Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday, I've Missed You!

I am super glad it's Friday. I have another busy weekend ahead of me, but will undoubtedly burn some calories (via traditional fitness or not). I also plan on continuing some of my bathroom re-decorating project. We shall see how that plays out. I am babysitting my cousin's 23 month old daughter all weekend. Needless to say she's very energetic and will keep me busy. I'm hoping to take advantage of bedtime and nap time to get a little work done.

My trial attempt at fixing the wall went pretty well. I knew when I finished last night that it wasn't perfect and that I would have to go over it again. I checked it out this morning and it didn't look too bad. I sanded it a bit before work and it looks a lot more smooth than it had in the past. There are a couple spots to fix (just didn't put enough joint compound on them, which I knew) but overall, I'm pretty impressed with myself. I am especially proud that I did this all on my own - I bought what I'd need, scraped the paint in the necessary spots, cleaned it, and put the compound on (compounded?) it. Did I mention that this is above my bathtub/shower on the far side?  This means that I had to stand on the edge of the tub and reach over to do it. Naturally I did not want to mess with taking down the shower curtain and rod so I was standing in a awkward position. I'll do that next time, when I do the entire area.

I did do a little extra crafting since I had time after cleaning up last night. I made a batch of body scrub (a simple one this time), which really isn't much but it made me feel a bit more creative and it was better than sitting around doing absolutely nothing. I'm sure zesting that lemon had to burn a calorie or two more than just sitting would have! :)

I am going to pick up my cousin's daughter shortly and we will likely get dinner, but I am hoping she'll go walking with me before dinner. I have to AT LEAST get an hour walk in. Without the dogs I'm hoping to be able to walk a bit faster and get a little better burn than yesterday.  I've been very diligent about my eating today and have lots of calories left so I don't need to worry, so much, about dinner. I'll keep it healthy anyway though. I'm not sure what types of workouts will be done this weekend, but I'll get exercise when I can!

I suppose that's the health update for now... Eating well and getting exercise where I can! I've been away from running the last several days so I'll need to get back to that early next week. It's almost training time so I've got some work to do!

I probably won't post much, if at all, this weekend since I'll be so busy. Of course, my weekends are frequently busy so I don't post much on the weekend anyway.

Have a happy, healthy weekend!!


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