Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Color Run!

I did a Color Run over the weekend... This is a 5K where you have color tossed on you as you pass certain markers.  I didn't run this time because my cousin, who refuses to run, was my partner in crime.  Rather than leave her behind, I thought it would be more fun to just run with her... Also there were about 10,000 people there and I didn't want to get separated.

 It's not a time race and since I manage to keep forgetting to buy a battery for my HRM, I'm not sure what our exact time was, but estimated it was a good walk. Lots of people walk a 15-16 minute mile and we were under that...We probably clipped along at about my running pace (about a 13 minute mile and I'm generally running 12-13). Even though we walked it was a fun time, and a good workout. There were some hills and we took her little girl with us so we had a stroller to push too. I'd say we split pushing about 50-50; she took the first half and I took the second half. Pushing a stroller definitely makes for a bit more of a workout!

It was fun, and worth getting up at 5 AM (the race waves started at 8, we planned to meet our group at 7:30, and had a bit of a drive to get there).  We were tired after we got home and ate some lunch (definitely worked up an appetite). We napped for part of the afternoon which, for me, is rare. Despite the nap I was still tired, but slept pretty well last night.

Tonight I'm headed out for some free Zumba.  I've never been to a class before. I have Zumba DVDs and have done them several times.  Those sort of became more for fun or a little fitness bonus. I wasn't getting a very high calorie burn so I didn't want to do just those DVDs. I loaned them to a friend a few months ago, so it's been a while since I've done any Zumba.  I've heard that the classes are pretty intense, so I'm hoping for a great workout. My expectation is that it will be better than the DVDs! The instructor who is conducting the class is giving free classes for three Monday nights in August. I think it'll be a nice way to get some CT in, and it's different so that should be fun! Tonight is kind of a trial for me....If it's not what I expect or not a good use of my workout time, I may not go again.... Or I may double up on those days.

I'm considering doubling up on workouts anyway. My Beachbody order came this weekend. I'm excited to try Brazil Butt Lift (BLL)...Hopefully it'll be a good workout! From what I gather, to see really good results, people have to be pretty consistent with it. I'm not going to be able to just use it for CT days. I'll have to do my 10K training as well as BLL. I'll probably start it tomorrow.

My new plan is to get up in the morning to do one or the other and then do whatever I didn't do in the evening. We'll see how that goes... I'm not a morning person! I think, though, that I'm pretty much going to have to do that otherwise I may exhaust myself. I get tired running so I can't see doing anything before, or after...Unless it's a short run day and I do CT. I guess it'll take me seeing how BLL goes for the first time to determine where it will fit in my schedule. 

I definitely need to do something. I've stalled at weight loss and should be losing. I know a couple things that I can change that should make a difference.... One being not as many adult beverages. There's something about summer and enjoying a beer or a glass of wine in the evenings.  A little doesn't hurt, but at the same time....It does. It can make you bloat, which I don't like. Not at all. My version of a little isn't one or two a day a day. That's too much, in my opinion. I've enjoyed too many cool, refreshing beverages recently, so I need to get back on track as far as that's concerned.

I also feel like I need to beef up my workouts, by adding more....More time, more variety...Just more!  I workout but I feel like lately it's not been enough.

Eating is going well...No real problems there. Yesterday I was at a family reunion and disregarded my plan. I didn't go wild but I also didn't know what was in most of the dishes, so I probably ate some things that were not "real food." I had plans Friday, babysat my cousin's (very busy) little girl on Saturday, and with the run yesterday morning I just didn't take the time to plan as well as I could've or make something. I'm back on track today.

I suppose that's the latest.... I'll be sure to update on my Zumba experience!


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