Thursday, March 29, 2012

Workouts and Eating.

First, the great news - I did two BR workouts and a short light jog today. I love BR because it has both a cardio and ST element. I like the mixture. They're short and for 12 minutes, I typically burn at least 110 calories. I wanted to do a little jog too, and needed to burn a few more calories so that was a good way to do it.  Between the two BR workouts I burned 223.  I needed to burn about 250 based on my intake.  I needed 27 burned and ended up burning 144. 

Eating. That went really well today. I've really been trying to eat more because based on what I burn I'm not eating enough. I figured I might as well give this plan a try. I won't gain a whole bunch of weight from it, as I'm only adding a couple hundred calories a day; not enough to add up to one pound of fat. After my workout I still needed to eat 124 more calories.

Did I? No.  I managed a small bite of something sweet but not 124 calories worth.  UGH!! It is so hard! I've eaten a ton of foods today (healthy means more!), but still needed to eat more to end my day with a net caloric intake of 1200.  1084 is a bit too low, but not as low as I've been on other days.  I took it easy with the workouts today so that I wouldn't burn too many!! Typically on a 1400 calorie day (based on my recent calorie cycling), I'd burn 400-600+ calories. Burning that much, I should have been eating 1600-2000 calories. Yikes! Or I should've burned only 200.  WOW!!! I was making my higher calorie days (1400 and 1500) my workout days, but I was still not eating enough.

I really hope that this new plan is just what I need to get my body back on track.

My workout today bumped me up to a goal of 1567. In addition to the 124 calories, I can also eat more of other things.... 39 more carbs, 13 grams of fat. However, I'm supposedly over my protein goal. I really don't see how that is THAT harmful.  I'm within the range that SP had calculated for me. I'll have to do some research on how much protein is too much.  My goal according to MFP was 58 today. I ate 97.  SP says I should have between 60 and.... 120 I think...100-and something anyone. I'm usually in the low 100s, right within that range. I find it odd that as with other things, SP and MFP have such a different protein recommendation. Interesting.

Other than not eating enough calories, the day was a great success!! I felt full most of the day and had a great workout session. I'm sore and loving it! I always feel smaller after a good ST workout. I know that BR is toning me up and I also know that it doesn't do it over night. But after a couple days? I feel tighter. I'm happy with that feeling, whether it is visible or not!!

On another note...

I tried on some older clothes tonight because I really need to get rid of some. I have SO many!!! And I have so many bagged up or hanging in the closet that I don't wear. So, I'm going to start trying to sell some.  I tried on a lot of them because some are fitted and I can still make them work (they're not that old; and are size larges...currently depending on the dress I can wear a small but typically a medium).  Certain fitted ones will still work. Some won't work at all because they won't stay up. And others were too big to even try on. I was happy to be able to keep some of them...For a little while anyway. I hope that soon I'll be able to sell them too. BUT I want to hang on to them just in case I get to wear them one last time. 

As I was trying on dresses, I noticed something different about my body. Something that I either didn't notice or pay attention to before. Something that makes me feel even more sure that what I think is loose skin really is loose skin. My lower tummy. It hangs down...Like it droops downward.  When that area was full of fat, it didn't do that.  It didn't move at all, really.  So now...It droops down and I can move it. I'm more and more convinced every single time I find something new. We will see a week from tomorrow whether or not I'm on target or not! So excited!!!

I'm off to bed...Long, busy day tomorrow. I'm going to try to get up early to workout, as that's the only time I will be able to. If I can't manage to get out of bed, then it'll be a rest day. But...I should be able to at least get up and do a BR workout. I really want to work my arms, so I'll probably repeat one that's arm heavy.

I have to work, but only half a day (unfortunately)....Then it's off to a very sad afternoon....A visitation, luncheon, and funeral. The last events should last until around 8 PM, at least, so I know that by the time I get home I'll be exhausted. Plus that's too late to workout anyway.

Hopefully I can make myself get up!! If not, it will have to be a very, very clean eating day, as I will only have 1200 calories to consume. Maybe that's easier when you're not burning as much...?

Have a great Friday!!


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