Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Five to Ten

As I noted in an earlier post, after my 5K I felt like I could've ran farther. I am sure that I would have been able to do the 10K. I took it slow, but did better than I thought I would with little training and being a month post-op!! My mission was to just do this race for fun... I had no time goal. I was okay with walking if I had to.  I decided to try a slower pace and see how I did and I was able to jog the entire race. I may have been slow, but I'm happy to be able to say that I ran the entire 3.1 miles. It may not seem like much to an experienced runner, but I was pleased. That's the longest distance I've ran at one time in quite a while!

A friend told me about another upcoming 5K and I've been thinking of doing it.  She recently heard that there would also be a 10K race that day too.  Since I felt so good with having jogged the 3.1 without much difficulty I thought that maybe I should start training for a 10K.  This is double the distance, so naturally I won't just go into it like I did the 5K...With only two weeks of training and not having focused on running for a while even before surgery.

I'm going to follow Hal Higdon's running plan. It doesn't have any set times like a previous plan that I did, and is definitely an "at your own pace" type of thing.  This will be good for me because I just have to run a certain distance. There's no time to watch and I won't feel like I have to run the entire distance within that set time (which I have never done with the other program).  I've contemplated a different program before but decided I liked the time constraint....I think maybe that was because I knew I'd never make it in the allotted time and I used it more for a calorie burning activity.  I've finally accepted that I'm slow and as far as I can tell I won't be winning any races. Ever. Just getting out and doing them makes me feel good. The new goal is to run a 10K....6.2 miles at once. I'm not going to push myself too hard and if I have to walk, I will walk as necessary, but I'm really going to strive for running the whole thing; slow or not!

As much as I love BR and am excited to get back into them, I'm not going to do BR every day...Unless of course I start doing two-a-days again. I doubt it though. Even though BR is only 12 minutes (in general) I don't see myself getting up early enough to do it daily. I stay up too late, and need my sleep!! I'm going to use BR for my strength days; and maybe add in an extra one on cross training days.

So, that's the new workout plan of action. 5K training was my plan and after that, I didn't really have a plan other than jogging/walking/bodyrock as I wanted to.  I think it'll be good to have a new guide to follow, especially with a goal in mind!

My eating has NOT been good lately. I'm doing WW again and I'm having trouble sticking to my daily points. I know that using the extra points and activity points is "allowed" but I really want to improve my eating. Last weekend I had fast food and ate out. The fast food that I ate left me feeling a bit sick...Sluggish, blah, and bloated. YUCK! This is why I do not eat fast food. I'm not happy that I had to remind myself of that...I should have just avoided it in the first place. Oh well...It's life!

Anyway, I really want to eat JUST my daily points for WW through the week. It's pretty much a given that I'll use the extra points on the weekend...Maybe even all of them. I definitely do not want to tap into my activity points. I work hard to get those and don't want to waste them on food!!

I've been doing okay on WW; slowly losing weight and getting back to where I was. I think I gained more than I realized when I was off because it's been a month and I'm not down nearly as far as I thought I'd be after surgery! I only weighed myself once and wasn't up that high, but I don't think it was all swelling. I also realize I still have swelling, but it seems that I should be losing more weight than I am.  Maybe I just have no idea how to judge that.  For having ten pounds taken off of me, I'm definitely not down very much...And not as much as I would expect.  I'm going to try my hardest to stay healthy and within these WW points. I'm trying to fill up on fruits and veggies because, not only are those free, they're good for me and I haven't been eating enough of them lately. 

Here's to clean eating and a new training plan!!


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