Thursday, May 24, 2012

Facing A Fear

Today is day sixteen post-op, and I've stopped posting daily (haha or close to daily) comments regarding my progress. I think I'll go back to regular blogs and maybe just do something weekly for a while, then eventually monthly for a while.

I decided that the best way for me to get back into exercise is by starting slowly. It's not because I have been off for two weeks. It's because of the fact that I'm healing.  I was told that I was on a two week restriction for running or anything more than some walking. I'm past that so I can run again. Honestly? I am afraid. I want to run, I want to get back to feeling the burn, but I'm afraid to start. Sure the doc told me two weeks, and it's been two...But WHAT IF it's still too soon for me? Yup, the what-ifs...They hang out in my mind a lot, for good and bad reasons. When did I become so anxious?!

In starting slow I am going to do C25K again and alternate it with walking. I'm going to start C25K on the  treadmill. Oddly I'm looking forward to using it. Maybe because I'll be in the comfort of my own home. If I have to stop, I'll be in a safe area. Or if I start having pain or something, I won't have to worry about getting home.  Now, C25K starts slowly. I'm thinking I only have to jog for 60 seconds at a time. Easy. Even without doing much of anything for two weeks, alternating jogging for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds would be easy. It's the healing that I'm worried about.

A couple of my co-workers who live near me go for walks almost nightly, so I thought it would be good to join them...Then I will actually stick to C25K and take the cross training days for JUST walking, no running...For now anyway! Plus it'll be socialization, which is nice. I really don't have any "friends" in the town I live in (they are only a short drive away though), so it'll be nice to see some other faces during the week. Eventually I'll bring the "kids" (dogs) but I'm not doing that for a while. I don't want to risk anything with their wild pulling and running.  I'll probably wait at least a month longer before I walk the dogs.  I may even wait until after my 6 week follow-up to make sure I'm on track with healing.

I also want to do some strengthening exercises. I'm going to start small there too; do what seems easy as I get back into it. I'd love to bust out a BR today, but I know that's not going to be possible for a little while yet. Instead? I'm going to do some squats and lunges. I think my legs are ready to handle that.  I also want to get into some ab exercises again. My tummy tuck did not involve my muscles, so that's not a worry. My worry is moving too much or in a way that will spilt the incision open or some horrific thing like that. So...I will do so planks.  Planks work the abs, but shouldn't stretch me too much, especially forward planks! I'll probably do a few of those....Maybe hold for 30 seconds, the rest, repeat.  I was a little concerned about side planks and how they may stretch me, but I can do a modified version, using my bottom leg for support in the plank. That way I won't be stretching too far. Obviously I'm just going to have to try things out and see what will work. If something feels uncomfortable, it won't be an exercise I can do and I'll have to think of something else. I should be able to handle push-ups, and of course some curls and such.

I think I worry because I just want to make sure I do everything the way I'm supposed to. I don't want to risk doing something that will slow down my healing or cause a problem.  I'm not a risk-taker anyway, so I'm not surprised that I'm not wanting to take a risk now! 

I definitely NEED to get back into exercising. The longer I'm off, the easier it is to get away from. Past experience reminds me of this. I miss it too... Not as much as I thought I would, but that's probably because I've been wrapped up like a mummy, have had a little pain, and have been so tired. It's not easy to miss while recovering. Now though I am starting to become antsy. I'm ready to start again. So....Today will be my first day of C25K again.

I wrote out a list of all the strengthening moves that I should be able to do. I varied the moves to work different body parts and so that I'm not doing all of one muscle group at a time. If it gets to be too much, I will only do the push-ups, legs and abs, then leave arms for tomorrow to do with abs again. Since my ab work is only planks, it won't be hard to do daily if I can handle them. I'll use 10 pound weights. Depending on how I feel at the end of the circuit, I'll repeat it. I don't want to sound too ambitions for day one!

Here is my plan for today, all written out for me (and the world) to see...

C25K W1D1 (30 minutes)

10 push-ups
20 squats
10 lunges  - right
10 lunges - left
30 second plank
30 second side plank - right
30 second side plank - left
60 second wall sit
15 bicep curls
15 hammer curls
15 bent over rows
15 tricep dips

I think that's a good, slow start for now.  Half the battle is actually doing it. Fear, please step aside, I'm going to workout...

I'll report my results later!


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