Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dietary Changes.

Today marked the first day of my new eating plan.  It went pretty well.

Eating wasn't too big of a deal, although I wish I had more food in my refrigerator. I usually shop every other Sunday, but I skipped my shopping day to spend the day on the river instead. By the time I was done, I was tired, hungry (ate dinner at my parents' house) and definitely wasn't feeling up to shopping.

I was limited in my food choices.

Luckily I had boiled some eggs last week and had some left. I had raisins and two hard boiled eggs for breakfast.  Then for lunch I used some of the eggs and made some egg salad, which I ate on its own. I also had some natural applesauce with it.  Dinner was simple too; some crackers and hummus, and some veggies...Light, but good. By the time I got home, I wasn't really feeling like cooking much. Most of the recipes I've found call for a bit more cooking time. I'll try that tomorrow when I have a bit more time.

Processed foods have been purged from my refrigerator and cupboards (mostly). I had some dairy that I won't be eating anymore that I bagged up and left in a refrigerator at my Dad's business.  If he or my Mom don't want it, I'll be looking to see if someone else wants it. A friend said she'd be interested in trying the fat-free cheese but I probably won't be able to connect with her until the weekend. I also discovered that my yogurt isn't organic so I'll be giving that to my parents. I know my Mom will eat it. I do still have some canned things to get rid of, but those last longer than the dairy stuff so I'll probably take that up to my parents this weekend. I think I just decided that they're my food dumping ground. I'm sure they'll make use of it. I just don't want to throw it out (what a waste) so I might as well give it away. 

Shopping wasn't too much different. Other than making sure things are organic (a little label reading helps!) or not highly processed, I bought a lot of the same things I usually do.  I guess I was closer to eating in this manner than I thought.  I'll be trying some new things an I'm sure I'll have some new cooking adventures, so that should be....Fun and interesting. I'm hoping that some of these recipes are so wonderful that I can bake without white flour or sugar (using honey, for example, as a natural sweetener).

Day one went well and wasn't much different from an average day for me. I just had to be careful that things were organic, but that really wasn't difficult.

I'm getting excited for The Color Run this Sunday. It's a 5K (not timed) that I'm doing for fun. I will, most likely, walk it. My cousin is one of my team members and she doesn't want to run. I'm pretty sure that rather than leaving her behind, I'll probably just walk with her.  I'm excited to wear silly outfits and be covered in powdered color.  I'm not all that excited about having to get up super early (the run is about an hour and a half away and I will need to make sure I'm there with enough time to park so we'll probably leave two hours before it starts).  There's nothing like getting up at 5 AM on a Sunday....Right!?  We're meeting the rest of our team at 7:30 at a location not far from the starting line.

I have a family reunion after the run, which I'll be home for pretty much right on time...Maybe a little late. I'm sure my family will think that our colorful outfits are....interesting. Fortunately it's usually a small group and I know them well, so they won't think I'm too crazy! I'll wear my crazy, colorful outfit with pride - no matter who sees me!

I am a bit nervous about what to eat at the reunion. I'm pretty sure that there will be foods full of processed ingredients. My guess is there will be more of those than there will be of what I want to eat. Oh well, that just means more thinking for me.  I'll probably make a couple things that are not processed ahead of time and have my Mom take them for me.  Hmmm...Or maybe I can find an easy recipe and convince her to make a thing or two for me. I'm sure if I have some crackers (Triscuits are "real food" approved by the way), hummus, and some fresh organic fruits and veggies I'll be good to go. 

I suppose that's it for now. I need to ride my bike and get working on our outfits for the run. 
**Biking didn't happen. I was a bit ambitious when writing this and thought I had more time than I did. I'll be doing the 60 minutes at another time.

Have a healthy week!!!


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