Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Training Derailed.

I did not follow my 10k training plan on Saturday or Monday. I had a super busy but extra super fun weekend and didn't find the time. Due to traffic (accident, detour, construction) my drive home took a couple extra hours. And I was pretty much exhausted by last night.

I'm not sure how I did it but somehow I managed to pull a muscle (I think) just above my hip. I probably did it lifting or carrying something this weekend. Or even in my sleep. I've managed to break a few toes on my sleep do I'm sure I'm capable of pulling a muscle.

I'm taking the week off from the actual training and starting fresh. I am not taking it completely off from exercise though. I burned through my WW points over the weekend so I've gotta earn some back.

That being said,never exercise just so you can eat unhealthy foods or to make up for eating unhealthy foods. I am only concerned because of points. Not because I'm trying to erase some damage. That doesn't work. As I've said before weight loss is more about what you eat.

I didn't eat a large quantity of food over the weekend but as far as health is concerned it wasn't good quality. Drinks didn't help either. This was a special occasion (trip to the city with my cousin for two awesome concerts and a little shopping). We did a lot of walking which was good. Walking for hours each day was probably my saving grace. It wasn't fitness walking but I'm not a slow walker either so I earned some points.

Points aside I can feel that I ate out all weekend (Friday night - Monday). I can feel the fluid retention from excess sodium. Yuck!!

I'm actually doing a lighter walk as I write this (so forgive any typos please). My hip is rather sore, and it seems to be moving to my back as I walk, so I thought running was not the best idea. I'm on the treadmill which is super boring. If it wasn't so loud I'd probably be chatting on my phone instead of blogging. Of course talking is harder than moving my thumb around my screen. For once I'm pleased to have autocorrect to catch most of my typos... As long as it doesn't change things so that they're odd and nonsensical. Anyway, this is definitely helping to pass the time. I'm dad I don't have cable in my basement though. I am missing one of my guilty pleasure TV shoes... Pretty Little Kiats. Pretty sure that's directed toward teens and early twenty somethings. Oh well.

So.. The concerts were great!! Saturday night we saw Sugarland. Lauren Alaina (from American Idol I heard,,, haven't watched that in years) opened for them. She was awesome. And for being 17, what a voice!!

Sunday night we saw Ted Nugent, Styx (who I love) and my favorite band REO Speedwagon. Lots of fun! We met some awesome new people and had a lot of fun.

I love any weekend, or day for that matter, in the city!

The shopping was fun too, of course. I visited my favorite, BCBG, and bought a couple cute things. I was there a few weeks ago do not much was different. I made what was probably my last trip to the Betsey Johnson store. Sadness. I got a few cute things there so I'm glad I was able to find something.

There were lots of other typical stops too.

And then there was Akira. I live that store! I didn't buy anything last time I was there but I'm constantly checking out their website. This weekend I made my first in-store purchases. And ohhhh were they lovely!! A couple neon pieces? Oh yes. And a crazy crop top that my cousin and Dominic (best sales guy ever!) assured me was flattering. I was nervous but my cousin is not one to say something is cute if it isn't. Then there's the amazing new LBD that is sheer and has tulle around the bottom. I got quite a few cute pieces there (everywhere actually). My cousin and I bought some metallic leggings and now I'm not quite sure why.

At first I was annoyed about having to get a couple things in a large instead of a medium (especially since some smalls fit) but I got over it. Everything is cut differently and obviously their stuff must run a little small. What was important was that it was cute and looked good (some very flattering according to my new pal Dominic). The L on the label doesn't matter. The fact that I looked awesome and felt amazing did.

I suppose.... Off to finish this walk am then accomplish something! Hope you all had a great weekend and a week that's even better!


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