Thursday, May 24, 2012

Post-Op Workout One...DONE!

I survived my first workout, and made it through the entire thing without too much trouble.

I started with C25K W1D1 (plus an extra five minutes) and ran much slower than normal. At some points I felt like I was just walking fast and with a bounce.  I did about a 14 minute mile. It wasn't a matter of cardio or breathing that was slowing me down. It wasn't my tummy. It was my legs. I did not expect them to be so sore. I'm still bruised and tender from surgery so when I tried to go faster, it hurt more. If I kept it at a slower pace the pain was pretty mild.  At that point it felt like I was bumping the bruises against something.  I think it's because I have big thighs. Even with the fat suctioned out, I feel like they are still giant.  I also have a big booty. So... All of that bouncing is probably what caused it.  Either way, I did a little running and it felt good.

Oddly I burned more calories and worked up more of a sweat than I expected, especially at such a slow pace.  I guess having over two weeks off makes a pretty big difference!

After that, I was feeling pretty good so I decided to tackle the ST list I posted a little earlier. I did everything, plus I added 15 tricep dips at the end. I had a little trouble with squats but I think it was more that I felt awkward rather than sore. I decided to put more pressure on my incision area, and then the squats didn't feel any different. I guess I'm just used to having a little extra support with the garnment. Oh, I took it off during my workout becuase I thought it would be better to have it off for a shorter period of time working out, rather than having to wash it and let it dry later on. which would've taken much longer. This way I am wearing it longer. This stupid thing is becoming like a safety net! I just want to make sure that everything heals properly and that the swelling goes down like it should.  The less I have it off, the better.

I ended up doing 20 push-ups instead of 10 because I did them on my knees.  When I went into push-up position and lowered myself down, I felt like there was too much pull on my abdomen. I was fine in plank, but that's probably because I was holding still.  I did not modify my side planks like I thought I might. I started with a knee down and then popped up to a normal side plank. No problems with any of the planks and I held them for the full 30 seconds. Not bad for not doing anything in a little while!

I only did the circuit once through, which was enough. I'm sure I may have been able to do a little more, but my Mom called in my second to last exercise, so I decided I'd rather make my protein shake and call her back while I drank it.  I think that it was a fine decision. I feel good and I know I worked, and didn't over-do it. 

I'd say workout one was a success!


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