it through pretty well. Today they had a bit more difficulty. We were gone for about an hour and I'd say that they for really tired around the 45 minute mark. The poor things were going slow and I was trying to get them to run. I actually had to encourage my big guy. I felt like I was encouraging another person! "Come on, Bud!" "You can do I had to jog at a slower pace for a while but made them speed up when we were in the home stretch. Before you think I'm a horrible dog mom, we didn't even run half of the time.

Belle kept up better than my big guy but she got distracted and silly. I knew it was time to head home when shed run and then dive toward the ground and start biting the grass. Between that, Buddy coming to a standstill and me almost dragging him (outbid his collar - twice!), I knew they were done.

I didn't burn as many calories as I would have had I been on the treadmill. In an hour on that I'd burn at least 600 (assuming I'd keep a good pace). My walk/jog today burned 457. Not bad considering the dogs were all over the place, distracted, sniffing everything, a little boy stopped us to chat and pet the dogs (SO cute, BTW), and they got tired. Actually given all of those factors, I'm really happy with that burn!!

I came home and did some BR (last might too). My body is fermi fit again tonight. It's still kind of amazing to me that even a few days off can make such a major difference. I've been sore since I started the week's workouts on Tuesday. BR had something to do with that , I am sure. I also think that running and walking outside played role. I've noticed that my muscles work differently when I run on the street rather than on the treadmill. The feet hit the pavement differently and the body just works differently.

I used to detest running outside, or even waking for fitness. Suddenly I really like it. Maybe it's because it's finally nice enough and warm enough outside for me. Maybe it's the appreciation that Winter seems to be gone and I have the choice.

I've always liked walking the dogs but never did it as consistently as I "should." Until it gets too hot for them or my allergies are raging, I think we will be taking walks a little more often.

I've felt tired the last two nights - finally! Tonight I'm definitely feeling it. I think we all will sleep well tonight. Fresh air has that effect on me and on the dogs too.

After BR and the typical things (shower, dinner) I've spent my evening relaxing with some March Madness. My team played, and won tonight (as anticipated). I would live to watch mire games but I think it will be an early bedtime for me tonight.

I am ready for some rest, and excited to get out and walk with the dogs again tomorrow (provided it is warm and dry). Now that I am comfortable exercising in public (running, biking), having to workout inside sounds like a drag. I think I would greet it with a bit if dread.


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