Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Bad Day Equals...

.... More workout time.

I've been in a bad mood since yesterday. I was highly emotional (an shouldn't be), possibly because I was tired from my mini-vaca/long weekend.

That mood continued into today. I did not get up early to workout because I was cranky and didn't think I felt well. I had a dream in which I vomited into the trash can under my desk and was sent home from work against my will (ha!!). I got up at my usual time, still cranky but aware that I wasn't sick.

I felt a little better as the work day went on and then I came home....

And I was hungry. I ate an early dinner. An early, unhealthy, big dinner.

Homemade panko chicken nuggets (not so bad), too many whole wheat macaroni noodles (cold) with Italian dressing.... And then later decided to eat popcorn. Later being about an hour after I ate.

I already felt horrible about myself... Weight is up, likely due to eating out all weekend (hello, sodium). On the plus side, I didn't drink like I have other weekends, but drank a little. I actually did well with calories, thanks to a whole lot of walking and not eating tooooo terribly. I also squeezed in a workout on top of the walking, so thy was helpful.

But. I still felt like a cow today. Ugh. That doesn't help my mood. Eating is an old coping mechanism and I rest why. I feel even worse when I binge like I did tonight.

I followed the binge with a workout... An hour of Brazil Butt Lift workouts and 30 minutes of biking. I felt awful throughout (uncomfortable tummy). I felt tired... Sluggish I guess. I still felt like crying but kept moving.

Tonight will be an early-to-bed kind of night. I really need to get back to morning and evening workouts. I know I'm going to be busy after work Friday do a morning workout will be critical.

I cannot stand feeling this way. My workout helped but I have got to pull myself out of this depressed slump I've found myself in.... Without another binge!!! That's been the first in quite a while and I am not especially fond of the idea of another one. Not at all, actually.

The weekend was fabulous... The last two days, not so much!!

Here's to a better week for me and a great week to all of you!!


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