Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quick Post!

I have a busy day planned with three of my cousins, then (hopefully!) a grown-up cousins outing later with one of them, and maybe friends too.  I don't think I'll be around to blog much, so I thought I'd post a quick update.

I did a BR this morning (page updated) and am feeling ready to attack the day. I haven't even had any coffee! :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!


Friday, April 27, 2012

This May Sound Angry... It's Not.

I was listening to Katy Perry's "Part of Me" tonight and it made me think about my weight loss journey, even before I really started it. It really made me think about the people that I allowed in my life back then. I have on specific person in mind who I allowed to break me. I take comfort in knowing that I've found my own strength and no one will EVER have that effect on me again. Why? I won't let them. In this journey I've not only become healthier but I've learned to love myself. I've matured. I'm finally being the me who I've been all along but I locked away.

This particular person discouraged my weight loss efforts due to his own insecurity. I heard things about how if I got skinny I'd dump him. He was right. Had I done it then, I would have. Not because I suddenly thought I was hot and too good for him (although, I really was). I would have left because I would've discovered my self-worth. I would've learned to love myself. People who love themselves don't allow others to talk them out of doing good things. They don't let people influence them so much that they'll jeopardize their own health because they don't want to deal with hearing someone else talk down to them. People who love themselves do not allow themselves to be emotionally/mentally abused by little...amoeba-like creatures. Okay, that's weird, but that's the word that came into my mind. I probably should have used snake or rat, which better depicts how mean some people can be. Anyway, I used amoeba because amoebas are tiny, almost insignificant gross little creatures, like "Gonzo" was. I use Gonzo because he was a "blue weirdo" with a big, ugly schnaz. Sorry, Gonzo, the guy's nose reminds me of you, but that's where the similarities end. You both were weird, but you were weird in a cute way (Gonzo).

Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and acknowledge that this is going to sound angry because it's coming from my angry place. Someday maybe I will be able to recall this SNAFU without getting angry. I'm not there yet. I'm angry with myself for wasting so much time being insecure, shy, and
not caring about myself nearly as much as I should have. I'm angry with myself for letting someone treat me so badly. Why didn't I think I deseved better? I think deep down I knew that I did...But who would want a 300 pound girl? That was also drilled into my head and after a while, I believed it. I'm angry with him for the mental anguish he put me through. That anger is there, just under the surface, but only when I think about it. Generally I'm a very happy person and I show it.

With anger there is also sadness. Honestly when I sit down and think about my life at that time, it makes me sad. Sad for the same reasons that I get angry.

Here's where I talk myself up (it's not vanity; it's being true and confident)....

I'm sad because I couldn't see all of the good things about myself. I'm smart. I'm pretty...Even before I lost weight I had "a pretty face." By the way, I despised hearing that. It almost was like "you're pretty but you're fat, so only your face can be pretty." Unless I'm intentionally insulting someone, you know to be a jerk (or honest? lol), I will try my best to not tell another fat girl that she has a pretty face. I'll simply say "you're pretty." Qualifiers aren't necessary.

Annnnyway.... Smart... Pretty... I wear my heart on my sleeve (which is probably what lead me to some past situations). I care about the people in my life like crazy. I'm trying to learn not to drop everything to please someone else because it just can't happen. I spent too long being a "people pleaser" so that I'd be accepted. I did what others wanted me to so that they'd like me. If I can't do something, I know that it's okay to say I can't. I don't need to drive myself crazy trying to do things for everyone else. I've learned to take care of me, and intend of continue doing so. Also, if someone doesn't want to like me because I won't do something for them... Who wants them around anyway?

I suppose that was the big situation.

That song also makes me think of all the guys I was too fat for, or who wouldn't take me seriously, those who dumped me for other girls, the ones who didn't think I was good enough. Those things were so hard for me to handle. It hurt so badly. Part of that was how I took their actions. Instead of realizing that some things just weren't meant to be, I took them personally. Something was obviously wrong with me...And it was because I was fat. I'm an emotional girl and I take things hard. I hate letting people down. I'm a perfectionist.

I will never again allow anyone to have control over me. I'll fight back. I'm not afraid.

Oh, and to the people I wasn't good enough for before, but now I am... I'm still me. I look different. I'm stronger both mentally and physically, but inside I am the same girl. Maybe that was my fault for not letting my true self shine through. Or maybe it was your fault for thinking that the fat girl wasn't good enough, but now that she looks better, she is.
The song also makes me think of people who have said things to me at different times about my weight (being mean, not coming from a place of concern). People (girls) who were okay with having me around because they'd get all the attention....Who wants to talk to the fat girl? She you?? No. I've never been a canibal. I liked food,booze, and diet soda; not people! Maybe I'd sit on them and crush them? Probably not. Why would I even want to sit on you? Unless you were trying to rob me and I needed to defend myself, I had no interest in attempting to cut off your oxygen supply by sitting on you. I still don't. Those who gave me looks of disgust...This song reminded me of you too.

Then there are the people who said I "can't." There is NO WAY I could possibly lose that much weight. After I did? I MUST have had surgery. Not that I need to, but before I have plastic surgery, would you like photographic evidence of the fact that I have no scars on my body? Too bad you're not getting it. I don't have to prove myself to anyone. Also? Why would I lie about something like that? That's ridiculous. I'm having plastic surgery and have been totally open about it. I'm not ashamed, and had I had weight loss surgery I wouldn't have been ashamed either. People talk. If they want to think I had surgery, then that's what they'll think. If they want to know what pills I popped and don't like it when I tell them I didn't take any, they'll probably still think that I did. I'm okay with all of this. People will be people. They will think what they want. Sometimes I think it's because THEY don't have the ability to change the things about themselves that they don't like; their own insecurities. Those of you who thought that there's no way I could have done this on my own; those of you who said I couldn't do it... Take a good look.... I did it. I finally got to the place where I loved myself and I did it. You said it couldn't be done. I proved you wrong.

"...But that was then and this is now. Now look at me. This is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me... Throw your sticks and stones, throw bombs and your blows. But you're not gonna break my soul."

This is my most bizarre protein shake yet. Ice, protein powder, and water.

Verdict? Not the best.

I prefer thicker shakes. For me milk and fruit make a huge difference. I was out if those items so I drank this instead.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

This is a First

I don't have much to say this evening. Shocker!!! Normally I go on and on. I guess there's not much new to report.

It was a good day... Healthy eating and a BR workout. Speaking of BR I really need to track my workouts on here a little better. I think it's part laziness. I tend to post from my iPad most of the time and cannot update my pages from it. Odd.... But probably the reason.

