Friday, June 29, 2012

The Week's End!

I had an amazing weekend last weekend, but I am so glad that the week is over. I am ready to start fresh with my points and get back on track with my 10K training.

I'm getting tired of walking. These hour long treadmill walks just are not very much fun. I could go outside but it is sooo hot this week. If I just walk outside I like to take my dogs and it's a little too hot for them. I think they enjoy the escape to my cool basement too. They love to be around me and generally lay down on the floor while I walk, run, or bike. Sometimes I tell at them while I walk. Anyway as long as the afternoons are hot I'll be on the treadmill. Plus an hour walk outside in my town could be rather boring. Maybe even as boring as the treadmill.

I've definitely worked hard the last few days but I'm sad that I probably won't see much benefit in terms of weight thanks to my splurge-filled weekend. It was fun but I feel as though I've been detoxing all week. The plus side? I've gotten lots of exercise! I'll also end the week with unused activity points do that makes me feel like the work I've put in wasn't totally erased. It also helps to remind me that a crazy weekend is okay now and then but it's definitely not something I want to do all the time.

I may have a meal out or go out for drinks but it is usually in moderation. Last week was too much of both. Although we didn't eat a lot, it wasn't the healthiest. I think I finally have the excess sodium flushed out of my system. I don't feel as puffy.

I called the doctor's office back today and let them know I'd like to keep my appointment because of the hardened bulging areas. The receptionist was totally awesome about it and asked if I was having pain or anything. Luckily I'm not, unless I poke at or press on them. If I had pain I'd have called a couple weeks ago.

I'm glad I'll know what's going on next week. Hopefully it's nothing abnormal and the lumps will go away on their own. If not I guess I'll have to get them tested or something. After reading about possibly having them aspirated I'm a little nervous. I'm not horrible with needles but I definitely don't enjoy having them stuck into me to see what comes out. I'm a big girl though. I'll suck it up. I think my Mom's going too do if need be, I'll have my Mommy there. Of course I would probably do better without her. I'm sure I'm more of a baby when she's around!

I guess that's about it. I'm walking. Iw and will bike a little later. My eating has been good today... In fact it's been so good that I am finally going to be able to have pasta for dinner. I've wanted it all week but other yummy things popped up during the day leaving me without enough points to have it.

I'm making whole grain spaghetti with some turkey sausage, and spaghetti sauce of course. I can even have a little Parmesan - Romano cheese on it. I'll have a salad with fat free Italian dressing in the side. It sounds so good I kinda want to go eat right now! However I have to finish this hour. It should be a little cooler when I'm done so it won't be as hot when I cook... I hope! At least the oven won't be in. That really heats things up!

I'm looking forward to running tomorrow morning. If the weather is decent I'll go outside. Otherwise I will run in the treadmill. At least when I run time passes faster. Then again I don't run as long as I walk, so that's pretty obvious.

Hope you have had an excellent week and that your weekend is off to a gray start! Happy Friday!!!


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