Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I know I haven't posted in a couple days. I guess I needed some time to channel my creative energy in other ways. I spent some time doing menu planning and grocery shopping. It doesn't sound like much but figuring out which foods both sound good and will fit into my plan is a bit of a creative thing for me. I like to think of possible combinations and what might be good with what, etc.  Then last night I spent some time crafting... Upcycling, reconstructing, whatever you want to call it...It was a good change of pace. I sat and made some old t-shirts, that are now far too big, fit again. They were all mens XL and I made them more girly, stylish, and a little more fitted so that I don't look like I'm walking around in someone else's clothes.  IT will be fun to wear them again, but it's also just fun to sit and be creative. 

And, after two rather long posts on Friday and two posts on Saturday, maybe I needed some time away.  I will post something longer this evening....Just as soon as I think of a good topic. Or maybe I'll just write about what's going on in my world as far as health and fitness are concerned. Who knows! I'm sure when the moment hits and inspiration strikes my mind will be swimming with ideas.

Today I plan to to BR and probably a walk (but maybe some biking now that I think about it). I can't wait to BR again! Should be fun!!


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