Thursday, September 27, 2012


I am not the poor little engine who thought he could. I am the strong, determined woman who knows she can tackle about anything. Where did this come from? I never was like this in the past. I am fairly certain that I over-used "I can't" a lot in my life.  I'm pretty sure that came from the fear of failure. I no longer look at things like that anymore.

I think that accomplishing the weight loss I have, thus far, has really shown me that I can at least attempt to do new things.  I may not do them well. I may completely mess them up. I may have to later enlist the assistance of someone else to help me fix a mess.  However, I am determined enough to do as much of whatever it is on my own and ask for help if I get stuck. This is sometimes a saver of mass mess clean-up later on.

I've been in the mood to redecorate...Something. First it was my bedroom but I kind of like it the way it is right now. I also haven't decided which color scheme and such that I'd use. I decided that for now, the bedroom is okay. It was painted and updated a couple years ago. My bathroom, however, was completely redone about six years ago. I think it's about time to update again... it could use some fresh paint and new decor. I'm in the mood for a new color scheme and style of decor.  That's one nice thing about owning a home; you can change it as you like when you like. The current color combo and fixtures fit what I wanted six years ago, but I'm ready for a change. Of course, this will be a much smaller change than the first time.

Oh that bathroom... It was awful at first... Peach-ish colored carpet, pink toilet, pink skin, and a pink tub/shower - the kind with those wretched sliding doors with the frosty type glass. My bathroom was stuck in another decade.  I don't mind shower doors if it's in a large bathroom, the tub is separate, and it's tiled and a gorgeous space.  For me shower doors are only acceptable in a large, fancy bathroom.... Which I do not have. My house was built with a small bathroom so the doors had to go. They actually went before the tub was pulled out because I sliced my toe pretty good on the base getting out one day (not sure how that happened). That was the end of the doors.  Finally it was time to start re-modeling the house, and we started with the bathroom.

It's been updated - now everything is white, it has a nice, patterned flooring that's a light tan color, a better window, and a shower/tub combo that does not have a door on it. I don't have to do any heavy work, really.  There is an area above the shower that the paint is peeling up because of the humidity in the bathroom. At one point my Dad disconnected my fan, and I forget why. It was for a specific reason, but it's been a while. Anyway, the humidity is having a normal effect on the paint near the shower.  There's also a spot on the wall that's a little rough. I don't even remember what caused it but it's been there since the bathroom re-done. It's just rough and needs to be sanded, have some more drywall compound put on it, sanded, and primed. It really isn't that large of an area.

I want to do this as soon as possible. I get an idea in my mind and when I've decided that's what I'm doing, I'm ready to run with it.  I thought I'd try to fix that rough area on my own but I'm not so sure about that. After talking with my Dad, it sounds like it could be more complicated than I expected. I think I'm going at least fix the peeling part. I can handle that. Easily. It's fixing the rough patch that might be difficult and I may need his help with.  I was all set to just dive in and do it on my own, but messing that up could result in the need for a major fix. He wants to use special compound on that area. If it were as simple as a spackle and sand job, I'd be able to do it. I love to fill in holes with spackle. Of course, this requires a bit more work and isn't a matter of fixing a small hole or two. Or even a large one.

Earlier today I was thinking about how, in the past, the thought of trying to fix that on my own would never have entered my mind. I'd look at it and think "I can't do that; it's too hard." I'd whine and whine until my Dad would have it fixed for me. I'm not like that anymore. I want to re-do that entire bathroom on my own. In fact,  I'm still tossing the idea around of attempting to fix the rough area on my own...I mean, it can't be that hard.  Right? (Is that disaster on the horizon?) 

Tackling the challenge of losing weight has made me more independent than before. Or maybe it's age and maturity. It could even be a mixture of both. I no longer want to depend on someone else to do it when I want it done. I don't want to wait and there is no reason I can't try. I want to prove to myself that I can do things. I'm no longer afraid of them. I used to be afraid of "messing up" (failing) so I just wouldn't attempt things. I hadn't realized that this had transitioned from physical activities into other areas of life until I decided I could fix that area.