I'm thrilled that it's less than two weeks until my surgery. I'm not usually a fan of wishing time away but I am so excited!! I will post updates during the time I can't workout. I plan on lots if walks, lots of reading (my personal training stuff), and some crafting. I'm sure I will be fascinated with healing, incisions, and drains that I will post about it often (on my surgery page). When it comes certain things I am kind if a science nerd.... So the changes and stitches are sure to entertain me.

I suppose I should go accomplish something now. I'm so glad that tomorrow is Friday. I'm SO looking forward to this weekend. I plan to organize, clean, and spend some time with family and a friend or two. Should be fun times, no matter what we end up doing!!!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Work It Out

After a week without a workout, BR kicked my butt today. It's still so amazing to me how quickly I can decondition. I feel like I pushed hard tonight. I felt exhausted and nauseated when I was done. Last time I felt that way I was sick. Luckily that was not the case this evening. As soon as I recovered and drank a protein shake, I felt better. My dinner didn't make me queasy so I'm sure how I felt was based on how I worked.

I can feel it now... Especially in my back. My legs and abs were sore during but not so much now. I hope I feel differently (soreness, please!) tomorrow.

I usually post my BR stats on my BR page but I'm going to post that info in this post. This is fairly short as was the previous post so I don't think it will be post overload or anything!

Today's workout:

Sexy Girl Crush
50/10 intervals, repeat the cycle three times.

1. Plank & leg jumps -
56, 50, 53

2. 10 high knees and 10 forward kicks -
5, 4, 4

3. Wood-chop, roll & jump -
6, 6, 5

4. Push-up, burpee, forward & backward jumps -
5, 5, 5

Girl Crush Abs
50/10 intervals

1. Downward dog plank - 12
2. Lying oblique twists - 14
3. Bent knee (ugi) switch - 12

Most of these exercises called for a ugi ball which I do not have. I just did the exercises on the ground and substituted a kettle bell for some and a weighted ball for the last abs exercise.

Great workout! I missed working out and really missed BR. I'm so happy to be back to it. Taking two weeks off for surgery will be difficult but I will be doing lots of walking as I can. I will also be doing the arm exercises that I can tolerate. I know I will be anxious to get back into the harder work!!



Kaley Cuoco posted the picture below online today. I'm a big Kaley fan. I think she's talented and absolutely gorgeous.

What I noticed about this picture is the tiny little bit of a tummy that she had. She is thin. She's fit. She happens to have a little bit of a tummy, which to me is nothing. I can't help but wonder if the media will grab onto that. I feel like I've seen a lot of celebs with bodies that aren't "perfect" in magazines lately, being displayed because of their imperfections. Even when displayed in a positive way, the focus is still on their bodies.

Yes, their looks is likely part of why they're successful but the talent is in the acting, singing, or dancing.... The talent is what has helped to make them who they are.

Kaley is one of my fitness inspirations. I think she looks fabulous - and check out those toned thighs!! I for sure wouldn't mind having a body like hers!!

When you get frustrated that you're not "perfect" think of beautiful women like Kaley, Kelly Clarkson, or Miranda Lambert. I doubt any of them is a size zeros, but each is beautiful in her own way and comfortable in her skin. Women like them should be the role models you look up to.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Power of Positive Thinking

I know I've talked, er, written, before about being positive. I guess this is just something that I think is super important and is worth examining every now and then.

I was reading some blogs today and, WOW, people can be really negative.... About others, themselves, weight loss; all kinds of things! It's one thing to have a bad day. You can be angry...At yourself or others. You can be sad. You can even have days where you feel like you just want to stay in bed. Frustration? Yup. Naturally there is a line between what's "normal" and what's not and there are some serious mental illnesses that can cause bad days. I'm talking about a bad day now and then. Not consistently. We all have bad days. I think it's highly unlikely that someone had one. If so, I'd love to meet you or hear your story, because THAT would be an amazing accomplishment.

On the flip side, have you ever come across someone who seems to ALWAYS have bad days. I worry about these people. I can't help but wonder if they have some depression. Or if they just like to post things that gain them attention, which in my opinion is an issue on its own. Some people thrive on attention and if they have a reason to get it, they take it.

I realize we all like attention. I generally don't go around publicly beating myself up though.  There are times when I post blogs that are likely to be negative in tone but those are usually to share that it's OKAY to feel down sometimes. I don't post frequently about how angry I am about the fact that I ate that second piece of pizza, had a drink, or my weight fluctuated up a few pounds (because it would likely go back down).

Some of this is because...I do not nitpick at every little thing regarding this journey. I am at a point know where I'm healthier than ever before. I focus on getting exercise and fueling my body with healthy things. I do not focus on the number on the scale and what it's doing. Some of this might be because I am happy. I am honestly and truly happy (in general) with myself. Are there things that I don't like about myself? Of course. I wouldn't be getting lipo and a tummy tuck (and planning on more surgery in the future)  if I were happy with everything.

I think that when people tend to focus too much on things like the numbers on the scale, they end up hurting themselves. 

I have had times when I've looked at the scale, not lost any weight and thought, "what is wrong with me?"  WRONG? WRONG. That's such a negative word. It implies that our efforts aren't enough, and in some way that we're not good enough. We're not doing things correctly. I see it all the time.

There are things we must remember... The more weight you lose, the harder it is to lose. Some weight cannot be lost. I never thought it was possible to not be able to lose weight. Then my surgeon told me that despite continued weight loss efforts, the volume in my thighs isn't likely to go anywhere. Some weight could be from skin, although that is usually an insignificant amount, unless you have a lot of skin. If you've been on your journey for a reasonable amount of time and have been working out, it's possible that some of your weight is muscle. This is why, especially farther into your journey, it is important to track your measurements. From experience, let me say that if you have a lot of excess skin, you could still be building muscle but it may not be reflected via measuring tape. Your skin could prevent measurements from changing. Don't get discouraged...Just keep living healthy. Keep working. And, monitor your progress in the areas that you can see it! For instance...I check out my muscle definition in my calves and arms...Mostly my biceps, as my droopy skin isn't going anywhere.

Okay...Here's where I will share my opinion on muscle...

