Friday, April 13, 2012

Excitement and New Toys

It's no secret that I am quite excited about my upcoming surgery.  It's like I think of something new every day, that not having this excess skin and smaller thighs will mean. I do not have insanely high expectations. I know that post-op I will not be walking the runway with the VS Angels.  Nor will I be gracing the cover of the SI Swimsuit Issue.  I'm realistic. I just want to look better, and I can't do that on my own. But... I do get excited thinking about how my body will changes after surgery. 

Yesterday I realized that I'll be buying a bikini and should look decent in it this summer! I won't have to hide because my skin is flopping around. My thighs will be smaller.  I won't feel like they are shaking, and drawing looks of disgust, with each step I take. I work hard and I want to see my hard work. And yeah, maybe I want to flaunt it a little too. 

Don't be mistaken... I am not one who runs around saying "look what I did!" "I'm so awesome!" Attention-seeking behavior is really not in my nature. I know that at times we all like it and sometimes we try to attract it (you're a liar if you think you don't) in some way or another. However, I'm not one of those people who has a constant need for attention and validation from others. I'm happy with myself. I do take compliments, and do appreciate them. I'm glad that others can see how happy I am.

I am proud of myself, however I also know where I came from. That's something that I will never forget. I know that the reason I'm having surgery is because I allowed myself to gain so much weight in the past, and surgery is the only way to correct what's left after losing it. 

So...Excitement. I am SO excited about the physical changes that I will see post-op.  I've seen pictures of others' who've had similar procedures done. My surgeon reviewed things with me at my consult; showed me pictures, people who were similar and people who were different, and their results.  We talked about what to expect post-op. We talked about all kinds of things. After hearing what he had to say, I'm hopeful that I will be one of the people who will come out of surgery well.  He said there's really not a lot of pain to be expected with the tummy tuck; more pressure than pain.  My thighs will be bruised, so obviously bumping them will hurt a little, but they should've have much pain either. That was very reassuring to hear. I hope that's the case for me! I have to take time off of working out, but I can go for walks as soon as I'm feeling up to it...Nothing strenuous, but at least I can exercise! Anyway.... There will be obvious physical changes (duh, that's why I'm doing this) and I'm so excited to see them. I honestly cannot even imagine what I will look like. I've never worked out like I have the last couple years. I didn't consistently care about what I was eating until then. I'm a whole new person inside and I'm so excited to look like that person on the outside.

Oh! I'm also excited that the time I'll be off work will give me time to read my training materials and study a little more. After that I'll just have to take a CPR class and I'll be ready to take my CPT test. I can't wait! And, given that I'm having this surgery (not covered by insurance), I could certainly use the extra money that I will make from training. 

Speaking of that I do feel slightly.....Awkward for doing BR and being such a BR advocate, but wanting to be a trainer. BR is a free, at home workout; no trainer necessary.  But here I am, wanting to be a trainer and will obviously get paid. Doesn't that seem a bit odd?  I guess there is a difference though. It's likely that the people who want trainer services may not be the type of people who like to workout alone.  Maybe they know they have to see someone to stay motivated to do what they want. Maybe they'll need guidance and support. I want to be the positive person to help them on their way.

Make no mistake though, I will not be the type of trainer who takes excuses (and your money) and allows you to slack off. No way. I will be the type of trainer who pushes you. You will hate me at moments and love me when you've completed a workout. You will probably curse me out and call me horrid names behind my back. That happens. But I will take this seriously. I will take YOU seriously. I will be the type of trainer that makes you accountable. I believe that if you are paying me for a service, I will be giving you what you need.  I know that some people probably get paid and then if the person slacks off, they don't really mind. I mean, they'll have their money right? It's not their responsibility to make sure the person is attending sessions....Right? 

I don't quite agree with that though process. While it is the responsibility of the person who wants to be trained to participate, I don't think that a trainer should just let them slack off without checking-in.  There needs to be dialogue about what's going on; what that person is thinking and feeling. This is where my MSW will come in handy. I have the skills to be able to work with people through their concerns and issues. I don't have to call it counseling or therapy (that tends to drive some people away)....But I can use my skills to help (and maybe charge a little more! HA!!).  I think that having a mental health/psych/soc/social work background will be a great asset to making me an effective trainer.

Well...THAT got me slightly off track, didn't it? I think I was thinking of what will make me a great trainer as I was typing that out.  Think; type; repeat.  

So. That's that.

I want new toys.

I keep hearing amazing things about the Bodymedia products. A lot of people are starting to use them, and from what I've read, they seem awesome. However, I have my HRM that I use. Of course, I could sell that to someone who doesn't have one if I get something new.  What I like about the Bodymedia products is that they take EVERYTHING into account. You wear it all day; even while you sleep! It helps analyze what you've eaten, what you've burned, your daily steps, how much sleep you get, and you can use it to track weight loss. It's just an armband, so it's easy to use.

I also really want some of the products that BR endorses... I'd say the equalizer is first on my list. I can substitute weights for the sandbag and the ugi ball. I have an interval timer already.  I can do modified equalizer moves (some involve adding an extra move, which is fine...BR workouts are short anyway, so an extra few minutes is no biggie).  I feel like I'd get a better workout with the equalizer though. Then I could do the moves just like they do; the "real" way. I've heard from a friend on SP that it's been a great investment. She loves hers.

I'm not sure which toy will be my first purchase but I'm definitely interested in both. I'm leaning more toward the equalizer since I do have a HRM that tracks my calories burned. Really, at this point, the Bodymedia FIT would most likely be just for fun (although I would get a lot of good, practical use out of it). I love that the things I consider fun new toys are health and fitness products.  I'm a changed woman from who I was a few years ago. I never thought I'd be so excited about fitness. I've always hated exercising. I could do okay with eating but the exercise part was so hard for me. Now it's hard if I have to miss exercising....

By the way...It felt amazing to workout yesterday. The sweat and soreness were definitely missed.

I suppose it's time to go accomplish something else! Have a great weekend!!


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