Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Work It Out

After a week without a workout, BR kicked my butt today. It's still so amazing to me how quickly I can decondition. I feel like I pushed hard tonight. I felt exhausted and nauseated when I was done. Last time I felt that way I was sick. Luckily that was not the case this evening. As soon as I recovered and drank a protein shake, I felt better. My dinner didn't make me queasy so I'm sure how I felt was based on how I worked.

I can feel it now... Especially in my back. My legs and abs were sore during but not so much now. I hope I feel differently (soreness, please!) tomorrow.

I usually post my BR stats on my BR page but I'm going to post that info in this post. This is fairly short as was the previous post so I don't think it will be post overload or anything!

Today's workout:

Sexy Girl Crush
50/10 intervals, repeat the cycle three times.

1. Plank & leg jumps -
56, 50, 53

2. 10 high knees and 10 forward kicks -
5, 4, 4

3. Wood-chop, roll & jump -
6, 6, 5

4. Push-up, burpee, forward & backward jumps -
5, 5, 5

Girl Crush Abs
50/10 intervals

1. Downward dog plank - 12
2. Lying oblique twists - 14
3. Bent knee (ugi) switch - 12

Most of these exercises called for a ugi ball which I do not have. I just did the exercises on the ground and substituted a kettle bell for some and a weighted ball for the last abs exercise.

Great workout! I missed working out and really missed BR. I'm so happy to be back to it. Taking two weeks off for surgery will be difficult but I will be doing lots of walking as I can. I will also be doing the arm exercises that I can tolerate. I know I will be anxious to get back into the harder work!!


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