Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I did free Zumba at a local park last night and it was....Interesting to say the least. I'm glad it was free! I liked it. I heard that the classes are much different than the DVDs, I did recognize some of the moves.  Others were completely different.  Given that it's been a while since I did my at-home Zumba, I was a little lost. The pace was very fast and the newer moves were definitely a bit confusing. Luckily two friends went with me so we all looked silly together. 

One of my friends really got into it, even though she was making up some of it. Hey, if you don't "get it" you might as well jump around and get some cardio in, right!? Overall, it was fun...We definitely laughed a lot, especially on the more challenging, more confusing moves.

Zumba burned some calories, but it definitely isn't as intense as what I like. Maybe if I knew the moves and could really bust it out like the instructor, I'd have burned more. When you're trying to understand the moves and not moving with as much intensity, you're obviously not going to burn as many calories. I DID burn more calories then when I do it at home. Obviously the DVDs are at a bit of a slower pace.

One thing about at-home Zumba that I liked better? That I can do it at home!! I'd much prefer the privacy of my own home than in front of others. It wasn't so bad with others in the class around, because they didn't really pay attention to what I was doing (I did watch a couple of them to get the hang of the moves though, since the instructor was facing us and everything was backwards). Being that the class was in a local park, we had lots of spectators... How embarrassing. They probably thought we were some group (HAHA!) and actually knew what we were doing. Some of us, clearly, did not! I definitely feel that Zumba classes are not a spectator sport. If you're in a group and planning to perform, that's one thing, but classes are for learning and working out.....Definitely not for an audience!

Will I be going again in two weeks? Probably.... My friends seemed interested in going again too. It's free, it's fun, it's socialization, and a bit of a workout...Why not enjoy!? I think that it's important and fun to try new things, whether you're good at them or not! If anything, the laughter that may accompany you will burn a few extra calories!


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