I honestly do not believe that if you're just starting, the amount of muscle you have will cause the scale not to move.  Here's why... Muscle takes time to build. You're probably not going to build so much muscle in two weeks that it will cause a significant change on the scale. Muscle building does cause some water retention, but I have not found any research that indicates that it's such a large amount that it will wreak havoc on your weight loss efforts (especially not intimately). If you cut out calories and exercise to burn them, creating a deficit, then you'll lose fat. Just remember that a pound of fat is 3500 calories. Also, you may lose water weight. Yes, muscle can make you retain as it builds, but if you're just starting a change in diet, you may lose water weight. Don't worry though because weight loss, especially initially, is good. That's what you want. Maybe you were retaining water because you ate unhealthy foods. If you change your eating habits, you're losing that water weight for a good, healthy reason.

Again, I am not a medical expert, but I've done my research and haven't found any scientific data that has changed my opinion, or proven me wrong. Please share if you have such information. I don't mind being, scientifically or logically, proven wrong. If you have a conflicting opinion, that's fine...Please share it. Also share your reasoning and any supporting information though. I like to learn new things, not just argue "I'm right because I said so."

Also, please know that weight is weight. Muscle does not weigh more than fat. A pound is a pound. Muscle takes up less space than fat though, which is why measurements and progress pictures are important.

I think that sometimes we get so discouraged that we have way too much negative self-talk. How can this possibly help our efforts? If you feel badly about yourself, how is that going to empower you to keep going? Is talking about how bad things are going helpful? I think that could be why a lot of people give up. They don't see the changes that they want to see, or as quickly as they'd like, and they stop. These are the times when you shouldn't stop.

Push yourself. It is okay to go up a pound or two. That could be from a couple days full of sodium. It'll come back off. Remember that this is about your health and your life, not just weight loss. While weight loss may the reason for your journey, you will (hopefully) get to the point that you realize it's about so much more than the pounds, your dress size, or how attractive you are.  When you get to the point that you realize that living healthy is what is important and that's your goal, you'll most likely be a lot happier.

Focus on the good. Forget that you didn't lose any weight this week (I say week because you should only weigh weekly due to fluctuations  - and if for no other reason, your sanity). Instead focus on the fact that you went out and ran three miles. Maybe six months ago you could only run half that. Be happy and proud that now you can do it. Celebrate weight loss victories. Celebrate buying smaller clothes. Just don't get so focused on those things that you start beating yourself up over things.  Goals are good. Goals are necessary. Be sure to make the attainable though. Don't set yourself up for failure by making goals that are unrealistic. Small steps are so important. It seems that everyone wants immediate results. We want people to recognize when we lose five pounds. Honestly if you're 300, a five pound loss probably isn't going to be all that noticeable. But, you're not doing this for others, right? You're doing it for yourself, for your health. The positive comments that you hear along the way will make you feel good. Enjoy them. Use them to help you continue your journey. Just don't rely on them.

Stay Positive!!


Monday, April 23, 2012

It will be quiet around here the next couple days. I had an appointment then dinner with a couple friends tonight. Tomorrow evening I have a hair appointment. After being sick last week I am in desperate need of some cleaning!

I may have time to post tomorrow -between work and my appointment but there really isn't a lot of time. We'll see!

I can't wait to get back into a hard workout routine. My plan is to go as hard as I can these two weeks before surgery. I'll have to rest a bit after so I'm going to push and get done good BR workouts done before I have to rest.

Hope you had a great Monday - make it a great week!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Great Evening!

First, I'm feeling much, much better today...Back to normal! Whatever this crud that I had was left as quickly as it came on.

I went to my Dad's business (very large building, thank goodness!) and sorted through some old clothes this evening.  I have tons of stuff to go through and get ready to sell. I sorted through tees and tanks and have sizes from a large up to a 3x. I also have tons of sweaters, pants, skirts, dresses, and coats to go through! I stopped before I was even near done (this will take a while) because I ran out of hangers. I swear I had bought more than I had but I guess not. 72 hangers goes fast!! I didn't realize I'd gone through that many!

One of my cousins decided to stop down, with her little boy. So she and I chatted for a bit while I organized some stuff. Of course, her little boy wanted to go play on the quad that my Dad had parked in part of the building, so she vanished for a bit.  Another cousin saw, on facebook, that we were there and wanted to come too...So she, and her little girl, did. The more the merrier! It was great to get together with the two of them. I honestly don't know when the three of us last got together. It was so great to see them, and their adorable kids!! Samantha's little boy is two and Ruby's little girl is almost 18 months. Talk about fun times!!

Once all of us were there, my organization kind of went astray.  Since I'd run out of hangers, there wasn't a whole lot I could do anyway.  We chatted and played with the kids for a while. My Mom stopped by when she got out of work. As we were chatting my cousin Ruby asked what I was doing with these clothes, so...I showed her the mountain, which grew as I was sorting. Garbage bags and shopping bags can hold A LOT of stuff!!!  We decided that we should put on my old clothes (because I'd done so earlier and thought it was hilarious) over our clothes. We layered like crazy.  We were wearing sizes from xl to 2x or 3x. We didnt' want to leave the kids out, so we threw some shirts on them too!

I realize that this sounds like an incredibly nerdy evening. Maybe it is. We thought it was fun, and pretty funny, though. We are so ridiculous when we're together...Honestly we do crazy random things. I once made (not that it took much effort) Samantha run up and down my street wearing  a cape that we designed and a tiara, like some sort of superhero.  Ruby and I have worn construction hats for no reason at all. The three of us have dressed up and had random theme nights when they've spent the night here. We are just a bit ridiculous.

You know what though? It is good, clean fun. It wasn't fueled by alcohol, or even mass amounts of caffeine (like pop and chocolate). It was just the craziness of our personalities getting together and having a good time. It was nice to take a brake from being grown-ups (my Mom played with the kids while we got silly) and play dress-up for a bit. It was kind of stress reliever to act a bit foolish. We had fun, the kids had fun, my Mom had fun... All in all it was a great, super fun time!! I'd post some of the pictures of our outfits but I look inda rough in mine....No make-up and obviously tired so.... NO WAY!

I think it was a good way to have some fun, accomplish something, and end the week. I'm glad I'm feeling better and am ready for the weekend. I'm also ready to get back on track with my workouts.

Have a great weekend!!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

K-E.... You're Kidding!

As many of you may have seen there's a new diet technique on the market. It's called the K-E (ketogenic enteral nutrition) diet. Apparently it's popular among Brides-to-be who want to drop a few pounds before their weddings.

For 1500 dollars, you can walk around with a NG (nasogastric) tube for ten days. This is a feeding tube. It stays in your nose the whole time. The feeding is continuous (the user has to mix the powder to refill). Apparently this puts the body into a state of ketosis, suppressing the appetite.

