Friday, April 20, 2012

Great Evening!

First, I'm feeling much, much better today...Back to normal! Whatever this crud that I had was left as quickly as it came on.

I went to my Dad's business (very large building, thank goodness!) and sorted through some old clothes this evening.  I have tons of stuff to go through and get ready to sell. I sorted through tees and tanks and have sizes from a large up to a 3x. I also have tons of sweaters, pants, skirts, dresses, and coats to go through! I stopped before I was even near done (this will take a while) because I ran out of hangers. I swear I had bought more than I had but I guess not. 72 hangers goes fast!! I didn't realize I'd gone through that many!

One of my cousins decided to stop down, with her little boy. So she and I chatted for a bit while I organized some stuff. Of course, her little boy wanted to go play on the quad that my Dad had parked in part of the building, so she vanished for a bit.  Another cousin saw, on facebook, that we were there and wanted to come too...So she, and her little girl, did. The more the merrier! It was great to get together with the two of them. I honestly don't know when the three of us last got together. It was so great to see them, and their adorable kids!! Samantha's little boy is two and Ruby's little girl is almost 18 months. Talk about fun times!!

Once all of us were there, my organization kind of went astray.  Since I'd run out of hangers, there wasn't a whole lot I could do anyway.  We chatted and played with the kids for a while. My Mom stopped by when she got out of work. As we were chatting my cousin Ruby asked what I was doing with these clothes, so...I showed her the mountain, which grew as I was sorting. Garbage bags and shopping bags can hold A LOT of stuff!!!  We decided that we should put on my old clothes (because I'd done so earlier and thought it was hilarious) over our clothes. We layered like crazy.  We were wearing sizes from xl to 2x or 3x. We didnt' want to leave the kids out, so we threw some shirts on them too!

I realize that this sounds like an incredibly nerdy evening. Maybe it is. We thought it was fun, and pretty funny, though. We are so ridiculous when we're together...Honestly we do crazy random things. I once made (not that it took much effort) Samantha run up and down my street wearing  a cape that we designed and a tiara, like some sort of superhero.  Ruby and I have worn construction hats for no reason at all. The three of us have dressed up and had random theme nights when they've spent the night here. We are just a bit ridiculous.

You know what though? It is good, clean fun. It wasn't fueled by alcohol, or even mass amounts of caffeine (like pop and chocolate). It was just the craziness of our personalities getting together and having a good time. It was nice to take a brake from being grown-ups (my Mom played with the kids while we got silly) and play dress-up for a bit. It was kind of stress reliever to act a bit foolish. We had fun, the kids had fun, my Mom had fun... All in all it was a great, super fun time!! I'd post some of the pictures of our outfits but I look inda rough in mine....No make-up and obviously tired so.... NO WAY!

I think it was a good way to have some fun, accomplish something, and end the week. I'm glad I'm feeling better and am ready for the weekend. I'm also ready to get back on track with my workouts.

Have a great weekend!!


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