Thursday, April 19, 2012

K-E.... You're Kidding!

As many of you may have seen there's a new diet technique on the market. It's called the K-E (ketogenic enteral nutrition) diet. Apparently it's popular among Brides-to-be who want to drop a few pounds before their weddings.

For 1500 dollars, you can walk around with a NG (nasogastric) tube for ten days. This is a feeding tube. It stays in your nose the whole time. The feeding is continuous (the user has to mix the powder to refill). Apparently this puts the body into a state of ketosis, suppressing the appetite.

Most people who have feeding tubes have them to gain weight or because they can't take in foods orally. In my line of work these are used to help people survive.

The diet boasts weight loss of as much as twenty pounds. The calories in the nutritional supplement equal about 800 a day. Guess what! You will probably have similar initial drops in weight if you stick to an unhealthy 800 calorie diet....400 less than the minimum an adult woman should have in a day.

Obviously to have a tube inserted the person doing the procedure must be properly trained; as in, a physician. Yes, a physician! The physician who has started this weight loss phenomenon is located in Florida. If you can't find one in your area, add on travel costs to the 1500 for the procedure.

My personal opinion about this diet? Ridiculous! Physician facilitated or not, I do not agree with this. What really bothers me is the 800 calorie thing. How can I responsible physician provide such a recommendation?!

am more and more sickened by how quick people are to jump to the "easy way" when it comes to weight loss.

The recipe for weight loss is this, eat healthy and exercise. Doctors have been saying it for years. Nothing has changed. It really is not that hard!! People don't want to put in the work to get the positive, lasting results.

I think this mirrors other things in our culture. We want things and we want them NOW, in the easiest way possible. People just don't want to put forth the effort that's required of them.

Here's a thought; stop being lazy!!! The best, long-lasting method of weight loss is healthy eating; good foods, portion control. Exercise is not only a good component to weight loss but for overall health as well. It takes longer (because you are burning actual fat, not just losing water or even muscle) but it's healthy and in the end better for you (in my opinion).

On a different note, I had a proud moment today. My Mom mentioned how proud she is of me for learning all that I have about health and nutrition, for losing weight on my own. She met with a dietician recently and realized that the things the dietician said were similar to things that I do (she knew many of these, as she's a veteran nurse; a RN for years). She realized that my style of cooking is what the dietician was taking about. It felt good to hear my Mom say how proud she is and to have her realize how much time I put into learning about healthy eating. This has not only become a lifestyle, but also an area of great interest for me. I'm glad to know that someone like my Mom got a glimpse of how much extra work I've put in just learning about healthy eating.

Oh! I'm finally starting to feel better. This morning was rough but I've felt almost "normal" this evening. Maybe I will feel back to my normal self tomorrow! I'm ready for a workout... Hope my energy is back and ready for it!!


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