Friday, September 14, 2012

It's MY Body

I want to start by saying that my last post probably wasn't all that well written, which annoys me. I know how to write so if I write something that I feel is less than acceptable, and actually publish it, it bothers me. I apologize if the blog was poorly written and ended somewhat abruptly.  I was in a hurry. That's not a good excuse. I should've saved it and edited it/finished it later.  Oh well... I can't dwell on one possibly poorly written post (sometimes I think that but others think it's fine).

I know I've written, a lot, lately about surgery and my body. I've received criticism for having surgery as well as the surgery that I plan to have in the future.  Everyone has their opinions and that's fine. I just wish that people would remember that it is MY body, not theirs.  It is MY chose, not theirs.  I respect your opinion and that you wouldn't do the same. Please show me that same respect.  At this point I am not "plastic."  Have I had plastic surgery? Yes. Have I had anything injected into my body? No. Not yet anyway.... Possibly down the road, but not at this point in time. I have had things taken out and off (fat and skin).  If and when I get a breast lift/breast implants, then feel free to say I'm plastic. I'm not going to run around asking for attention, but I'm also not going to deny what I've had done.

What is it about people denying the procedures they've had done? I know people who are uber-secretive about having had bariatric surgery. Why? If you're going to go through with a big surgery, own it. If that's your chosen path for weight loss, that's great. I often wonder if when people make these choices, they're afraid of criticism from others.  I say, don't be afraid of it. Someone will always have something to say about you. If you feel you made the best decision for you, then don't worry about what someone else might say. We're all going to be judged. Sometimes it stings...Badly. Other times though, just try to let it go because most things aren't worth getting upset.  Just like if you say "oh she had surgery to lose that belly," I won't let it bother me. Why? Well, because I DID. It was skin that I couldn't get rid of. That was my option.  I tend to hear more judgement about my liposuction though. My doc told me that I could not possibly lose that fat...No matter how hard I exercised and no matter how healthy I ate. It. Was. Just. There. I could either live with it or have it liquefied and sucked out.  I chose the latter option.

The other day I was thinking about the fact that we all have opinions on what other people do, whether they effect us or not. I know I do it. I generally keep them to myself because I think I'd come off as quite an arse if I ran around blabbing my opinion to everyone. I know that people don't want to hear all of my opinions any more than I want to hear all of theirs. Some are good to hear; some spark great discussion. Some, though, are just people spewing word vomit. Honestly, that's how it is after a while because I tune them out.

Lately I've heard a few opinions on my decision to have surgery. Is it cosmetic? Absolutely. Was it medically necessary? Not at all. Did I do it just because I didn't like how I looked and I wanted to look better? I sure did! I did it for me though... Because I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. It's rare that anyone else would see my body in that state. I certainly don't run around naked for the fun of it.

I started thinking about my surgery....

What impact does my surgery have on anyone else? It doesn't. Sometimes I think people form their opinions based on jealousy.... That they haven't lost as much weight, that they cannot afford it, that they just can't do it for whatever reason... There are also people who I honestly believe are just against it because it is not medically necessary.  Whatever the reason, even jealousy, it doesn't bother me that people are against it.  I'm against things that other people do too...FOR ME.

Sometimes we forget that just because something isn't right for us, doesn't mean it isn't right for someone else.  We're all unique people and do things that our best for our lives.

I'm using something fairly political, religious, and a topic most people avoid in general, to illustrate my point.

Some people are pro-choice.  Some may say a woman has the right decide what she wants; it's her body. They're absolutely correct; it is her body. It's not theirs. It's not mine.  While that may not be the choice that I would make in my life, it doesn't mean that for someone else can't make that choice. I'm not talking about the subject of abortion in general... I do not want to get into that discussion in a post. I don't want comments attacking me for what I may say about it.  This blog is not about that, anyway. That being said, would I do it? No. I couldn't... It's just not a choice for me. 

Just like surgery isn't a choice for someone else.

I find it interesting though when people say that a woman should choose what happens to her body (on the subject of abortion) but then those same people can turn around and judge me for having surgery. Ummm... Excuse me? Based on the "it's her body" argument, how is it that people can think one is okay and the other is not? If you're saying "it's her body," remember that when you hear that I had surgery.

In my opinion, if "it's her body" is a justification for one procedure it should also be a justification for another procedure.

Just sayin'...

It's MY body.


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