Monday, August 20, 2012

Playing in the Mud.

The Mud Run that I'm doing is less than a week away! I'm not sure I'm prepared. Honestly it's making me feel a little anxious and I'm experiencing some self-doubt about my abilities. I have this fear that I'll be the worst runner there... That I'll come in last; that I won't be able to do all of the obstacles.  At the same time, though, I'm excited to do something new!

This week my workouts will be focused on training for this run.  I would love to go run in some mud, but unfortunately it hasn't rained. I don't have the ability to create my own little course. I do not have access to climbing walls, mud pits, tubes to crawl through, and tires to run through.

I haven't ran on uneven surfaces in a while... Since my 5K in June! Only part of the course was on a gravel area. The rest of the time my runs have been on a street, paved path, or the treadmill. The "trail" near me is paved so even going on that isn't going to help. I'm slightly scared to go running by myself in the woods.... It just creeps me out. I also don't want to slow my friend down, but I'm thinking she'll go on ahead and wait for me at the finish if need be (probably since she is a much faster runner than I am).

My focus? Will be just to keep running. Inside or out, street or trail, I need to run this week. My most recent runs have been mixed with walking. I do know though, that even without much outdoor running I'll do okay with the running portion. In June, I had very little pre-race training because of surgery. I didn't run outside much... I didn't run much at all. I finished the race without any walking. I'm not concerned about my ability to run. It's the muddy surface and obstacles that are scary.

I'll also continue doing my BBL workouts, and to add some extra to them (as well as get a little ST in) I'm going to start using dumbbells too. I'll use them for all of the arm movements. Why should my lower half have all the fun of being worked? I don't think that the moves are so challenging that I won't be able to use them. I've been a bit lax with my ST lately, so I'm sure I'll have to stick to my 10 pound weights.

I'm really trying to tell myself that this race is just about the fun. That whether I'm first (ha! NO) or last it won't matter. My time isn't what's important...Or shouldn't be. I need to remember that I'm doing this for fun. I'm not in competition with anyone. I want to do it because it's a new, fun, healthy activity. I will try and try to convince myself of that this week. I think that the largest obstacle I'll have to overcome for Saturday is...ME. I need to not let my fears make me think negatively. If I believe in myself, I'll do well. I'll be able to finish. If I allow myself to think "I can't," my performance will be much less than it would otherwise.

I think that my fears come from years of being fearful.  I keep thinking about that climbing wall. I've seen a picture of one of the walls (and hopefully the other is the same) and it won't be too difficult to scale. It is ladder style so I can actually climb it. I was terrified that the wall would be flat and I'd have to figure out how to get myself over it. We are allowed to go around obstacles after a reasonable attempt, but I'd like to get through it without having to do that!

I had to do a team building exercise at eighth grade camp that involved a climbing wall.  We had to help one another get over it. I dreaded that wall all week. I did NOT want to have to have people lift me over it... I wasn't even THAT big at that time. Yet, I still feared it and didn't want to do it. When I think of climbing a wall on Saturday, I immediately think of that big, flat wall. I think it's about time I let that go.... Hopefully, even though the walls are different, I'll be able to do that on Saturday.

Nervous yet excited... That definitely describes my feeling toward the run. Obviously on some level I know I can do it and I want to try. If not, I wouldn't have signed up! We definitely plan on doing before and after pictures so I'll post those when I post about the run.

This weekend was another busy, but fun weekend. I went to a couple different family parties and had a lot of fun just talking and catching up with people.  I don't see my extended family much (my Mom's cousins and their families), so it was nice to spend some time with them. Naturally food and drink were part of these parties I indulged. I tried to watch it, stick to the more healthy options, and limited my drinks to two. It's definitely easy to get off-track when parties are involved, but I think I did pretty well.

On Saturday I babysat for my cousin's little girl most of the day. She's always a lot of fun, but is very busy! I also spent some time organizing clothes and sold some of my old clothes. The babysitting made this a bit more challenging. It was difficult to organize and watch her, so I am afraid things were a bit disorganized but that's okay...People still dug through the massive amounts of clothing and purchased some! I made a decent amount of money and really didn't have that many people stop by (I think it was eight).

I'm going to do some more organizing on Thursday and plan to have an advertised garage/yard sale on Friday. I have SO many clothes... It'll be good to get rid of some, especially those that no longer fit! I even went through and pulled a bunch of shoes that I don't wear anymore. I usually have trouble letting go of my shoes, even if I don't wear them often. Over the last couple years I've slowly been decreasing my collection of nearly 100 pair of shoes to... Whatever it will end up being! I can't see myself getting below 20 pair of shoes. That probably sounds like a lot to some people, but I need variety... And I DO love my shoes!!

Tonight's workout agenda includes... BBL (done; right after work), and Zumba this evening. As difficult as it was (no verbal instruction, just copying the instructor - apparently this is not a beginner class!), I'm excited to go back. At least three of my friends are going to be there so that will make it even more fun... Even if it means jumping around like a chicken (how one friend described what she did last time). It's good to get out and socialize, especially while being active. I'm sure that a whole lot of laughter will accompany the workout, so it should be a fun evening! I think that I'm going to see if I can squeeze in a walk or run between now and Zumba. Since I'm currently eating dinner, running may not be the best of ideas, but I can at least take a nice long walk and burn a few extra calories!! 

Oh... I did not get up early to workout this morning. I was in bed fairly early and slept pretty well. Obviously, after my busy weekend I must have needed it.  I was not planning on today fitting into my schedule anyway, because of Zumba this evening.

Have a healthy week!!!


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