Friday, September 7, 2012

Ohhhhh, Friday.

I'm glad it's Friday, even if this Friday started out a bit like a Monday.  Or a Tuesday. Tuesdays always throw me off because it's trash day. You'd be surprised at how taking the trash to the curb can cause a routine to be different. Of course that's because I only give myself an extra 30 seconds, okay maybe a minute, to take the trash out. Instead of making two trips into the house, I come out with my purse, work bag, most recent trash bag, travel mug of coffee, and frequently a protein shake. I have my hands full. I don't know why, but I rarely allow myself to go back into the house. I generally go to the garage, put my stuff in the car, and then take the trash to the curb. Why this can cause so much extra chaos is beyond me. Maybe it's because I'm trying to carry too much? Anyway, Mondays can be chaotic just because "blahhh it's Monday," but often it's my Tuesdays that mess with my routine. It always seems like anything that is going to go awry happens on a Tuesday.

This morning felt a bit like a Tuesday. It was going well until I brushed my teeth. For some reason I always do this last. I often get toothpaste on my shirt. Why do I continue to do this last? I don't know. It's habit, maybe? Anyway, so this morning I manage to get a little toothpaste on my shirt. I raced to my closet to find another work appropriate shirt that would go with my outfit and had no luck. I had a matter of seconds, so it was a glance. Of course the things I have in the front of my closet are dresses, skirts, coats, and shirts that didn't match. I decided to just try to scrub it out. As anyone who has ever gotten toothpaste on their shirt knows, this just does not happen. Once it's there, it's there. I try and try throughout the day to scrub it out but it stays. Oh well. I thought my name tag would cover it, so I went to work with toothpaste on my shirt.  Okay really that's all that happened.  I guess it wasn't that big of a deal.

I got to work and noticed I had more than one little spot of toothpaste on my shirt.  I managed to have several little spots trail down the front of my shirt, a spot every few inches. HOW did I not notice that?! I also have a spot on my jeans. On my jeans? I do not sit when I brush my teeth. Somehow, though, there it is... On the thigh of my jeans. Amazing. Oh and then I looked in the mirror and I had some on my face. WOW! I was a mess this morning. Clearly I was in a hurry because I didn't notice all of this. Oh well... At least people know that I'm quite thorough about my teeth brushing. Hey, oral hygiene is important!!

I suppose the toothpaste wouldn't bother me as much if my shirt wasn't a bit too baggy. It's a large but I thought "ohhh it can't be that bad" so I wore it anyway. I haven't worn it in a while (now I remember why!) and it's cute soooo... I wore it. In addition to my shirt being a little too big, little white spots now adorn it. I was good with the patches of sequins. I didn't need any additional decoration.

Why stop there though? My work jeans are a bit baggy. They are a size too big and it shows. I guess that's why they're work jeans. They're not so baggy that they're sloppy but they're just baggy enough that I don't like to wear them other places. A belt helps hold them up, but they do hang off of the butt a bit, and are a tad baggy in the thighs. Usually they're not so bad on their own.

Combine them with a shirt that's a little too baggy. And toothpaste. I felt like a mess this morning!! I am sure it wasn't nearly as bad as it was to me, but I felt off because of it. A lot of people run around in baggy clothes. I do not particularly enjoy them. I used to hide under clothes that were too big; too baggy. Baggy clothes do NOTHING good for your figure. They just make you look sloppy and big. I like things that are we;;-fitted (not tight because that has a bad effect too!). Ill-fitting clothes annoy me. Ill-fitting clothes with spots of toothpaste annoy me even more.

Other than that it wasn't a bad day (okay that didn't actually make it a bad day).

I'm feeling a bit better; not great but better. I'm still coughing. My nose is still draining. I still have a headache. I'm still tired. It's not as bad though...None of it! Any small improvement is good. I hope to be back to normal by early next week. I'm ready to ease back into some running! Like with any break, especially one that involves respiratory crud, it'll take time to get back up to pace and distance. Oh well. I'll walk as needed.

On a positive note, I managed to drop three pounds over night! I'm sure that was just excess fluid from last weekend, eating salty foods earlier in the week, and some fluid retention because of... health reasons. Since Tuesday I've dropped four pounds.  I hate this cycle.... Gain a good five, or more, from retention, lose it just in time to gain it again. Freakin' hormones. Despite being sick, I've eaten and ended up in my calorie range. My food choices were not great, but at least I got calories in me. The other option was eat nothing because I had no appetite. For some reason the things that sounded good were not healthy. I suppose it was a bit like eating comfort foods. Except most actual food had no appeal. Nor did the idea of having to cook something.

Except cookies. I baked cookies (Gluten free! As though that makes a HUGE difference.) a couple nights ago and those have been my main source of caloric intake. Clearly I didn't eat a lot because one cookie was 100 calories. They were peanut butter, so at least they had a little protein....Right?

Honestly those cookies were the best tasting thing I ate all week.

Here's the recipe I used (altered slightly from the original):

1 cup creamy peanut butter (I used natural, of course)
1 cup white sugar (I didn't have any so I subbed light brown sugar - which gave it a yummy flavor)
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 egg (or equivalent liquid egg substitute, if you please)
pure vanilla extract - I'd guess a teaspoon would be satisfactory but since the recipe didn't call of it, I just dumped a little in. A teaspoon is probably about what I used (based on my baking experience and ability to eye-ball it).

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line baking sheet with parchment paper.

Mix peanut butter and sugar together. I hand mixed. It doesn't take long.
Beat in baking powder. I continued used a whisk.
Add egg. Continue whisking until combined.
Add vanilla. Whisk until combined.

Roll dough into small balls. Put on baking sheet. Flatten (I used the heel of my hand). In the original recipe, you'd roll the balls in white sugar, then flatten them with a fork. I didn't want to use extra sugar (and didn't know how well brown sugar would work for that) so I just used my hand. it worked.

Bake for 10 minutes. Let cool on the pan for five minutes before transferring to a cooling rack.

Enjoy!  Also known as... Try not to eat too many!

I made mine small enough to yield 20 cookies. The original recipe makes 10-12.

Original Recipe

Hope your weekend is off to a healthy start! Have a good one!!


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