Friday, March 9, 2012

Morning Workouts

I will be the first to point out that I stink at doing morning workouts.  I've read, many places, that working out in the morning is the best time to workout. It helps get your body going and apparently helps you burn more throughout the day.  Don't quote me on that; that's just what I've read.

If I do morning workouts they're typically on the weekends, after sleeping in which means that I've had a full night's sleep and I am well rested.  Sometimes I go in streaks where I will get up and do something a few mornings a week. I did that back in October/November and did pretty well. That's when I was doing the JM Yoga DVD (which is why I think I got tired of it before my challenge was doing...doing it got "old").  I've  had other times when I've gotten up and done other JM DVDs. I am not consistent about morning workouts.

I've never been much of a "morning person."  I prefer to sleep a little later (9:00 sometimes on the weekend - usually after I make myself go back to bed!). I tend to have trouble falling asleep some nights. Other nights I'm exhausted and I drop. I'm much more of a night owl, although not as much as I was ten years ago. A good bedtime for me would be between 11 and midnight. On nights that it gets to be around midnight or a little later, I get sleepy. I tend to doze off watching TV around that time.  Now...This is when I'm home or I'm just hanging out and relaxing with friends (like if I stay at a friend's house out of town).  This is generally not a problem because the majority of my friends have kids so they go to bed earlier anyway. If I'm out and about I can usually find that drive to stay up a little longer. I think having a drink or two, some good music, and a fun occasion helps perk me up...Especially if I am dancing.  Also, this is best on a Saturday night or if I have a day off or something, on a night where I haven't worked that day.  Friday nights are horrible for me. By the end of the week I'm tired. I just want to stay in and relax.  Anyway....

I prefer to do my workouts after work, which is usually better for me. Unless I didn't sleep well the night before and am feeling super exhausted, my best time seems to be between 5 and 7.  I get out of work around 4, so I get home and have a few minutes to play with my dogs and relax before a workout.  I usually start around 5 most weekdays. Sometimes on a Friday I might not start until 7 or so.  There have been nights I've started as late as 8 because I hadn't planned on working out, but then I got a sudden fire to at least run for half an hour. On weekends I try to do them in the morning. Sometimes I do things around the house first and end up working out in the afternoon, or sometimes on Sundays even in the evening around my usual time. It really just depends on what's going on.

This morning I got up early to workout.  I don't think I slept very well last night. I had a hard time falling asleep and I know it was after 11 and I was still laying there.  Then I was up three times during the night. Funny, one of these times I was dreaming that I was in a mall, trying on a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress or something like that (I had an appointment) and I had to pee so bad I ran across the floor of this mall, in the gown, barefoot, through some fat-food place (yes I wrote fat instead of fast on purpose) to pee. At that time I woke up and had to pee for real - really bad! Funny how dreams sometimes mix with what's actually happening. I also woke up shortly before my alarm...Well, around 5:30 I think. I tried to go back to bed until 6, but I think I just dozed a little. So...I'd say I had about six hours of sleep; interrupted three times. NOT ENOUGH.  But I felt energized (odd) and got up to workout anyway. I did the same BR workout I did yesterday (FYI, my arms are SO sore) then ran a mile and walked for a cool down (although after only a mile, a cool down really isn't needed, but I needed the minutes).  I did 18 minutes of BR and 12 of the treadmill so I could get 30.  I really wanted 60 minutes today, but I knew that wasn't happening.

I felt great after I worked out; ready to tackle the day.  I flew through some paperwork at work...Got a lot done in the time I was there. Then I left early, a little after 1:00 to run home and grab some lunch, gather a few things including the dogs, and drive to my parents' town, about half an hour away. My cousin, who just moved back to the area, had a job interview. My Dad was babysitting her daughter, who is 1 1/2, at his business (a shop).  I decided to help him out. She is a busy little thing!! She's at a very curious age; into everything she can find, tell her no or not to get into something and she does it anyway... I think I washed her hands like six times! She had them in dog water, in the toilet, tried to get into some metal shavings, chased the dogs around, played with some toys but they weren't as interesting as all of the other things, drug brooms and mops around, etc... That is what I mean by "busy."  She was all over and checking out all she could. Naturally for her safety I had to be with her constantly so that she didn't get into something she shouldn't.  I should haveworn my HRM!! Haha! We weren't moving that fast, but I was on my feet more than I would have been had I been at work! When she wasn't into something and running, she wanted to be picked up. She's not heavy but carrying around a few extra pounds was nice. I think that any extra movement is a good thing! Those aren't things I normally do,  but even so I'm not counting them as fitness minutes (although I'd have over my hour in just that alone). A few extra calories burned is a few extra calories burned! Right? Right!

This evening I am exhausted. I'm tired, like the kind of tired when your eyes hurt. I don't think it's because of chasing around the toddler (seriously, it was fun even if we were in a danger zone - at a house would've been a lot easier). I think it's because I didn't get enough sleep and got up to workout. I'm running out of steam.  I am meeting my cousin and some other family and a friend for dinner, then to hear my Uncle's (cousin's dad) band play for a while. I'm not staying out late. I'm already thinking I'll be heading home around 8 or 9. I have a few things to do at home, but I have a feeling I'll be giving myself an early bedtime this evening....Earlier than on a regular Friday anyway; hopefully by 11.

That early bed time idea is a good thing...Maybe I will get up early enough to get a workout done before I have to go out and about, which will be earlier than usual (hopefully out the door by 9; 10 at the latest). I was planning on both tomorrow and Sunday being days off due to busy plans but maybe not tomorrow; maybe just Sunday. Hmmm...

I can't believe my STRONGER challenge is done tomorrow. Crazy!! However, the end of the challenge means that tomorrow is the Kelly Clarkson concert!! I'm so excited; can't wait! It should be a fun evening out...We are having an early dinner at a great Mexican place, the concert which is at a casino, and even though I'm not a gambler maybe some time will be spent in the casino after the show. Sometimes doing something different like that can be fun. I prefer to spend my money when the outcome is that I have something in return for the money spent....Clothes, shoes, concert tickets, sporting event tickets, food, etc..  To me gambling is like throwing money away. I certainly wouldn't drive down the street and just throw money out the window of my car. I realize that people gamble on the chance that they'll get something in return but that's too risky for this girl.  I went to Vegas with a friend a few years ago and didn't gamble any of my own money. I gambled a little of a guy's (lol) but that was it! I don't hesitate to spend my money on a cute dress though! I know we all "waste" money or spend it when we don't need it, but those are little rewards. Some people prefer to have a "sure thing" to show for what they spend; others aren't as concerned.  At any rate, it will be a fun night out! I haven't been out on the town for very long since my NYE adventure, which was a late night but so fun and so worth it!

I will try to do a challenge update sometime tomorrow; either in the morning before I start running around or later in the day. Otherwise....Stayed tuned for a Sunday evening challenge update/wrap-up.

By the way my team won today so...GO CATS!!

I couldn't leave that out. Happy Weekend!!!


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