Saturday, March 17, 2012

This Morning...

...Not only did I do a morning workout, I did an outdoor workout. These are two things that I used to dread. Today? They weren't so bad. Actually, they were not bad at all. Other than my legs being really sore (skipped BR today because of that), it felt good to get out. Things were still pretty quiet since it was early, the trail was empty, and I met a snail (luckily I looked down, or I would have lead the snail to his/her demise via my foot). Good way to start a Saturday.

I did workout a little later than I originally planned, but that's okay. It won't kill me to be a little behind today. I'm glad I waited. I got a little more sleep (always a nice thing; especially on Saturday).  Had I gotten up earlier to workout, I wouldn't have been able to go outside for a workout, and I was dreading having to run/walk on the treadmill this morning.

Running in the morning? Better than coffee.
(But I will probably have a little of that anyway).


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