Most people who have feeding tubes have them to gain weight or because they can't take in foods orally. In my line of work these are used to help people survive.

The diet boasts weight loss of as much as twenty pounds. The calories in the nutritional supplement equal about 800 a day. Guess what! You will probably have similar initial drops in weight if you stick to an unhealthy 800 calorie diet....400 less than the minimum an adult woman should have in a day.

Obviously to have a tube inserted the person doing the procedure must be properly trained; as in, a physician. Yes, a physician! The physician who has started this weight loss phenomenon is located in Florida. If you can't find one in your area, add on travel costs to the 1500 for the procedure.

My personal opinion about this diet? Ridiculous! Physician facilitated or not, I do not agree with this. What really bothers me is the 800 calorie thing. How can I responsible physician provide such a recommendation?!

am more and more sickened by how quick people are to jump to the "easy way" when it comes to weight loss.

The recipe for weight loss is this, eat healthy and exercise. Doctors have been saying it for years. Nothing has changed. It really is not that hard!! People don't want to put in the work to get the positive, lasting results.

I think this mirrors other things in our culture. We want things and we want them NOW, in the easiest way possible. People just don't want to put forth the effort that's required of them.

Here's a thought; stop being lazy!!! The best, long-lasting method of weight loss is healthy eating; good foods, portion control. Exercise is not only a good component to weight loss but for overall health as well. It takes longer (because you are burning actual fat, not just losing water or even muscle) but it's healthy and in the end better for you (in my opinion).

On a different note, I had a proud moment today. My Mom mentioned how proud she is of me for learning all that I have about health and nutrition, for losing weight on my own. She met with a dietician recently and realized that the things the dietician said were similar to things that I do (she knew many of these, as she's a veteran nurse; a RN for years). She realized that my style of cooking is what the dietician was taking about. It felt good to hear my Mom say how proud she is and to have her realize how much time I put into learning about healthy eating. This has not only become a lifestyle, but also an area of great interest for me. I'm glad to know that someone like my Mom got a glimpse of how much extra work I've put in just learning about healthy eating.

Oh! I'm finally starting to feel better. This morning was rough but I've felt almost "normal" this evening. Maybe I will feel back to my normal self tomorrow! I'm ready for a workout... Hope my energy is back and ready for it!!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just When I Felt Better...

...I picked up a new bug. UGH!!! I think it's gastroenteritis (stomach flu). I started not feeling well on Monday and still do not feel very well today. That combined with a busy weekend means I haven't posted in days! Crazy!!

I started having some stomach issues on Monday. Nothing too bad. I just didn't feel so great. Then I felt okay so I worked out. I finished my workout thinking I'd done an amazing job. I was exhausted and felt like I was going to vomit. I thought, "wow, I pushed HARD today."  I continued to feel yucky for a while after. Then I tried to eat dinner; steamed veggies (broccoli and cauliflower) and chicken breast. I think I had about two bites of chicken and three bites of veggies and could not eat anymore. My stomach instantly started hurting (like stabbing pains) and I felt nauseated.  I continued to feel that way for the rest of the night.

I woke up the same on Tuesday morning. I could not eat anything.  Even the smell of a co-worker's toast made my stomach turn. I worked for about six hours before I went home, where I spent the rest of the day on my couch. I attempted to eat (soup and a popsicle) which didn't end well.  So I didn't eat the rest of the day. I managed to sip on two bottles of water all day long... Usually I have at least nine of them (the 16.9 oz bottles). I also managed to sip on some diet ginger ale. Funny... The only time I drink pop anymore is when I'm not feeling well.  Something about ginger ale and being sick just goes hand-in-hand. And it does help me belch a little which is a good thing (I think). I managed a short nap on the couch, until my Mom called.  I completely missed a hair appointment. I knew it was coming up but forgot it was yesterday, not that I could've gone anyway.

 From yesterday morning until this morning I lost a pound and a half. NOT the way I want to drop pounds, that's for sure. Of course, I did eat more sodium than normal over the weekend so maybe it was really just that extra water weight that I lost (if I'd been retaining anything).

I woke up this morning stomach isn't much better. My pains aren't as bad but I still do not feel well.  I worked for a few hours and then came home again. So here I am...On the couch, iPad in hand, wishing I'd feel better.  The house is a mess (well, not THAT bad but a mess in my eyes), laundry is piled up the basement, and it's not getting done. UGH. Not to mention I'm getting really frustrated about not being able to workout. Last week my sinus stuff kept me down for a bit and now I have this to deal with. I am not a happy camper. I already know I can't workout for a couple weeks next month due to healing....Not to the degree I usually do anyway. I can do some light walking and such, but no BR workouts. BOO!!! I wanted to work hard and have my muscles in the best condition prior to surgery.  Four workouts in the last week and a half doesn't really do much for that.

On the other hand, I'm glad I'm getting all of this out of my system NOW. Surgery is three weeks from today and I guess I'd rather get sick all at once and get it out of my system so that I'm healthy and ready to go. At least having it now won't post-pone surgery or anything. So I guess if I must get sick, it's better to get it over with now. That way I'll be healthy for surgery and while I heal.

I'm trying to get myself through the frustration by telling myself that. Hopefully it works.

I am starting to feel a little bit better today, so my hope is that I'll be back to normal and ready to workout tomorrow.

I have an idea for a more interesting post in mind, so I plan to write that a little later. For now, I'm off to rest.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Excitement and New Toys

It's no secret that I am quite excited about my upcoming surgery.  It's like I think of something new every day, that not having this excess skin and smaller thighs will mean. I do not have insanely high expectations. I know that post-op I will not be walking the runway with the VS Angels.  Nor will I be gracing the cover of the SI Swimsuit Issue.  I'm realistic. I just want to look better, and I can't do that on my own. But... I do get excited thinking about how my body will changes after surgery. 

Yesterday I realized that I'll be buying a bikini and should look decent in it this summer! I won't have to hide because my skin is flopping around. My thighs will be smaller.  I won't feel like they are shaking, and drawing looks of disgust, with each step I take. I work hard and I want to see my hard work. And yeah, maybe I want to flaunt it a little too. 

Don't be mistaken... I am not one who runs around saying "look what I did!" "I'm so awesome!" Attention-seeking behavior is really not in my nature. I know that at times we all like it and sometimes we try to attract it (you're a liar if you think you don't) in some way or another. However, I'm not one of those people who has a constant need for attention and validation from others. I'm happy with myself. I do take compliments, and do appreciate them. I'm glad that others can see how happy I am.

