Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Even Long Weekends Don't Seem Long Enough!

It was a busy, but awesome weekend.  I got a few things accomplished and had a lot of fun with family and friends. Gooood times!

I worked out on Friday but really didn't make much time to the rest of the weekend.  Life happens and we get busy sometimes.  I was right back at it today though. I pushed a little harder than I did on my last run. I walked and ran at a faster pace. For some reason it was rough today; maybe because I didn't do anything for a few days and then bumped it up a notch?

I did stick to my healthy eating though! Of course, I did add a drink or two in there.  I didn't really log my stuff for WW though. I did a little but then not the rest. I'm back on track with it today. I think with starting it on Friday evening, going into a holiday weekend was probably not my greatest idea. BUT I'm no longer a procrastinator. If I want to make a change, I initiate it right away! I was right back to tracking today too. I know they give these extra points and I'm allowed to eat my activity points, but I'd rather not. The nice thing is that I don't HAVE to, but they're there if I need them, which is nice.  It's definitely a lot easier to do WW this time around... I am already healthy and I know what I should and shouldn't do. I'm not about to play with my points to account for bad eating habits. YUCK!! I'll use the extra points as they're needed, but I'm not going to have the mindset that they're there so I can (and will!) eat them all. I did that last time. I had success but I still wasn't healthy.  It's much different this time around.

In other news, my weight tracking day will be Saturday.  I weighed-in on Saturday and was down three pounds from when I weighed myself earlier in the week (Wednesday).  I weighed-in today because I wanted to survey the damage from the weekend. Apparently I didn't quite do the damage I thought I had. I was down a pound!! My Saturday weights are the weights that will "count" and I probably won't weigh every day. I have a history of getting too obsessive with weighing in and watching the scale, so I'm sticking to a healthy relationship with the scale.  Anyway, so today was to see what I may have done to myself and to know that I'd have to work extra hard to get my butt back in shape this week. To be lighter than Saturday was a very pleasant surprise.

The really cool thing about weighing less this morning is that I weighed about three hours earlier than I did on Saturday.  Generally, the later in the morning I weigh-in, the less I weigh.  That's pretty much common sense... It's been longer since I've eaten, I've slept a little later and therefore burned a few extra calories. Anyway, so I expected to be at least what I was on Saturday morning...Simply because it was earlier in the day.

This tells me that... My swelling is going down! Of course, my jeans actually fitting over the weekend helped show me that, but it's nice to see it on the scale.  It's been since before surgery that I could wear them.  I'm hoping that my normal work pants fit tomorrow morning! I think that getting back into exercising and being into my usual surroundings where I can eat like normal has helped too. Some might be from the swelling going down and some might be from getting back into my good habits. I'll take both, happily!!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon out on the lake on a friend's boat. It was a gorgeous day and a fun, relaxing time. Naturally I was annoyed with having to wear my compression garment, but I wore it...For most of the time.  I kept it on for a couple hours and then took it off for a couple hours. I decided that if it's okay to take it off for that time to wash and dry it, then it was okay. I could definitely feel that it was time to put it back on though. My tummy and legs were so sore when we got done. I can't imagine that was just from sitting on and walking around the boat. My legs get sore from sitting for too long, but that's usually just at work. I'm thinking the soreness was from not wearing that garment for a little while. I'm a stickler about wearing it anyway, but that helped to show me that as much as it annoys me sometimes, I need it.  At my follow-up appointment the surgeon said I need to wear it for four more weeks and then I think I can take it off at night (or maybe that's now). I don't remember, but regardless I'll probably continue to wear it most of the time. The four weeks would be up on June 8th. My next appointment is July 6th.  I'm pretty sure that aside from having it off for summer fun, I'll wear it.  I just want to be sure everything heals properly and falls into place like it should. My body seemed extra jiggly yesterday but that might just be because I'm so used to having everything be tightened up. Either way, this thing stays until the doc says I absolutely do not need it at all.

Anyway... I suppose that's my update for now. I'm sure I'll be back, with some topic of another, tomorrow!


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