Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Something New, Something Fun

Let's talk fun first...

After my workout yesterday I decided that the 5K I had previously talked about doing is something that I am going to do. Knowing that it is two weeks away, I'm going into it to do my best. I'm going to (TRY) to let my competitive nature go and just have fun with it. I'll still push myself, but if I don't beat my time from last year, that's okay. If I am slow this year, that's okay. Just because it's a race doesn't mean I have to get all crazy competitive (mostly with myself than anyone else). I can do it just for fun; just to get out and have a nice, early morning walk/jog. I'll be a month post-op at that point, so I will be realistic and not have any crazy expectations. I'll do what I can do; what feels comfortable. I'm happy I decided to do it...I mean, if I can WALK, I can do a 5K, even if I have to walk most of it!

I also decided to do the Color Run. I've been thinking about it and today organized a team and registered. That will be toward the end of the summer so I'm thinking I will be able to run a bit more by then; or at least better than I will be in June! This run is simply just for fun. It is not timed, so that competitive component won't be there. People walk it. People run it. People do a mix of both. The Color Run is just about having fun and getting a little exercise.

I think it'll be a blast! Participants wear white shirts (some shorts) and every so often get blasted with colored powder. The website describes it as being in a powdered sugar fight! How fun would that be!? Except you just get blasted and don't throw it back! There are different lanes too....I'm sure I'll hit the high color lanes because...Why not!? They do a little after party, so that should be fun. So far my team is a mix of my cousin, an old friend and her daughter (possibly her sister too), and a new friend and her sister. I've had other friends express interest who will participate if they're available that day. I am so excited!! I can't wait - but I will because I certainly do not want to rush the summer!!

As far as what's new...

I decided that I'd sign up for Weight Watchers today. I'll be doing it on-line for a few months to see how it goes. I lost my first 55 pounds on Weight Watchers. I'd call it a success...Even though it took two WW attempts and a few years to do that. The great thing is that I kept it off. I never let my weight go back up.
And, my eating the last two weeks was definitely NOT as healthy as it usually is. I wouldn't be surprised if I gained a pound or two from unhealthy eating and little activity.

When I did WW in the past I didn't really practice being healthy. I knew that as long as i stayed in my WW points, I was good. While it worked, it didn't teach me what I needed to know. I still ate junk, and if I went over, I used my flex points. Sometimes I saved them for a night of drinking (usually every week). Or if I ate a fast food meal, then I just didn't eat much the rest of the day. Clearly my habits were still unhealthy and I didn't learn what I needed to.

Now I know about being healthy. I know that it's not a good idea to eat my daily points in nothing but junk. I know that I can eat a lot more if I stick with healthy foods. I thought that since I am so close to my goal weight (after the swelling and such from surgery goes down, I will have lost about 10 pounds compared to pre-op), WW might be a good thing to try for a while. By the way, the swelling could take three months or more, so I'm not rushing any loss right now. After the loss of that, I would like to lose maybe another 10-15 pounds. We'll see... I do have some under arm skin but that's probably not more than a pound or two (if I had to guess). I do expect to be able to lose a little weight as I heal and the swelling goes down. I mean, if I'm taking steps for loss, I should be losing, at least a little right? I may not hit the goal as fast as I'd like, but I'm sure I'll have some odd drops along the way as I heal. It's not going to be all of the sudden after three months, I'll drop the ten pounds. I just want to combine the loss from the swelling with a gradual, healthy regular loss.

I suppose today was a day of decision making for me. Wow! They're not huge decisions but I definitely decided on a few things today. It feels good... I'm back to being active and healthy. I like having those 5K goals to work toward. I know that I'll do better in August than in June, even though it won't be timed. I guess it'll just help me feel like I'm working toward something as I heal.

I can't wait to see the changes as I continue through the healing process!


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