I am proud of myself, however I also know where I came from. That's something that I will never forget. I know that the reason I'm having surgery is because I allowed myself to gain so much weight in the past, and surgery is the only way to correct what's left after losing it. 

So...Excitement. I am SO excited about the physical changes that I will see post-op.  I've seen pictures of others' who've had similar procedures done. My surgeon reviewed things with me at my consult; showed me pictures, people who were similar and people who were different, and their results.  We talked about what to expect post-op. We talked about all kinds of things. After hearing what he had to say, I'm hopeful that I will be one of the people who will come out of surgery well.  He said there's really not a lot of pain to be expected with the tummy tuck; more pressure than pain.  My thighs will be bruised, so obviously bumping them will hurt a little, but they should've have much pain either. That was very reassuring to hear. I hope that's the case for me! I have to take time off of working out, but I can go for walks as soon as I'm feeling up to it...Nothing strenuous, but at least I can exercise! Anyway.... There will be obvious physical changes (duh, that's why I'm doing this) and I'm so excited to see them. I honestly cannot even imagine what I will look like. I've never worked out like I have the last couple years. I didn't consistently care about what I was eating until then. I'm a whole new person inside and I'm so excited to look like that person on the outside.

Oh! I'm also excited that the time I'll be off work will give me time to read my training materials and study a little more. After that I'll just have to take a CPR class and I'll be ready to take my CPT test. I can't wait! And, given that I'm having this surgery (not covered by insurance), I could certainly use the extra money that I will make from training. 

Speaking of that I do feel slightly.....Awkward for doing BR and being such a BR advocate, but wanting to be a trainer. BR is a free, at home workout; no trainer necessary.  But here I am, wanting to be a trainer and will obviously get paid. Doesn't that seem a bit odd?  I guess there is a difference though. It's likely that the people who want trainer services may not be the type of people who like to workout alone.  Maybe they know they have to see someone to stay motivated to do what they want. Maybe they'll need guidance and support. I want to be the positive person to help them on their way.

Make no mistake though, I will not be the type of trainer who takes excuses (and your money) and allows you to slack off. No way. I will be the type of trainer who pushes you. You will hate me at moments and love me when you've completed a workout. You will probably curse me out and call me horrid names behind my back. That happens. But I will take this seriously. I will take YOU seriously. I will be the type of trainer that makes you accountable. I believe that if you are paying me for a service, I will be giving you what you need.  I know that some people probably get paid and then if the person slacks off, they don't really mind. I mean, they'll have their money right? It's not their responsibility to make sure the person is attending sessions....Right? 

I don't quite agree with that though process. While it is the responsibility of the person who wants to be trained to participate, I don't think that a trainer should just let them slack off without checking-in.  There needs to be dialogue about what's going on; what that person is thinking and feeling. This is where my MSW will come in handy. I have the skills to be able to work with people through their concerns and issues. I don't have to call it counseling or therapy (that tends to drive some people away)....But I can use my skills to help (and maybe charge a little more! HA!!).  I think that having a mental health/psych/soc/social work background will be a great asset to making me an effective trainer.

Well...THAT got me slightly off track, didn't it? I think I was thinking of what will make me a great trainer as I was typing that out.  Think; type; repeat.  

So. That's that.

I want new toys.

I keep hearing amazing things about the Bodymedia products. A lot of people are starting to use them, and from what I've read, they seem awesome. However, I have my HRM that I use. Of course, I could sell that to someone who doesn't have one if I get something new.  What I like about the Bodymedia products is that they take EVERYTHING into account. You wear it all day; even while you sleep! It helps analyze what you've eaten, what you've burned, your daily steps, how much sleep you get, and you can use it to track weight loss. It's just an armband, so it's easy to use.

I also really want some of the products that BR endorses... I'd say the equalizer is first on my list. I can substitute weights for the sandbag and the ugi ball. I have an interval timer already.  I can do modified equalizer moves (some involve adding an extra move, which is fine...BR workouts are short anyway, so an extra few minutes is no biggie).  I feel like I'd get a better workout with the equalizer though. Then I could do the moves just like they do; the "real" way. I've heard from a friend on SP that it's been a great investment. She loves hers.

I'm not sure which toy will be my first purchase but I'm definitely interested in both. I'm leaning more toward the equalizer since I do have a HRM that tracks my calories burned. Really, at this point, the Bodymedia FIT would most likely be just for fun (although I would get a lot of good, practical use out of it). I love that the things I consider fun new toys are health and fitness products.  I'm a changed woman from who I was a few years ago. I never thought I'd be so excited about fitness. I've always hated exercising. I could do okay with eating but the exercise part was so hard for me. Now it's hard if I have to miss exercising....

By the way...It felt amazing to workout yesterday. The sweat and soreness were definitely missed.

I suppose it's time to go accomplish something else! Have a great weekend!!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Almost "Normal"

I'm about thisclose to being back to my usual self.  I still have one clogged, tingly nostril and some sinus drainage but it's not as bad as it had been. Thank goodness!! I do not like not working out. I am definitely feeling ready to get back into it today. I'm probably not going to to at it full strength but I am sure I can manage at short BR and a walk.

I have a hard time resting when I'm sick. Unless I'm really sick I usually try to push through. Generally sinus-related sicknesses or colds do not keep me down. However, with surgery being a month away, I decided it was best not to push myself and to be cautious. The last thing I wanted to do was push and end up doing more harm than good.

 I'm glad I didn't push myself yesterday... I ended up having a little dizzy spell at one point last night. I got really hot, light headed, and started sweating like crazy. I sat for a bit and felt better. I did do a few more things around the house than I did the previous couple days. I wonder if that did it. Or maybe I had a small fever and it was breaking. Who knows. Whatever it was made me glad that I didn't push to workout.

In general, it is good to rest if you're feeling sick or tired. If your body is telling you to slow down, then slow down.  I read something online once about "the neck check."  Generally if your symptoms are at neck level or above, you're okay to workout. They do caution though that you should still only work out at 50% of your usual strength.  If symptoms are below the neck, don't even try it. 

I think that the smart thing to do is to listen to your body.  For me, falling asleep so much was a sure sign that my body was in need of a rest. Occasionally, if I'm super tired or up late I may doze off watching TV...But that's usually later in the evening.  Falling asleep in the prevening (pre-evening, thanks "Sheldon Cooper") is rare for me. To go home and fall asleep while resting is not a part of my normal routine. And to then fall asleep a few hours later, much earlier than my usual bed time? That's not normal for me either. Neither is feeling like I'm out of it; not as alert and normal, a bit more "ditzy." 

