Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finally - An Outdoor Run!

Sometimes you can have a bad week. Sometimes you can have a bad day. Sometimes you can have a bad... hour, or moment!

Yesterday I had a bad moment.  I got home from work (after having gotten a few groceries, so I was a little later than usual), and was super hungry. Legitimately hungry. I wasn't bored. I wasn't emotional. I wasn't thirsty. I needed food, or so my stomach was telling me (loudly).  I did not opt to eat dinner as it was too early for me. I decided a snack would be okay.  Well the snack lead to a bit of a mini-binge. Uh-oh. I didn't really eat all that much, but I ate a dinner that was not so healthy... Crackers, hummus, fudge bar.... It was all fairly low in calories and such, but really, that's no dinner! It was too much to be considered a snack, so I decided it would be dinner. Naturally it put me over my 1200 calorie mark (a typical day of eating does, because then I subtract my exercise/calories burned). I had worked out in the morning so I wasn't too far over, but still needed to burn a bit.

Did I burn? Oh yes!!! Almost 1000 calories (plus 235 from that morning). I decided that, since the mud run is coming up this weekend, I needed to get outside.  I waited a bit after eating and of course by the time I went outside I wasn't feeling it, but I told my self, "you need to; you'll feel better," so I did. My plan was to jog/walk a 10K. When I started I thought about cutting it short. After all, I am only doing a 5K on Saturday, and I didn't need to burn THAT many calories.  I thought about shortening the run but I did not give in. I did a 10K... Well, a little over a 10K but not that much. My time was okay.... I reached my time goal (which I think was pretty generous) so I was happy about that... Especially considering that it was my first outdoor run in while and I did quite a bit of walking at first.

I seem to have this problem with going too fast at first. I go at a pace that makes my heart rate soar up into the 170s to 180s. That's a bit fast. It's taxing on my body. It makes me tired fast and I cannot sustain distance.  I did that for the first... half, well maybe not quite half, of my run. I did a lot or run/walk intervals because of that. I finally fell into my (slow) steady pace and felt much better. I ran at least the last half without any walking breaks and even busted out a sprint home toward the end. I kept my heart rate in the mid to high 160s, which is a good rate for me. I feel like I'm working (and definitely sweat) but not pushing too hard. I can sustain my pace and I don't exhaust myself. I'm also working within my target heart rate zone (usually between 80 and 90 percent of my max heart rate - using the old 220-age method).

After my 6.2+ mile run/walk last night... I felt SO good. Mentally, anyway. Physically I was pretty tired and sore (still am!).  I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. To some a 10 K might not sound like much, but that's the longest outdoor run I've done. That's almost half the distance of a half marathon (which will be here in February!). I'm feeling pretty good with what I'm doing. I know that I can, at least, finish a 10K (I wasn't fearful of that anyway). I may still be slow (and doubt I'll ever be a fast runner - do I even want to be?) but each thing I do makes me happy.  Every new fitness goal achieved is such an awesome feeling. Whether it's distance or time, or doing something you didn't know you were strong enough to do, it's the best feeling.

Think of your own goals. Do you want to improve your fitness level? Pick up or pace? Complete 5K? Walk a mile? Bike five miles? Do you want to build muscle? Climb a mountain? Whatever your goal is, you can take steps to get there. I'd guess that after reaching each new milestone, you'll feel pretty awesome. I can't guarantee it, because that's all up to you and your own thinking.... If you complete something and think "oh that sucked" you're going to miss out on the positive feeling of "wow, I actually did that!" Each small goal reached is going to help you work your way toward your ultimate goal. You should celebrate all of your accomplishments, no matter how small.

Oddly, I just got a bizarre craving for warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream. I honestly don't know why... Something smells like cinnamon.  Maybe that's it.  Anyway, I'm not about to run to the store to get supplies and then bake a pie. I don't need pie or ice cream in the house. That's just asking for trouble! My pies are super yummy... DANGER!! I have a workout to go do which will be much more rewarding and fulfilling than baking a dang pie (in this heat, of all things!). 

I was so tired from my run last night that I just did not want to get up this morning. So? I didn't. Instead I slept in for a bit, and then just enjoyed the comfort of my bed for a while. Also? My knee was sore, my back was sore (still is...grrr), and it felt as though someone opened me up and put some heavy rocks in my legs last night.  I'm sure that makes you all want to go out and run, doesn't it? Here's the thing though.... When you feel that way, you know you worked. Your muscles are tight and your body aches!! Why? Becuase you went into beast mode and worked hard, that's why. The soreness goes away, but the results are lasting and the sense of accomplishment far outweighs a little soreness.  When I wake up feeling that way... I think that it's wonderful (unless it's due to injury, then not so much - and if that happens be sure to rest!).

It's about time for BBL and then a short run. I'm not feeling up to a long run (and two long runs back-to-back probably isn't the best idea).... Can't wait to get back outside and run! I'd like to skip BBL and go now, but I know that I need to continue both programs. I am not exactly out to burn calories... Now I just want to work out for the sake of working out, to feel fit, to feel healthy, and to feel happy.

Stay positive, and keep reaching your goals!!!


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  1. you are a beast!!! I Wednesday morning I set out for a 4.5 mile run, after 3 I was getting those stupid side aches and was going to just go home - then I kept telling myself, no don't stop, keep going.....and I did!!! it feels so go to finish something!!! anyway I notice if I take a really HOT shower 30 minute to an hour after my run my muscles feel so much better.....maybe that would help? IDK, just a thought :) i am wondering if I should run the day after the mud run? I guess I will see how I feel