I'm still not sure if I will. I did stop at the hardware store and picked up a few supplies. They're staring at me, tempting me to just dive in and give it a whirl. There's a small part in my brain saying "don't do it... you'll make a mess."  The part of me that I'm probably going to listen to is that part saying, "just try it. Stop if you think things are going wrong. Only do as much as you can." I'm more than likely going to listen to that part of my brain because I want this done soon. My goal is to finish it in a short period of time. I want to go buy the new decor items and the paint this weekend (which I will do). I have to babysit so I'm not sure how much work I'll get done (unless she takes a good nap) but I'm going to at least gather my supplies and get some kind of a jump on it. I'm actually going to start that this evening...

Which brings me to my workout plan for the day. I'm going to walk the dogs for an hour or a little more, as usual. I'm heading out for the walk right after I post this. I probably won't do anything additional today (running, biking) because my to-do list for the evening is rather long.  I want to do some cleaning and putting some stuff away. Then I want to start on the bathroom. My plan is to clean out  cabinets and get rid of what I don't use.  I'll then try to accomplish a bit of sanding, and then wash the walls (important before you paint!), and I'll probably put painters tape around things that I can't move that are along the walls. My plan is to get started painting as soon as I can - as soon as I buy the paint! I should be able to do that this weekend.  The excellent part is that I can get started and if I do not succeed in that one area, it won't matter much. By the time my Dad lends his assistance (if needed) the paint will be dry on the other areas, so sanding and such won't cause much of a problem. If  can't finish it all, I can at least have a great start on it.

Basically? Working on the bathroom will take place of both a more intense workout and crafting.

Oh, and crafting update.... Last night I cut all of the strips of tulle needed for the skirt of my costume (possibly more than needed but that's okay; I'll just store it that way). While I didn't create a finished product, I am glad to have completed a step. I will work on putting the skirt together next and then I'll sew the top.  I will likely work on mine here and there as I have spare time. I have things to make for others so I'd prefer to get that work done before finishing something for myself.

I'm really excited to start on a Cinderella tutu dress for my cousin's little girl. I made a Cinderella tutu dress for an older girl last year, but this one will not be the same. I have a different style in mind and the little girl won't have the same accessories that the older girl did, so I won't be making those. Making the exact same thing would be boring anyway. I like to be more creative and come up with new ways to put flair into something.

I feel as though I should do a run today too but I am SO anxious to get started on the bathroom! Working on that definitely sounds more appealing than running does. And I'm a bit sore, on my right side. Running may not be the best idea anyway. I'm kind of annoyed because I was JUST at the chiropractor on Monday. I must've done something (possibly my little tripping incident yesterday) that put my spine out of whack again. My right side is sore... My neck, a little on my upper back, and then down on my lower back right above my lip. That actually hurts into the butt/leg - sciatic nerve area, which is obnoxious. I swear I can feel where the subluxations are in both my neck and my lower back.  While I'm sore (especially that sciatic area) I think it might be best to keep it light. It really is more annoying than anything. I feel like it's a sore muscle, deep down, and like it needs to be massaged like crazy. It's not painful, just an obnoxious soreness. If it's still sore after the weekend, I'm going to see if I can get an appointment early. Who knows, it might even be muscle related since my dogs take over my bed, causing me to sleep in all sorts of contorted positions!  

Speaking of working on the bathroom and cleaning...

I see a lot of people who count things like cleaning and painting as exercise. I generally do not. I guess, for me, exercise is doing a specific activity like doing a sport or walking or something. I don't look at cleaning as exercise. It IS activity and when I did WW in the past, I counted it (mostly because I wanted those activity points so I could eat a little more!) but lately I haven't counted it. If I get a little extra burn from it, that's great... I'll take the extra benefit but don't need to count it into my daily fitness minutes.

What are some of your opinions on that? Do you count time doing things like cleaning, raking, or painting as fitness?

I suppose I need to go get this walk done before it gets too late and I am pressed for time. I'm already a little behind thanks to my trip to the hardware store!


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