The first sign that I was feeling better actually came last night.  I did not fall asleep on the couch in the evening. I did after I got home for a bit but not long.  After that I got up and did some things around the house, which left me feeling exhausted but I just sat and relaxed for a few. No sleeping necessary.  And felt fine again.  I accomplished more last night than I did all week. I was still feeling a bit tired. Then bedtime came. I went to bed a little early thinking that a morning workout might be easier to accomplish than an evening workout.  I couldn't fall asleep. I laid there and laid there, wide awake. My mind was wandering and I just could not sleep.  Apparently all the sleep was catching up with me. Needless to say because I ended up being awake for so long (later than my normal bedtime, even) I did not get up to workout this morning. Oh well...I'm feeling well enough to do it today, so that makes me happy! I think that not falling asleep as easily as I had been was the first sign that I was starting to feel a little better.

Back to resting when sick... If you are obviously no where near your normal self, rest.  If you're like me and despise resting, it will be hard. Just tell yourself you need to, or else you might do more harm than good. Also use your judgement to get back into it... Like today, I'm feeling a little better but I am still not at 100%. I'm not expecting to jump right back in and have an awesome performance. I am expecting, though, to be able to put in some effort and feel good when I'm done. I may not burn as many calories as I usually do but that's okay. I'm not feeling like I usually do. It won't be long before I'm back at it, with the same strength and power as normal.

For now... I'm off to do a lighter workout...Feels goooooood to be back!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I feel so horrible lately... I'm still feeling yucky because of my sinuses but on top of that I'm feeling even worse because I haven't worked out in days. I do not like this. But I also know not to push it.

I was feeling a little better today. By the end of the work day I was exhausted. I came home and ended up falling asleep again! This is so rare for me. I can't believe how exhausted I've been.

I was going to workout today... Until I fell asleep. I felt good after I woke up, but that didn't last long. I did a couple things around the house and got tired again. I have accomplished more today than I have the last couple days though so that's good. Hopefully by tomorrow I'm as close to normal as possible.

I'm headed to bed early again tonight Hopefully sleep will continue to help. I'm hopeful that I will wake up early, refreshed, and ready to try a workout in the morning. Maybe doing it early, before I get too tired, will make a difference. That is, of course, if I am awake enough to drag myself out of bed. We shall see...

I'm trying to make myself listen to that whole "sleep is the best medicine" thing but I'm getting frustrated. Maybe if I can do a light walk I will feel a little better. Ugh. What a week!

Tomorrow is a new day!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Do Not Like....

...Colds. Or allergy flare-ups that cause my sinuses to wreak havoc on my body. I have zero energy, and would enjoy a new head at this point.

I'm sneezing. When I'm not I feel like I have one stuck in my nose. My nose is runny. My head hurts. My eye itches. And it's watery. Just one; the left one. My throat is scratchy and rough feeling. And a little sore.

This Started on Sunday. I hope it goes away soon. Tomorrow would be great. I haven't worked out in a few days and am starting to feel lazy and gross.

I must need sleep... I feel asleep on the couch around 9 on Sunday night and slept for a while. I came home yesterday and instead of working out I fell asleep. I had appointments this morning and afternoon. I slept in... Until almost 9:30!! Oh and last night I fell asleep on the couch sometime just after 10 and slept there until I woke up around 11:30. I guess my body has needed sleep.

I had lunch with my cousin and got a few groceries between appointments. Nothing strenuous. I came home and felt okay. I picked up a little. I started some laundry. Then? I fell asleep again, even after taking DayQuil!!

I haven't cooked lately. I've had left overs from Easter and cereal.

I'm ready for a normal day. I want to eat healthy foods (not that I've been that bad). I want to workout. I want to sweat and feel my muscles ache. I can't stand much more of this feeling tired and yucky. It's making me feel fat. I neeeeeeeed to feel healthy. Ugh i hate this being "sick" stuff. It keeps me down which I am not a fan of. Yet at the same time part of me is like "I don't care." I know that I really do are. I'm just being cranky because I don't feel so great.

I need to get some hard workouts in now, before I have to be off for a few weeks!!

Hopefully I will feel back to normal tomorrow!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Surgical Consult

I received some exciting news this morning - I am ready for surgery!! My date is only a little over a month away. My date is May 9th! If you're the praying type, please say a prayer for me that everything goes well.

My surgeon is awesome, as is his office staff. Everyone was super nice and helpful. The office location was great; easy to get to and the inside was wonderful - very nice!

I will be doing some financing because I don't just have 14,500 dollars laying around. And I absolutely refuse to ask my parents to pay for it (although my Mom has already offered to help lol). I feel like this is a huge gift for myself and what I've accomplished.

I understand the debate over surgery. I understand that had I not allowed myself to get so fat in the first place, I wouldn't be in this position. I also understand that I changed my way of living - forever. This is my reward to myself for doing that. There are many people who cannot change. And then there are those of us who do. Whether it's food, drinking, or drugs.... We are capable of change.

So. Surgery....

I will eventually have a total of four procedures done but I'm only doing two now. My surgeon also will only do two at a time, which I had been planning on.

I will be starting with a tummy tuck and liposuction on my thighs. The lipo was the "bad news" although I was kindly expecting it. My thighs still have "quite a bit of fullness." Yes this means they are still home to some fat cells. However the doctor told me that it won't be lost via further weight loss. Basically, an area I've been fighting with, wins - unless I have lipo. So I'm starting there. I do have a little excess skin on my thighs but not a lot and due to the fullness lipo is the first step. I will be having SAFE lipo, in which fat cells are broken up and then sucked out. I can then have a thigh lift in 6-12 months (or later) if I decide that I want it. The lipo might be enough to make be feel more comfortable with my thighs.

The best thing that I heard? That what's on my abdomen is mostly skin. The doc started by saying "this is all skin" and then said that there is, of course, a little fat.... But there's very little there. This was what I was most concerned about - that my belly was still housing a lot of fat and there wasn't as much skin there as I thought. How exciting to know that it IS what I thought and that my hard work has paid off.

I will also be having the skin on my arms removed at some point in the future. I will mostly likely do this when I have the thigh lift... If I have it. If not I will do another surgery and it will just be arms. The other good news? That's mostly skin too, there's a little fat there but mostly skin.

