Saturday, March 3, 2012

STRONGER Challenge Update

Well...I was pleasantly surprised this morning with my challenge results!

I didn't have many changes but my weight went down (after going up two weeks in a row). I'm sure that some of this was a little bit of fluid from the retention, but I don't think that all of it was.  I remember weighing once last week when I wasn't supposed to and being reallllly mad that I was up about 10 pounds.  It's interesting to think that a week and a half later I'm down 14 (last week all but a pound was gone)! Huge fluctuations like that are not the result of actual fat gain or loss. Thankfully!!

So...My stats this week...

Weight:  -4.5 pounds from last week, which is 2.5 pounds lower than when I started weighing in for this challenge on 2/4 (challenge start date was 1/31)  I was honestly expecting better results four weeks in, but considering I went up two weeks in a row, I'm happy. 

Quick recap: The first week I lost .6, the second week I was up .8, the third week I was up 1.6 from the previous week; 2.4 overall.  This week I was down 4.5 from last week, 2.5 overall.

Body Fat:  Oddly it STILL has not changed.  I think I need to see what I have it set at. I know that the huge gain then loss was fluid, but I don't know where the last 2.5 that I lost is from. I have been working out, including strength training (which I FEEL), so I don't think I'm losing muscle mass. Who knows...Maybe it takes more than that to change the percentage.  2.5 pounds isn't much so I guess it's possible it takes a bit more to change the percentage. I honestly need to not worry about it and am not going to obsess over it to the point that I try to find the formula to do the math!

Measurements: Nothing has changed this week except my bust. I'm down half an inch from last week (thanks retention) but up .25 from the first week...With a weight loss. Who knows what's up with that. I'm thinking I measured wrong the first time. 

I was surprised to not see more of a loss in inches this week, especially with the retention that I had. I suppose I retained in areas that I don't measure around, which would likely make sense.  I can see a change in my body, especially around my core. I feel like it looks smaller and is tighter (from what I can tell under the skin!).  Maybe I am tightening up the muscles making me look more toned, but with the skin measurements just won't change.  Stinkin' skin!  I sure am looking forward to that consult in a month!

A note on the skin: I took some updated pictures today, and I do look smaller in areas, despite the skin. I also pulled the skin away from the body and lifted it and...WOW! Without it I'd be so....lean! My dream is not to be tiny. My dream is to be strong and fit so that my muscles show....And they show without the issue of the skin taking away from their awesomeness (like on my arms). 

Maybe one of these days I'll show some of these pictures...I don't know... I feel weird doing that; like it's disgusting or something (probably because I think it is). I also worry that I'll end up mutated and on the internet some where. I suppose I could crop my head out...?  AND I will put them on a separate page so that people do not HAVE to look at them. I'd think a title like "Excess Skin: Photos" would be enough to make people really think twice before clicking on it. I suppose it would be a new type of inner-strength if I could find the courage to show them. We shall see.

I suppose that's it; great week!!! I'm super happy with the numbers on the scale. This is really helping me to see that I DO NOT need to weigh in more than weekly!! I'm being healthy, which is my focus but the weight loss makes me pleased! Perhaps my workout and eating plan is working! It is hard to tell because of the retention so I think next week will be a much better indicator of the success of the plan.

It's hard to believe that next Saturday is the last day of the challenge (although I won't be changing the plan), which also means that Saturday night is the KC concert! I'm so excited! I have a fantastic blue, strapless Max and Cleo dress to wear, which I am very excited about! I love getting dressed up and heading out for an evening, so this should be lots of fun!!

I decided to add a picture...My fun dress!

Have a great weekend!!


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