Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Better Wednesday

I'm feeling much better than I was yesterday...

First... I dropped three pounds from yesterday morning to this morning.  Yup, water weight, gets me every stinkin' time.  I'm glad I KNOW what it is (most of the time) and that it WILL come right back off. I anticipate being a little lighter tomorrow too.  I feel much less cow-ish today.

Second... I managed to get to bed early enough to get up a little earlier this morning. I'm not quite to the time schedule of being able to get up early to do a major workout, but 30 minutes is a good way to start the day - for now. I plan on continuing to modify my schedule so that I can continue to get up earlier.

Third... My mood, in general, is just better. I am actually looking forward to my evening workout. I will most likely to BBL again... I'm not sure if I'll do one or two workouts, but if I do one I may do some biking as well.  We shall see!

I suppose that's it for my short list of reasons as to why today was better than both Monday and Tuesday.

So....running... I haven't done that it in a little while. I felt it today. WOW! My knee (I've had problems with it off and on, usually just when I haven't ran enough) was pretty sore. I actually stopped for a couple minutes to put a knee brace on, due to the pain. I stopped a little later to take it back off because it seemed to be making more of my leg hurt (maybe I had it too tight?).  Anyway I have this tumor on the outside of my right leg, near the knee...Where the two bones meet. Apparently I had a fracture there at one time, which I didn't know I had until a while later when it was found on an x-ray.  Anyway... So if I'm away from running for a little while, I start to hurt in that area. It usually feels better after a couple runs. I just have to allow my body to adjust.  Oddly, this time it was sore for a little while after, but that went away after I was at work for a while. 

In addition to my knee, my legs were pretty sore. I'm sure it has something to do with BBL and biking last night, and then running this morning.  I didn't feel wobbly right after, but my legs felt a little like Jell-O when I was walking into work this morning.  They were sore most of the day, but that's to be expected. That means I worked!

Aside from the soreness, the run was good. I didnt' have any issues with cardio endurance (which sometimes happens if I haven't ran in a while). I was surprised, and happy, that I didn't decondition too fast. Of course, I did a lot of walking over the weekend, so that may have helped. I also think that time of day was a HUGE factor. I KNOW that I run better early in the morning than later in the day. I'm not as tired and my overall performance is better. Had it not been for the pain, I think I would've ran a little faster today.

 I really hope that I can continue waking up early to run...One day down, a lot more to go! I feel better when I start the day with a workout... I do a better job, that's for sure! I have more energy (although now I'm starting to get a little tired) and feel so accomplished. I feel better in general when I do a morning run than an afternoon/evening run.  It is definitely my best time to run. I'll save the BBL or other workouts for evening.  Those aren't as rough to do when I'm tired.

I wish it was lighter a little earlier, now that I'm getting up early. The treadmill is too boring for me again (I seem to cycle with this). I didn't feel as much dread today, but there was a little bit there. I suppose I should invest in some reflective clothing so I can start running outside.... Mornings have been cool, so it would be nice to get outside!! I also need to do this in order to properly train for my half marathon.... I still don't know what I'll do in the Winter, but I will figure something out.

OH! I decided to do another 5K soon... In a week and a few days actually. I'm doing a mud run with a friend on Saturday the 25th. It should be a fun, messy time!!! I'm excited to do another run (although I walked the Color Run) where I'm not going to be worried so much about time and focus more on just having a good, healthy time. I'm a little nervous about the obstacles... I guess I should go find some trails to practice; maybe a few tires to jump through, and something to climb up too...HAHA! This will be an adventure (and possibly a show, too) but I expect it to be tons of fun!!

As far as other races, I'm contemplating a 10K in a few more weeks; early September. I know I can do one. I'm not sure if I'll run the whole thing, but that's okay... I'll finish it! Part of that is on a beach so I really should take some time to go run on the sand before that time comes. I'm also doing the Monster Dash in October; the Sunday before Halloween. It's on the Lakeshore ( downtown Chicago) so it should be an awesome day for a run.  A cool fall morning, dressed up in some crazy costume sounds pretty nice right about now!! I wish they had a 10K too. I could use the practice. There's only a 5K and a half marathon (which I will not be ready to run by then).  I'm excited for another 5K... Maybe I'll work on building up my speed!

I am definitely excited to be doing more, fun, healthy activities with friends. I'm more excited about these runs than I have been about going out to the bar or out for dinner. I love these runs... They make me feel good (physically and mentally) and they're a good, fun way to spend time with family and friends.

Think about spending more time with your family and friends being active... It's a great way to have fun together and you'll be getting the benefits of exercising!


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