So.... I will begin my body makeover on May 9th at 8 AM (probably a little earlier for pre-op stuff). I am mote excited than nervous which is odd for me. Maybe it's because I've been through a surgery before (tonsillectomy). Or maybe it's because I'm so excited. I think it's a combo of both. I will probably still be a little anxious about the breathing tube (my obsession before my tonsillectomy).... I mean what if it stops working?! Helloooo CPR! Honestly I am my anxiety was relieved when I awakened from my tonsillectomy.

My parents (at least my Mom for sure, but sometimes a girl needs her Daddy there too) will be taking me to surgery and then home with them for at least a few days. I will be having surgery in Grand Rapids (Michigan) which is not too far away from their home; about an hour and a half away. My Mom is a registered nurse with 30-some years of experience so I know she will take good care of me. I'm sure I will have others checking on me too.

Recovery doesn't sound too bad. There will be some pain, which I expected. I should only have to take strong pain meds for a couple days abs should be fine switching to over the counter meds. I should be able to drive the next day (obviously not if I'm taking meds that make me loopy). I will have a drain under my skin and bruised thighs. I will have to wear a compression garment for at least a couple weeks. I won't be able to run or do abs and legs for a little while but he said I can walk (solo, not with my wild dogs) and because I'm not doing my arms now I can work them all day long if I want... Nothing too crazy but I can sit and do bicep and hammer curls... Just nothing that will stretch the abdomen or where I have to bend (dead lifts, presses).

The incision will take a little while to heal and I will have a little swelling but it shouldn't be long before I'm looking how I want to without anything too noticeable.... I should be in that BIKINI by July!

A question that a lot of people tend to have is "how many pounds of skin will you lose?" I forgot to ask that question. And? I'm sure it will be great even if it's just a few pounds, but this surgery is bit for weight loss. It is to fix the damage that I caused. At this point I'm okay with my weight. I am happy and healthy. I exercise and eat healthy foods. I have muscles! The numbers on the scale are just numbers. They dint define me. They don't create or destroy my happiness. Will it be nice if unload some pounds? Of course! But it's not my reason for surgery. It would just be a little perk.

I plan to start a page devoted to surgery which obviously won't be filled with much until my recovery. Now that I'm confident that what's on my belly is skin.... I may even post some "before" belly shots on here!

I'm so excited!!



...Will be done this evening! I was far too tired to get up at 5 this morning. I don't think it would make that big of a difference; and my muscles at still sore from yesterday.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Consultation Eve

What does one wear to a cosmetic surgery consultation? Or do most people not worry about that?  I am obviously not going to go in my pajamas or some ridiculous looking outfit. I want to be comfortable though.  No jeans. Jeans leave lines on me. I'm not quite sure why. They fit; it's not as though they're too tight. They just...leave lines. Maybe it's because of me jamming my skin wherever it will fit, and it's rarely even. Who knows. I get lines on me all the time; sometimes from socks and bras, which are also not too tight.  It's one thing to get lines if something fits tight but that's not generally the case.  Or maybe it is and I just don't realize it?  Although I am sure I'd realize if my pants were too tight. 

Anyway!! I want to be comfortable (and cute; shopping after!) but I want as few lines as possible. I don't know why. I guess seeing lines makes me think of things being tight and then I feel like a fatty. Ridiculous? Probably.  So I am at a loss as to what I want to wear.  I'm thinking maybe some casual pants or something and a cute top. Or a dress and skirt with tights. Of course, most of my dresses that go with black tights (because I have no colors that would go with this super cute brownish casual dress I have) are dressy. Like going out on the town dressy. As much as I tend to be an over-dresser (usually just when going out), I am not about to go to a cosmetic surgery consultation wearing an outfit better suited for the evening, at a place that sells cocktails.  I definitely would not wear a night dress during the day. And certainly not to an appointment!

I thought maybe leggings and a big sweater but... It's kind of past boot season so that rules out any Uggs. And if I'm shopping I don't know that I want to be tromping around in my heeled boots all day. It's still too cold for flip flops (although those would go better with a cute tunic, not a sweater anyway), and it's a tad chilly out for going sockless in ballet flats. 

Sigh... WHY must I always worry so much about what to wear?  I have a ton of clothes yet still, at times, say "I have nothing to wear!"

I've never gone to this type of appointment. Generally other medical appointments have been when I am sick and yoga pants and a sweatshirt are perfectly acceptable attire.... Getting dressed up to go to the ER for IV fluids? I think not. Or a trip to the doc when I have a sinus infection? Negative.  Other, routine appointments are usually done either before or after work, so I just go in whatever I'm wearing to work that day. Of course, I'm not usually wearing a gown and little paper flimsy panties having my skin measured.  Plus, I know my other docs and well I'm okay with the fact that sometimes I might look horrible. 

This is different though. This is a new, exciting experience. I want to leave a good impression with the staff. I want them to LIKE me.  Odd, since I should be more worried about the impression I get from them and whether I like them.  I guess I want to show that I care about myself and that I've worked hard to get where I am... That I'm never going back to my prior lifestyle. In my fashion-minded world, the outfit can help portray that.

Yes...I love fashion.  Yes...I obsess over what to wear sometimes.  Yes...I like to look cute (would I be considering an elective surgery if I didn't care about my looks?? Probably not.). 

Here I am...Four minutes before I wanted to be in bed, hopefully sleeping. What am I doing? Still blogging. I'm wide awake.  I think it's the excitement and the nervousness.  This day has flown by, as has the week. I can't believe that the day is finally going to be here!  In 12 hours, I will be done with my consult.  I really do need to get some sleep so that I can be fresh.

I also want to get up early and at least do a BR workout. The one I had picked out is longer than 12 minutes, so I need to set at least 20 - 25 aside (it has some new moves). Plus I want time to get ready so that I look decent. Yikes.... I should have been in bed two hours ago! :)

I guess it's time to take my nervous self to bed, and at least lay down and try to sleep. I need my rest. I guess if I don't fall asleep early enough to get up early enough to workout it won't be the end of the world. I can still workout tomorrow evening. I'd really like to be able to do something in the morning though. I want my muscles to be as impressive as possible. I know, ONE workout probably won't make them look a whole lot different. I like it when I feel tight and sore though. It makes me feel good and it makes me feel like I have impressive muscles. 

I hope he says I'm ready. I've been looking forward to this and if I'm not yet ready for surgery, I will honestly be a little heartbroken...Especially since I've made it public on here.  I want this so badly and I feel like I'm at the point where it's a good idea...But I'm not the doctor; I'm just a girl who used to be fat, taking a guess.  I've done my research and am ready to do this. I'd let him do surgery tomorrow if I could!!

