Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tortilla Making Adventure

My first time making tortillas was neither a huge success or a failure. They taste great; just like the kind from the store. They do not happen to look all that pretty. Okay wait. They don't look pretty at all. I followed the recipe but I think there was too much liquid in the mix. It was very sticky and difficult to roll out.

The recipe was from the 100 Days of Real Food website.

Here are the pictures of my adventure:

Making the dough.

Getting it ready to separate into equal parts.

After it's divided, the dough is made into balls that are flattened, covered with clear plastic wrap, and set aside for 15-60 minutes.

Time to roll it out!

Heat a skillet, griddle, etc. and then put a little oil in it. Add your tortilla and cook 30-45 seconds per side.  I had trouble with my tortillas keeping their shape when I put them into the pan because it was too small!

The finished product....Totally mishapen and not pretty! I tried a piece and they taste good!

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