Thursday, June 21, 2012

These Lumps!

I took a picture of my lumps and posted it on my FB fan page last night.  I've been slightly obsessed with these lumps lately.  They are nearly driving me crazy. I keep poking at and squeezing them. Then last night I had to go and look in the mirror and then take a picture, which I cannot seem to stop looking at.  My thighs seem to bulge out quite a bit where those lumps are (inner side, near my knee). When I squeeze the inner thighs there's definitely still a bit of tenderness. I looked and realized I did have a drainage hole (more like a slit) cut in that area. I thought that they were only behind my knees but these are a bit more to the side. I didn't even realize that they were there.

Naturally my obsession with it lead me to google to see what I could figure out. I believe I mentioned this in a previous blog but maybe not in as much detail.

It's early.  At this point, there still might be some swelling.

Seromas....The build-up of fluid. Swelling is excess fluid, however this is a collection of fluid that lasts, and is most noticeable after the initial swelling starts to go down. Massage should help. It will more than likely just go away on its own as time goes by. It's pretty common (so much so that it is considered "normal" on the inner-thighs).

Necrotic fat. Areas of the melted (now dead) fat cells that collected/were not suctioned out. This happens just because getting very little bit suctioned out is very difficult. There's going to be a little left over. Eventually the dead fat will be reabsorbed by the body; processed through the liver and kidneys like anything else. It won't turn into regular fat cells again; it's been destroyed. This is the second possible option.

They could be hematomas (collections of blood), but that's probably not the case.

The most likely of those is that they are seromas. Nothing to worry about, really. I guess they're just more of a nuisance than anything else. If they're too bad, the doctor can aspirate them with a needled to help shrink them. I also read that sometimes a needle is poked in and aspiration is attempted to see what they really are. If fluid comes out, the doctor will know that they're seromas.  Some doctors may not do this at all to figure it out....An experienced surgeon is well aware of what these things are like and will most likely be able to diagnose without aspiration. From what I read, aspiration is only done if it's difficult to figure out what the bumps are. 

I know that my mind will be eased when I see my surgeon....July 6th....Two more weeks.  I'm zeroing in on this area of my body because it's bothering me. I know they're there, and I'm pretty sure they might be causing my thighs to look a little bigger. I'm not worried about them causing any problems. It's honestly more of a cosmetic thing... I don't like how they are making my thighs look.  I got lipo to make my thighs look smaller and I feel like these lumps are making them look ugly (although they are a bit smaller). I'm still healing so I'm trying not to focus too much on them, but it's hard... Especially when you have surgery to make yourself look better. 

I know it's pre-mature to say that I still do not like my thighs, but I don't. I've pretty much decided that next year I'll be getting a thigh lift and brachioplasty.  I had an idea that lipo on it's own wouldn't correct my thighs to the extent that I'd like. It's too bad that I had to do the lipo first. It would've been much nicer to be able to do the lift right away, but there was quite a bit of fat that had to be removed first, so lipo it was. There's still quite a bit of...Stuff, I guess, on my thighs. Some is skin, which will continue to tighten as I heal. I can lift the excess up, or sort of push it up, to reveal a smaller thigh. I want smaller thighs. Thigh lift? Yes, please. 

This isn't a new notion; I'd been planning on it before.  The surgeon said that I might be satisfied after lipo. If I am, great. If not, then a thigh lift would be done at a later time. So far? I'm not; obviously. I've planned on brachioplasty to get rid of the excess arm skin, so I'll be doing that too. I'm waiting just over a year. I plan on doing this in the fall...When it isn't so hot. This compression garment has made life difficult at times. I do not want to go through even part of another summer having to wear something similar. I think waiting until it's a little cooler (but before nasty weather comes!) is a good idea....That way, I'll have an extra layer for warmth! :)

I'll continue to obsess about these lumps. I'll obsess over them even after my next appointment. unless they're aspirated away; which I'm honestly hoping for...needle included! I'd rather endure a couple pokes of a needle than have the lumps hanging around. I know I'm still healing and even if they are aspirated, it'll take a while before the swelling is completely gone, but they'd be gone. Knowing my luck, I'll just have to wait for them to go away on their own, which I suppose is okay. I'm just a tad impatient sometimes so if given an option for them to go away sooner, I'd take it. It's not just because they're ugly and making my thighs bulge. I know that they're there and can't stop touching those areas. If they're gone, I'm certain I won't be so distracted by my thighs.... Unless of course I look at them in the mirror and am dissatisfied.

Whining aside, I am happy with my results thus far. I have moments when I'm like "ugh...really? I still look like that?" but I know that it will only get better. It's just been six weeks...I've got at least double that before most of the results will show.



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