Friday, March 16, 2012

I LOVE Outdoor Workouts

I really don't know what happened to me over the winter. I was not a bug outdoor workout type of girl. I did a little last Spring when training for a 5K. I did a couple times during the summer but my allergies didn't agree.

I have done a walk/run outside three days in a row. Due to plans and timing I probably won't be able to tomorrow, but plan to on Sunday. I'm actually dreading having to use the treadmill tomorrow morning.

I have become more confident running outside. I am not nearly as concerned about people seeing me. In fact I feel kinda like a cool runner girl now. Even though I don't run the entire time (so hard with dogs!), I have been trying to do about half. Yesterday was rough. Today was just going to be a walk with my Mom and the dogs but we noticed that Buddy was limping. We checked out his paw and he has a little sore, which was bleeding a bit so we came home. I went back out after my Mom left and did a walk/jog mix. A couple times I noticed I was in a full-on, good run.

I have loved every moment of these outdoor workouts.

I feel so good when I finish. They also really seem to tire me out and I've slept very well the last couple nights. I really think that the fresh air has had an awesome impact on me!

I think it's interesting that I used to dread going outside for a run no didn't mind walking so much but hated running outside. Now it's opposite. Maybe it's just the nice weather that's making me feel this way. Whatever it is, I'm happy with it.

I'm feeling so positive and so good lately; so happy. I love my workouts. I feel feel healthy and relaxed. I'm proud of myself for not weighing obsessively and for working out outside.

Speaking of weighing....

Tomorrow is my weigh-in day. I'm not really feeling any stress about it. I'm curious. I'd say that I am slightly nervous (especially because l am weighing even earlier than normal, and earlier than last week). Naturally I don't want to see a gain. With the work I've been doing I am really hoping to see a loss. I will probably be disappointed if the scale doesn't show me what I want to see. I won't let it discourage me though. I know that the difference in time might impact on it. I will continue to work hard and be healthy because... That's life; my life!

Have a happy, healthy weekend!!!


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