Thursday, July 19, 2012

Getting Stronger.

I love cardio. I love the calorie burn. I love the sweat. Cardio is probably my favorite activity.

I go in streaks when it comes to ST.  I'll be really good about it and then I slack off. I have a history of doing the best with body weight training. This includes BR workouts, planks, squats...The exercises that don't require extra weight. You use your body's natural weight and resistance.

 I have gotten away from BR...I like it but just got burnt out on it.  It really worked me, which made it difficult to do after running. My body would just be too tired. I can see how most people ONLY do BR. That wasn't enough for me.  I want to do more than 12 minutes of exercise each day.  I was in a habit of staying up too late, so I wasn't getting up early.  I used to do two-a-day workouts but haven't done those in ages.  The perfect plan (for me) would be to get up and BR in the morning, then do my cardio later in the day. I was just too tired to get up and do it.  Getting enough (at least seven hours) sleep is also very important.  I could get up and workout on little sleep but I'd be tired, sluggish later in the day, and not feel "right."

Lately I've been on a ST kick.  I've taken some moves from a BR workout and modified them a little. There are little cardio intervals included.  Sometimes I do them, but other times I do not. They are based on using (mostly) weights rather than body weight.  There are a few body weight moves included, like tricep dips, but most are based on using extra weight. I've changed the weights and reps as I feel myself getting stronger and can tolerate more. For example, when I add weight, I decrease the reps or break the reps up into smaller sets.  I have also added some body weight training to the mix too.... Various planks.

Right now I'm looking forward to doing ST.  I think I go in streaks because it can become "boring" doing the same thing over and over.  Why I don't tire of cardio like that is beyond me. I'm guessing it's a mental thing and I enjoy cardio a little more. Oddly it's been a bit different this week. I do the cardio but am excited to get to the ST portion of my workout. I think it's because I can feel it working my body. I've been sore.  Last night after my workout I had a hard time lifting my arms to shampoo my hair. I can feel the tightness in my arms, back, core, butt, and legs (not so much my calves though). I know that my entire body has been worked. I am certain I don't look any different but even adding ST back the last few weeks, I FEEL like I am. Right now I'm okay with not looking different because I feel it and I know my body is changing. I just have to keep it up.  

My relationship with ST (on-again, off-again) is like the relationship some people have with exercise in general or with healthy eating. It is the relationship I once had with both healthy eating and exercise. I'd do really well for a while and then go astray. I guess I wasn't ready to make the changes I needed to.  I never go too long without ST but I'm inconsistent.  I need to get to the point where this relationship is on, and that's it.

I love it when I'm in a good place with my ST. It makes me feel good (and sometimes sore, which I think is good). I feel more fit, stronger, and sexier when I do ST.  I love my muscles. I really love seeing them.

I do not love having to start over.  The weight I use decreases. My reps, even with lower weight, are difficult to do.  I'm never gone from it for too long so I generally increase fairly quickly, but I don't like having to work my way back up. I should be working toward heavier weights...Not starting over. When I stop and then have to start again, I feel like I've lost the physical strength I once had.

I'm reminded of a quote...

"If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up."

This can be applied to anything. It's a good thing to keep in mind. One bad day doesn't mean you have to walk away from the rest. 

YOU have the power to change your life.

Keeping pushing; don't give up.


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