Alright...Off to bed....Wish me luck in relaxing!


Recent Dinner Creations

Tonight I made baked peach chicken with brown rice.

Last night was a taco sort of thing. Turkey sausage, fat free cheese, lettuce, and a little taco sauce in a low carb tortilla. Oh and a side of green beans.

Yummy Yummy

My shake/smoothie of the day....

Berry Chocolate.

This one has one cup each of frozen unsweetened strawberries and blueberries, one cup skim milk, and one scoop of protein powder.

This one filled the glass and I have some left over. It's only 336 calories for the entire recipe!

This one is my favorite so far. Without the banana the chocolate flavor really comes through. I love the chocolate and berry combo too... Probably as much as chocolate and peanut butter, maybe a little more.

These have the consistency of a smooth shake, not too thick and not too runny. They're a good sub for ice cream - and a lot healthier!!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Midweek Musings

Wow... Wednesday evening. That means tomorrow is my last work day for the week. That means that it's almost Friday; almost consult day. I'm getting nervous!

I completed the paperwork tonight. Except I don't have a current weight because I haven't weighed since Saturday. I've been working hard this week. I've been careful to make sure to count every little calorie.

I've also been working really hard to eat more calories. I've been doing really well with that. I have come in under my net goal of 1200 but it's been more than I was eating. I've also been coming very close... Only 26 under today, four yesterday, and 50 on Monday. I did go over by a little on Saturday and Sunday (I think). Hopefully the amount I'm under will come close to balancing out what I went over. I'm not worried about going over so much... That's a rare occasion and had I worked out Sunday I'd have been under. And it's not like it was anywhere near enough to gain a pound. So? No stress. I some much needed fun with friends on Saturday.

I burned a few less calories this week which has made it easier to not feel like I'm eating a ton of food. Depending on what I have going in for the day it varies but I'm not burning over 600. In fact my highest burn was 575. That was on Saturday so I was in no danger of not eating enough.

My workouts have been good too. I've been doing at least a BR workout daily. Then I do a walk or walk/run. I've definitely been focused on what I burn so that I don't end up having to eat a ton of food at night. I wouldn't have to watch ad closely if I worked out in the morning but I have a hard time getting up some mornings... Especially if I'm up late, awakened at night, or have trouble sleeping. Sometimes I'm good about it but at other times, not so much.

Speaking of sleep... I think it's bedtime. I'm feeling tired tonight (must be the good workouts!).


Smoothie Time

I decided to use the banana "ice cream" idea and change it a little bit.

I used a small frozen banana, a cup of frozen unsweetened strawberries, a cup of frozen unsweetened blueberries, chocolate whey protein powder, and half a cup of skim milk to thin it a little.

You could use half a cup of the berries or add more milk to make it a little thinner. This one was a bit on the thick side. But there was SO much of it. I had this glass full plus a little more.... All for 383 calories, with 130 of it from the protein powder. Not a bad treat considering how much is there - and it's all healthy!!!

I used my last frozen banana so I'm going to try one without the banana next. I'm thinking I may not need the milk without it. Oh and I had not added the milk, it would have been a really good faux ice cream.

I call this little concoction my Chocolate Banana-Berry Smoothie. I'm sure someone else has come up with the same thing, or something similar but oh well. It turned out really food and it was the first I've made one this way.

I have some mixed berry and lemonade protein drink powder too (like those mix-ins that you just put in a bottle of water). I may try using one of those sometime too. I'm thinking that a Berry-Lemonade Smoothie would be yummy!!

I never knew I could have so much fun experimenting with protein powder. It sure makes the boring powder and milk or water shake seem really boring.

I will keep posting my concoctions.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Count Down Is On!

Only a few more days until my surgical consult. I can't believe it's finally here. I am both excite and nervous.

I'll be back with a longer post tomorrow. I had dinner out this evening with friends (family of the man who's funeral was on Friday).

Between being up late watching the game last night an being awakened at 3 AM I am tired! One of my dogs hates thunder and decided that because she was scared and nervous, I needed to be up with her. She woke me by slapping me in the face with her paws. I finally got her to lay with me and held onto her but she was awake for quite a while, which meant I was too.

I'm exhausted and already ready for bed!!


Monday, April 2, 2012

A Little Quiet

As you have noticed I haven't posted much lately.

Friday was a busy, sad, exhausting day. Then I took a little road trip to visit friends on Saturday afternoon/night. After I got home yesterday spent most of the day doing things around the house and just relaxing with my fur babies.

I took yesterday off from working out but was right back to it today. I did a BR workout, which I will update tomorrow if not tonight. It was a 12 minute BR with two bonuses obit was 18 minutes. Then I did the slowest treadmill walk I've done in a while.

I'm trying not to burn so many calories, because then I have to eat more which I have had trouble with. My belly fills up fast, probably partially due to all the water I drink, so sometimes eating more is physically uncomfortable. I am doing pretty well though, in terms of eating more. I feel good and am keeping as close to that 1200 net mark as possible. I'm doing much better on watching that lately.

I'm not posting a long entry this evening because I'm watching the championship game (NCAA).... Gotta cheer on my boys (Kentucky! Go Cats!). I took advantage of half time to write a quick post.

Off to cheer my boys on for the second half!! They need the extra cheers tonight... Horrible officiating.


Protein Shake.

I added half a cup of skim milk to the ice cream recipe I posted. It thinned it out a bit and made it more shake-like!

I also accidentally added too much (well more than called for; double!) PB which ended up being good because I needed the extra calories.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Super Yummy "Ice Cream"

I found this recipe on the BR website and thought I would give it a try. I'm glad I did... It was awesome!

It's easy to make and while a little higher in calories, it is packed with protein. If you can budget it into your daily allowance, it is a wonderful treat.

1 banana, cut into chunks and frozen over night
1 scoop protein powder
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 tablespoons of peanut butter
Cinnamon to sprinkle on top

I just tossed everything in my blender and mixed it up until it was smooth. It's cold and the consistency of a nice ice cream.

My protein powder happened to be chocolate which goes well with PB and a banana.

Naturally the PB is high in cal and bananas aren't the lowest cal fruit in the word. BUT it is very healthy. The products you use and the size of the banana will change your data but mine was 410 calories. Basically a "meal" in terms of calories. It takes a little moving around of what you eat an when but it is definitely worth the effort.

Give it a try sometime.... And mix it up with some of your own innovations. Experimenting with what you make is part of the fun!