Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Encouragment through Cough Drops.

I recently bought a pack of cough drops (thanks to allergies, sinus difficulties, and such) and noticed that the wrappers have positive messages printed on them.  I wasn't sure whether to laugh or think that's a cleaver idea.  When I'm feeling super yucky the last thing I want to do is read that kind of stuff. When I'm just dealing with a little cold or some sinus junk I'm not quite so cranky. 

Being that I'm feeling pretty good I thought they were pretty funny.  Words of encouragement on cough drops? I never would have thought of that. I mean, they're Halls, not those promises or treasures...Or fortune cookies.

My current wrapper has the following printed on it...

"Get back in there champ!"
"Go for it."
"Don't waste a precious minute."
"You've survived tougher."
"Put your game face on."
"Don't give up on yourself."

And one that I can only see part of, which says "Take charge..."  I'm not sure if there's anything else after it or not.

I'm going to have to look at the main package. I am wondering if I bought some special Halls for athletes. Those phrases are something a coach might say to a player, or a team.

They can apply to colds too, but mostly I felt like I was reading signs from a pep rally.

The phrases wouldn't do much for my sick mood, but they're pretty funny. I am thinking the point is that if you continue to take the cough drops as needed, you'll be "back in the game" (of life?) in no time.  It's definitely an interesting take on a marketing strategy. 

Will these phrases cause me to continue to buy these cough drops? No. I have bought the same brand for years simply because I like how they work and I like the flavor.

Whether you're feeling sick or feeling well...



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