Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just Walking

With my training detailed this week, I'm pretty much just walking. I need to run too but for the next couple days my focus is on length of time rather than intensity. I really don't know why but it's nice to change things up a bit.

I will also include biking over the next couple days. Today I'm walking for at least an hour and will bike (a little later this evening) for 30 minutes. I'm still fighting against the weekend and need to make up a few points.

Again do not run yourself ragged trying to exercise away a bad couple days. It really doesn't work. Exercise is highly important for your health but weight loss starts with what you put into your body.

I'm just being obsessive about how mt points look. No one else sees any of that stuff so I'm not trying to make myself look like I was good. I just want to see it where I'd like it. I don't expect exercise to erase the weekend. It's benefitting my body though, and that's good enough for me! I'm bit going to excess or anything. Just getting in some good sweaty time.

My eating has been great the last two days. I still feel the sodium in my system though. I've been drinking my water do hopefully in a couple days my fingers and toes won't feel quite as puffy.

I bought groceries yesterday so that I could restock the house... For a bit anyway. I mostly bought fresh fruits and veggies, and meat for the week.", and that stuff doesn't last long. It's crazy how much I can spend on fresh, healthy foods. I'd rather pay the price to eat healthy foods now rather than paying for the effects of too much junk later!

I was on a cinnamon and sugar toast kick for a while. Not good. Tooooo many bad carbs and such are lurking in sugar. My bread is always whole grain but topped with a little butter (even if it is light) and sugar, it doesn't matter much. The good news is I haven't had that in about a week. I haven't craved it. Talking about it dies t make me want to jump off the treadmill and eat it. So that's good.

Anyway... Exercise...

I get tired of doing the same thing all the time. Usually my thing is running. Even though the training plan includes CT and ST I'm just not feeling like running. I am looking forward to doing it again though.

Saturday begins my new week for WW points and is also the day I've used as my weigh-in day for ages. On Saturday I will get back into my usual workout routine too.

My plan, which hopefully doesn't go awry, is to run and do some ST on Saturday morning. Since it will have been a week and a say without a run, I anticipate some walking. I can't believe how fast my running stamina goes down. Running is definitely something I need to do continuously.

I have to say I like being able to walk and blog at the same time. It's a good time saver and it's a great way to make boring treadmill time go by! I'm writing from my phone so it takes longer which ends up bring a good thing for me... At least while I walk on the treadmill.

I'm hoping my allergies aren't going crazy at the end of the week. I'd the weather wound stay about the same I think that would help. My allergies act up with the changes. Then my sinuses get all irritated and I feel yucky. Running outside doesn't always work out for me. Sometimes running by a certain plant will cause problems.

Some chemicals do it too. I was not feeling great yesterday but I wasn't as bad as I was last night or today. I noticed the change in my head as someone was cleaning an office at work. Whatever that spray is gets me every stinkin' time. When what sounds like too much is used, it's even worse. That was yesterday. My throat still hurts.

Now that I've sounded whiney... Which wasn't my intention or the tone with which I wrote (was just saying), I suppose I'll wrap this up. I'm not done with my walk yet, but I am much closer than I was when I started!!


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