Wednesday, June 6, 2012

No Post for a Week!

I'm slacking; seriously slacking. I can't believe my last post was a week ago; and the last thing posted was food. Oh my....Someone has been slipping.  Lately I've had intentions of posting, but then something else distracts me; a phone call, falling asleep on the couch, or online fun like Pinterest.

Of course I have been busy lately too, so by the time I get around to thinking about posting it's late. I was busy last weekend and this week I've gotten back into outdoor runs. Oh my! This is only week two of being back into the running habit following surgery and Monday was my first outdoor run in four weeks. Monday was...Difficult.  I've been taking it slow, doing C25K again. This would be week three of C25K, but only my second FULL week of running. Anyway, so I've not been back in the swing of things for very long and have been alternating walking and running. I didn't workout or run last Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. So... Three days between runs and my first outdoor run made Monday a bit of a beast. I ran/walked farther than I have been; farther than a 5K, and for a longer period of time than I had been. I do believe I ran more outside on Monday than the total time of each workout on the treadmill before then.

As of now C25K is out the window. With the 5K being this week, I'm going to run what I can/as long as I can and walk as I need to. I know that because of my time off I'm not ready to push my hardest but I'll do my best; at least for what my best is NOW. It'll take a while to get back to where I was, but I'll keep working back up to i.

Yesterday I didn't run... My cousin went with me and she refuses to run and couldn't find her tennis shoes so she was wearing flip flops. Flip flops are not exactly the best for jogging. I  did run a tiny bit of our walk. There are a couple hills on the 5K route that are kind of beastly. They don't look like it, but the one is pretty steep. After running for a while, it was a hard hill (for me) last year.

Today's run was a little shorter than what I've been doing, but I pushed. It would've been easy to take a day off but I decided that I could squeeze it in! I  With the 5K only a few days away I decided I should runhad to make it quick because it's my grandparents' anniversary and we went out for dinner. They don't like to eat too late, soooo I had to hurry to get to town and run so that I could shower before dinner. I guess I could've gone to dinner like a hot sweaty mess but that's not really how I like to present myself. .  I'm not sure if I'll run on Friday evening or not.... I'm only doing a 5K so it's not like running a few miles on Friday night will exhaust me or anything.  My cousin will walk with me anytime, so maybe we'll do a longer route, but less intense (a walk).

Not long ago I wasn't going to anything as far as this event is considered; not even the 5K. Back when it was announced I was really excited that they added a 10K this year.  I wasn't ready to do a half marathon yet so I thought that the 10K would be a good thing to do. Then with surgery, my thoughts changed.  Then after surgery and I saw that I was feeling better, I decided to register for the 5K, thinking that even if I had to walk, I would do it. 

NOW? I'm thinking I should've registered for the 10K, even if I had to walk some of it, which at this point is inevitable. Here I am getting ready for this 5K and thinking, "it's three miles...I've been doing more than that this week. Why didn't I do the stinkin' six miles?" I know that my abilities prior to surgery would've allowed me to do the 10K, with walking.  6.2 miles is not that far. Just before surgery I ran/walked 5, and only stopped then because...I didn't really know my distance and due to the amount of time I had. Yesterday my cousin and I walked 4.5 miles.  The day before I ran/walked 4.1, and could've gone farther. Those distances aren't much for me.  Today was a shorter distance but that was for the sake of time.  Here I am...Kind of bummed that I'm not doing the 10K because I know I can do it. I've done more than six miles many times before. The 5K will be "easy" in terms of walking/jogging. I feel a bit like I'm selling myself short or I'm taking the easy way out.

I suppose it's a good place to start again though. It's crazy how much I deconditioned in two weeks off. I need to run often to keep my running flow going. Even a few days off last weekend made me decondition enough that Monday was hard (although the first outdoor, non-treadmill in a month may have contributed). The other good thing is that I have several friends who are also doing the 5K. I only know of a few doing the 10K. I think that it'll be good to have friends with me. Some I'll start with but I'm sure they'll leave me behind at some point (as they should!). I also know of others who are walking, so I may walk with them for a while. I'm really going to rely on the friends who will be running some of it for support and encouragement. They don't know it, but they're going to help me keep going when I may want to stop.  I know I can run farther than I'll let myself on my own. 

A few things that I'll remember for this 5K...

Do not drink a travel cup of coffee (16 ounces) and a bottle of water before the race. I think that last year around mile 1.5 I had to stop and walk because I had side stitches. I knew better than to drink too close to race time but I guess I thought I'd be fine. I most definitely didn't give myself enough time between drinking my beverages and running.

Do not try to run too fast. A slow, steady jog is just fine. I'm just getting back into it. I don't need an awesome time. I don't even need to "beat" my time from last year, although I'd like to. I don't even remember exactly what it is, but I remember it being longer than I thought it would (probably thanks to those fabulous side stitches).

Do not try to compete. Even though it's a race, I'm not actually racing. I'm doing this to help get back on track with running; it was a short-term goal post-op. I'm also doing this to have fun and get some exercise. I'm not the best runner in the world; I don't expect to get a "place." I know my body and I know how fast I can run, which isn't fast. I run for exercise and because I enjoy it. I'm not a competitive runner. My mile time is about 12 minutes, not nine.

On another note, recovery is going well. Today is exactly four weeks from my surgery date! My swelling is going down and I can wear most of my pre-op pants. For some reason some of my jeans want to be obnoxious and not fit. Others will. I did a little shopping over the weekend and bought some shorts that are a size smaller than my general pre-op size was. They fit without any trouble. I know that I still have swelling so I know my body will continue to get "smaller" as the time passes. My dress size pre-op was a small to medium depending on the dress, but generally a medium.

This weekend every medium I tried on was too big. Three new dresses; all size small. As with shirts, this could be depending on the cut and style.  Of course, only one of them was a little flowy. The others were casual dresses but not super flowy. In fact one was a knit material that clung to my curves. Pre-op a small would not have looked as good. The other wasn't knit (more of a linen/cotton mix I think...) but was similar in fit. A medium would've been necessary before.  It's amazing how not having two big skin folds can make things look different. I don't know if it's swelling or the compression garment or just how my tummy will be, but I do have a bit of a tummy yet...It just seems to curve outward. I think the garment makes it look different than it would without. I'm not at my "final" results yet so I'm just going to keep on monitoring my progress, living healthy, and watching the changes take place, even if they're small.

My incision is healing nicely. I don't see any signs of infection or poor healing. I take care of myself though, so that wasn't really a concern of mine. Although, you never know... Sometimes infections occur when people do everything correctly.

I'd say for a month post-op, I'm doing well!!


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  1. I will do the 10K with you next year if you are game!!!