Thursday, September 6, 2012

Walk. Cough.

My walk idea for last night was successful. I was slow (walked my digs and they slow me down anyway), but it was good to get out. I cannot stand just laying around. I was pretty exhausted when I finished.

I felt a little better today so I decided to walk the dogs again this evening. I can tell I've been sick! I was slow again tonight. I felt pretty much the same as last night but maybe not quite as exhausted.

As yucky as I felt when I finished, I also felt good. I'm not on my death bed. I can do something. It may not be up to my typical workout standard but it was activity. It was better than laying on the couch.

I could've used being sick as an excuse. I didn't. My body need exercise. I feel that a exercise, within reason, can help people feel a little better.

I didn't think that when I finished, couldn't stop coughing and just breathing hurt. I was also short of breath and gagging, thanks to the coughing. I don't like feeling that way. I've sat for a while and rested. Now I feel like it was good for me. I didn't push too hard but I felt it.

This made me think about excuses. People will find lots of excuses to miss a workout. Unless I'm really sick or exercise is harmful, I find something that I can do.

People use their health as an excuse. They say they can't do something because of allergies. I have allergies. When going outside is too hard on me, I workout inside. Asthma is another big one. I know many people with asthma, and other breathing difficulties, who can do some sort of exercise. If you can walk around a store, you can walk around the block.

Sometimes you're really exhausted and need a break. That's okay. Breaks are good for you too. Sometimes your body needs a rest day. There are times you really can't workout. That's not what I'm taking about.

I'm talking about the people who really do not want to exercise so they find an excuse. They don't realize that not exercising doesn't hurt anyone else. If you don't want to exercise that's fine. It has nothing to do with me...


Don't whine to me about how you want to lose weight though. I won't be a good listener. To lose weight and get healthy you need to change your lifestyle and BE healthy. Being healthy includes exercise.

"You've gotta move it to lose it."


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