Monday, March 12, 2012

STRONGER Challenge

**I thought I posted this yesterday, but managed to post it to my other blog (about my dogs: instead. OOPS!! 

Well... This is easy. No changes to post for my final week!

Despite no changes in measurements or anything, I feel different; stronger in fact. My muscles were so sore yesterday. BR is definitely an amazing thing. I love my workouts! I also feel that I look a little different, but it is hard to tell.

After this challenge I know that it is more than time for that surgical consultation. 26 more days! I'm goon to continue to work hard so that I can be my best that day. Of course this is a way of life and it's just part of my routine so nothing will stop me anyway! This is just a good thing to focus on I guess! I'm nervously excited for that day and to see what the surgeon has to say. From what I can tell and the observations of others, I'm ready.

Hmm... Healed and in a bikini before the end of summer? I sure hope so! Talk about motivation to keep pushing hard!!! I want those muscles to be fully present. I would be unable to workout for a couple weeks (at least) during healing but I will work has hard as possible until then!!

Oh!!! The reason for my challenge.... The concert! It was awesome! Great performances by both Kelly and Matt Nathanson. I got such an awesome feeling during so many of the songs, especially "Stronger." I definitely recommend checking out one of the stops on this tour if you can!

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