Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Kaley Cuoco posted the picture below online today. I'm a big Kaley fan. I think she's talented and absolutely gorgeous.

What I noticed about this picture is the tiny little bit of a tummy that she had. She is thin. She's fit. She happens to have a little bit of a tummy, which to me is nothing. I can't help but wonder if the media will grab onto that. I feel like I've seen a lot of celebs with bodies that aren't "perfect" in magazines lately, being displayed because of their imperfections. Even when displayed in a positive way, the focus is still on their bodies.

Yes, their looks is likely part of why they're successful but the talent is in the acting, singing, or dancing.... The talent is what has helped to make them who they are.

Kaley is one of my fitness inspirations. I think she looks fabulous - and check out those toned thighs!! I for sure wouldn't mind having a body like hers!!

When you get frustrated that you're not "perfect" think of beautiful women like Kaley, Kelly Clarkson, or Miranda Lambert. I doubt any of them is a size zeros, but each is beautiful in her own way and comfortable in her skin. Women like them should be the role models you look up to.


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