Monday, April 2, 2012

A Little Quiet

As you have noticed I haven't posted much lately.

Friday was a busy, sad, exhausting day. Then I took a little road trip to visit friends on Saturday afternoon/night. After I got home yesterday spent most of the day doing things around the house and just relaxing with my fur babies.

I took yesterday off from working out but was right back to it today. I did a BR workout, which I will update tomorrow if not tonight. It was a 12 minute BR with two bonuses obit was 18 minutes. Then I did the slowest treadmill walk I've done in a while.

I'm trying not to burn so many calories, because then I have to eat more which I have had trouble with. My belly fills up fast, probably partially due to all the water I drink, so sometimes eating more is physically uncomfortable. I am doing pretty well though, in terms of eating more. I feel good and am keeping as close to that 1200 net mark as possible. I'm doing much better on watching that lately.

I'm not posting a long entry this evening because I'm watching the championship game (NCAA).... Gotta cheer on my boys (Kentucky! Go Cats!). I took advantage of half time to write a quick post.

Off to cheer my boys on for the second half!! They need the extra cheers tonight... Horrible officiating.


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