Friday, April 6, 2012

Surgical Consult

I received some exciting news this morning - I am ready for surgery!! My date is only a little over a month away. My date is May 9th! If you're the praying type, please say a prayer for me that everything goes well.

My surgeon is awesome, as is his office staff. Everyone was super nice and helpful. The office location was great; easy to get to and the inside was wonderful - very nice!

I will be doing some financing because I don't just have 14,500 dollars laying around. And I absolutely refuse to ask my parents to pay for it (although my Mom has already offered to help lol). I feel like this is a huge gift for myself and what I've accomplished.

I understand the debate over surgery. I understand that had I not allowed myself to get so fat in the first place, I wouldn't be in this position. I also understand that I changed my way of living - forever. This is my reward to myself for doing that. There are many people who cannot change. And then there are those of us who do. Whether it's food, drinking, or drugs.... We are capable of change.

So. Surgery....

I will eventually have a total of four procedures done but I'm only doing two now. My surgeon also will only do two at a time, which I had been planning on.

I will be starting with a tummy tuck and liposuction on my thighs. The lipo was the "bad news" although I was kindly expecting it. My thighs still have "quite a bit of fullness." Yes this means they are still home to some fat cells. However the doctor told me that it won't be lost via further weight loss. Basically, an area I've been fighting with, wins - unless I have lipo. So I'm starting there. I do have a little excess skin on my thighs but not a lot and due to the fullness lipo is the first step. I will be having SAFE lipo, in which fat cells are broken up and then sucked out. I can then have a thigh lift in 6-12 months (or later) if I decide that I want it. The lipo might be enough to make be feel more comfortable with my thighs.

The best thing that I heard? That what's on my abdomen is mostly skin. The doc started by saying "this is all skin" and then said that there is, of course, a little fat.... But there's very little there. This was what I was most concerned about - that my belly was still housing a lot of fat and there wasn't as much skin there as I thought. How exciting to know that it IS what I thought and that my hard work has paid off.

I will also be having the skin on my arms removed at some point in the future. I will mostly likely do this when I have the thigh lift... If I have it. If not I will do another surgery and it will just be arms. The other good news? That's mostly skin too, there's a little fat there but mostly skin.

So.... I will begin my body makeover on May 9th at 8 AM (probably a little earlier for pre-op stuff). I am mote excited than nervous which is odd for me. Maybe it's because I've been through a surgery before (tonsillectomy). Or maybe it's because I'm so excited. I think it's a combo of both. I will probably still be a little anxious about the breathing tube (my obsession before my tonsillectomy).... I mean what if it stops working?! Helloooo CPR! Honestly I am my anxiety was relieved when I awakened from my tonsillectomy.

My parents (at least my Mom for sure, but sometimes a girl needs her Daddy there too) will be taking me to surgery and then home with them for at least a few days. I will be having surgery in Grand Rapids (Michigan) which is not too far away from their home; about an hour and a half away. My Mom is a registered nurse with 30-some years of experience so I know she will take good care of me. I'm sure I will have others checking on me too.

Recovery doesn't sound too bad. There will be some pain, which I expected. I should only have to take strong pain meds for a couple days abs should be fine switching to over the counter meds. I should be able to drive the next day (obviously not if I'm taking meds that make me loopy). I will have a drain under my skin and bruised thighs. I will have to wear a compression garment for at least a couple weeks. I won't be able to run or do abs and legs for a little while but he said I can walk (solo, not with my wild dogs) and because I'm not doing my arms now I can work them all day long if I want... Nothing too crazy but I can sit and do bicep and hammer curls... Just nothing that will stretch the abdomen or where I have to bend (dead lifts, presses).

The incision will take a little while to heal and I will have a little swelling but it shouldn't be long before I'm looking how I want to without anything too noticeable.... I should be in that BIKINI by July!

A question that a lot of people tend to have is "how many pounds of skin will you lose?" I forgot to ask that question. And? I'm sure it will be great even if it's just a few pounds, but this surgery is bit for weight loss. It is to fix the damage that I caused. At this point I'm okay with my weight. I am happy and healthy. I exercise and eat healthy foods. I have muscles! The numbers on the scale are just numbers. They dint define me. They don't create or destroy my happiness. Will it be nice if unload some pounds? Of course! But it's not my reason for surgery. It would just be a little perk.

I plan to start a page devoted to surgery which obviously won't be filled with much until my recovery. Now that I'm confident that what's on my belly is skin.... I may even post some "before" belly shots on here!

I'm so excited!!


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