Thursday, April 5, 2012

Consultation Eve

What does one wear to a cosmetic surgery consultation? Or do most people not worry about that?  I am obviously not going to go in my pajamas or some ridiculous looking outfit. I want to be comfortable though.  No jeans. Jeans leave lines on me. I'm not quite sure why. They fit; it's not as though they're too tight. They just...leave lines. Maybe it's because of me jamming my skin wherever it will fit, and it's rarely even. Who knows. I get lines on me all the time; sometimes from socks and bras, which are also not too tight.  It's one thing to get lines if something fits tight but that's not generally the case.  Or maybe it is and I just don't realize it?  Although I am sure I'd realize if my pants were too tight. 

Anyway!! I want to be comfortable (and cute; shopping after!) but I want as few lines as possible. I don't know why. I guess seeing lines makes me think of things being tight and then I feel like a fatty. Ridiculous? Probably.  So I am at a loss as to what I want to wear.  I'm thinking maybe some casual pants or something and a cute top. Or a dress and skirt with tights. Of course, most of my dresses that go with black tights (because I have no colors that would go with this super cute brownish casual dress I have) are dressy. Like going out on the town dressy. As much as I tend to be an over-dresser (usually just when going out), I am not about to go to a cosmetic surgery consultation wearing an outfit better suited for the evening, at a place that sells cocktails.  I definitely would not wear a night dress during the day. And certainly not to an appointment!

I thought maybe leggings and a big sweater but... It's kind of past boot season so that rules out any Uggs. And if I'm shopping I don't know that I want to be tromping around in my heeled boots all day. It's still too cold for flip flops (although those would go better with a cute tunic, not a sweater anyway), and it's a tad chilly out for going sockless in ballet flats. 

Sigh... WHY must I always worry so much about what to wear?  I have a ton of clothes yet still, at times, say "I have nothing to wear!"

I've never gone to this type of appointment. Generally other medical appointments have been when I am sick and yoga pants and a sweatshirt are perfectly acceptable attire.... Getting dressed up to go to the ER for IV fluids? I think not. Or a trip to the doc when I have a sinus infection? Negative.  Other, routine appointments are usually done either before or after work, so I just go in whatever I'm wearing to work that day. Of course, I'm not usually wearing a gown and little paper flimsy panties having my skin measured.  Plus, I know my other docs and well I'm okay with the fact that sometimes I might look horrible. 

This is different though. This is a new, exciting experience. I want to leave a good impression with the staff. I want them to LIKE me.  Odd, since I should be more worried about the impression I get from them and whether I like them.  I guess I want to show that I care about myself and that I've worked hard to get where I am... That I'm never going back to my prior lifestyle. In my fashion-minded world, the outfit can help portray that.

Yes...I love fashion.  Yes...I obsess over what to wear sometimes.  Yes...I like to look cute (would I be considering an elective surgery if I didn't care about my looks?? Probably not.). 

Here I am...Four minutes before I wanted to be in bed, hopefully sleeping. What am I doing? Still blogging. I'm wide awake.  I think it's the excitement and the nervousness.  This day has flown by, as has the week. I can't believe that the day is finally going to be here!  In 12 hours, I will be done with my consult.  I really do need to get some sleep so that I can be fresh.

I also want to get up early and at least do a BR workout. The one I had picked out is longer than 12 minutes, so I need to set at least 20 - 25 aside (it has some new moves). Plus I want time to get ready so that I look decent. Yikes.... I should have been in bed two hours ago! :)

I guess it's time to take my nervous self to bed, and at least lay down and try to sleep. I need my rest. I guess if I don't fall asleep early enough to get up early enough to workout it won't be the end of the world. I can still workout tomorrow evening. I'd really like to be able to do something in the morning though. I want my muscles to be as impressive as possible. I know, ONE workout probably won't make them look a whole lot different. I like it when I feel tight and sore though. It makes me feel good and it makes me feel like I have impressive muscles. 

I hope he says I'm ready. I've been looking forward to this and if I'm not yet ready for surgery, I will honestly be a little heartbroken...Especially since I've made it public on here.  I want this so badly and I feel like I'm at the point where it's a good idea...But I'm not the doctor; I'm just a girl who used to be fat, taking a guess.  I've done my research and am ready to do this. I'd let him do surgery tomorrow if I could!!

Alright...Off to bed....Wish me luck in relaxing!


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